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A kind of Tree

It seems most of those trees are Oregon Maple in their winter guise.

The lens used was homemade NZ-B lens on the Nikon Z7

Now the street was deserted —– may be because of the spread of the COVID-19, which was said to be 8.000 cases, 400 death in this country, — what can I say.


OMG = Clean Environment

It has come like an opening the seventh seal. The hell opened with a cry of chainsaw massacre.

This was so-called well maintained clean environment.

(This photo above and the second photo were taken by 110 Pentax 24 mm lens on Nikon Z7).

So, now on I can see much wider morning sky. (Other than the 2nd and 4th picture, rest of them were taken by Zeiss 18 mm lens on Nikon D850)

The next morning, a while the sky was quiet. (The sun rose from the northest point and the vapour trail was said to be made by the US drone returned from Iran)

Though, it would yet to be known whether coming is a light or fire to scorch the earth. —– (The lens was 110 Pentax 24 mm)


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