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I’m not making any educative post but just write about a bit peculiar about my cooking. (of Onion) 😀

Since I’m getting lazy, my food life is getting boring too. Made the situation worse, I found the frozen vegetable convenient.

Other than a boiled egg, a slice or two fruits loaf, a hand full sprouts ( boiled) and some fresh fruits (I stoped to buy packed so-called fruits juice of dubious origin) for a breakfast, rest of the cooking became more or less the same pattern. Boiled frozen mixed vegetable with chicken or egg in a stew (some time miso based), curry or noodle —– always with “Special Onion” = quarter of a large onion was finely cut and the other quarter was just chopped. The chopped onion was boiled together with mixed vegetable (and cooked as a part of such as a noodle)

THEN just before the end of cooking, finely cut onion was added like spice and mixed. —– some of the people may be horrified to eat raw onion though, if you try, you may find that they make quite a good taste. Only the trouble might be a “said to be a bad breath” (because I myself don’t know) —– still, since I’ve been eating like this for the past 8, 10 years = so far nobody ever complained to me. (anyhow, I live alone and no habit of hugging kissing others) —– And some say, this raw onion (on top of no smoking, no drinking) may contributing my good health.


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Life of ONION

Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, East and West, Enlightenment, Love and Charity, Zen in Action by yoshizen on November 3, 2010

I have used a half of this onion few days ago and kept

the rest wrapped in cling-film, left in the fridge.

Then, when I try to use for cooking, the onion has already

started to shoot.  —— m m m ? ? ?

Should I kill her, boiled alive and eat ?

When an organization of conscientious ” Green Piece ”

appealed the conservation of endangered species,

there were thousand of obviously endangered species

in the world, such as White Rhinoceros or Tasmanian Devil

which was really facing real danger of extinction. —— though,

Tasmanian Devil looks really like a devil, far from photogenic.

——–  So, Seal  was selected for a campaign idle. They looks so cute !

Thus able to sell the posters in millions and created huge profit.  Green Peace’s tactics, just exploit the emotion

was a huge success.  The people mobilized and protested, less than half of them did read the factual figure.

Yet still under the pressure of the campaign,  British and Canadian Government banned  Seal hunting which

cost “Green Peace” nothing.  Only the hunter lost their Job.  But the trouble is, those hunter was not the

sports hunter but the native Inuit,  who has been traditionally hunting and eating, surviving on Seal hunting.

And those native people were forced to abandon their way of life and to buy frozen beef from a super market.

Exactly the same way to convert the barbaric natives into “civilized” people — done by the Conquistador,

but this time not by the Christianity but the another ideology or the pretext of so-called  Animal right.

Still this is the main purpose of the campaign, eye-catching, appearing,  BUT  for quick-money soft target.


Now, only  four  Northern White Rhino were left in the whole world.  Literally one stop before total extinction.

What pushed them to face such situation ? — Its their horn.  Rhino horn is the most prestigious ornament to

make a handle for the Arabic ceremonial dagger, and most sought after Chinese medicine.(after Tiger bone)

As the price of one horn is such high, hence able to make so much profit, now the poacher, dealer,

the gang network is even using their own helicopter to chase the Rhino.

Though, unlike poor Inuit hunter,  Arabic or Chinese dealers, their gang networks are very difficult to

deal, even dangerous —– any obstacle for their lucrative business could be even killed.  Its mean for

the conservationist,  it is a bad business. —– Still, the front line conservationists who is acting almost

their own, with their own money are doing incredibly courageous work.

But, big organization is for money —– the matter is “Money rising potential of the topics” not the seriousness,

or a plight of the last remaining few animals.


So, the value of each life is not the same at all. We are drawing very convenient line between each cases.

And we are changing our own stance / principle case by case.  The same person, happen to be a

farther of a baby boy, pay so much attention to the welfare of the baby, and happen to be an active

member of an animal conservationists group, talking about the preservation of such as Wheal  though

putting blind eyes to the Wheal hunting by the fisherman in the Faroe Island, yet campaigning against

the Japanese hunting.  As he needs to rise the fund in the western society, it is easier to bash Japanese.

People putting blind eyes to such as Korean, Chinese are eating the Dog, other than making a joke.

During the Hindu Diwali Festival, many Awls are sacrificed as the offering to their God, (how many Awl left in

this country ?) though nobody ever talked about it. ( the pitfall of cultural / religious alienation / don’t touch)

Even a human life, before 20 weeks of pregnancy, foetus is not regarded to be a human, hence it will be

lawful to operate an abortion.  Yet still, if the pregnant woman was killed, even if it was only few weeks in

pregnancy, the Court see it as a double murder.

——- So, we are having double, treble, multiple standards.  We are the hypocrite in reality.  Therefore,

Don’t pretend to have a Higher Moral Ground.     Don’t preach others, but just do your best.

And never forget, we are in the system of hideous exploitation of other life, which we never able to justify

or wash off the blood stained hand.

——- After few minutes dithering, I chopped poor onion and made a noodle soup for me to survive.

With thanks to the life of onion, not mention the hundreds of wheat grain who has been ground

alive and made to be the noodle.


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