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Fortune-line and the Bully

Many years ago, when one of my friend visited this country with

her friend’s daughter, I met them over a lunch. While having a

casual conversation such as the cultural shift in Japan, generation

gap kind of talking, I found a bit of odds in this young (yet over 25)

woman’s talk — I asked to see her palm.   Bang!

“Oh, what a stubborn woman!”   “Oh yes that’s who I am”

— My friend (my generation) said with surprise, “I didn’t noticed it.

You never behave in such a way” —– Probably before the senior,

young woman must behaved well, while

covering-up her hidden character which she must be well aware.


The reason how I could see her true nature was, that she got

very strong so-called Fortune-line in the centre of her both palm.

—– Together with over 50 years of my own observations, what I

found about this line was, not necessary the success and the fortune,

still at least the urge of dominance and its assertion of own way was

quite prominent = simply, very bossy strong character.

In theory, this character could be an effective asset to push the

business or project to succeed but, the life is not such simple.

Want to dominate IS what the person WISH, though others to

accept it and to support, IS the another matter.

Whether the others follow and support the person should be clear

on the other lines, which was called Sun-line under the Ring finger.

One or two vertical lines started from the bottom of finger indicates

the person’s virtues respected by the others.

Without this respect, the dominance is just by the force (money,

position etc) therefore it was only superficial hence empty.


Reading of line is always in relation to the other lines.

Between the Thumb and the Pointing finger, if the

Intelligence (Brain) line and the Life-line doesn’t start together,

the person got a different mind-set of what he/she was born to be

(= like believing to be other or want more.)   So that, when it happens

together with strong Fortune-line, it likely causes

the tension even trouble in the daily life.

(Try to dominate though, not necessary having such power or

influence let alone the leadership, yet still having a delusion or

dream of that “I can” — and harass the others who don’t follow

= is nothing but a trouble maker.)


It is the remotest situation to my life, therefore far beyond my

imagination though, there was a news (time to time) that a young

mama committed suicide after receiving the harassment / bullying

from the mom’s group of a children’s nursery.

Living in the same area and taking the same aged children to the

nursery mean the moms are belong to about the same cluster,

more or less the same financial, social position (otherwise lives

much posh area and chose posh nursery or even having own

child-minder) = so, everybody is the same kind of “person” — yet

still, or because of that, somebody among the group try mount

the others and assert “I’m the boss”.

(It seems, the bullying among the children, mounting among the

social group, job front etc are almost the “Norm” in the human

society, regardless whether it is acceptable or not.)


—-If anybody try to get rid of such Ego, Zen Buddhism could help

though, Zen couldn’t stop the others indulging the pleasure of bully.

It is the Irony = “Try better in Bully !” “Show you my power !” —–

So, when you encounter such situation, have look the palm of the Bully.

How rampant the Fortune-line is, and the Brain-line and the Life-line

were separated. = People behave as they were born to be.

That’s what the Karma meant = Parents, DNA, Family/Social

environment, Way of grown-up — but

NOT because the so-called previous life. (because, no such things exists)

= The palm lines were the reflection of how the Brain developed and

organized = and it was according to the DNA received from both parents.

(and the Fox-Gene’s rather chancy behaviour)

—– Human being is a fancy creature !

(though, I have not learnt of animal palm line yet =

Chimp might be having as fancy life as ours. = Bullying Chimp.  😀 )



Karma – Fate – Palm Reading – 神秘線

Those past 3~4 months I’ve been hooked by a kind of Youtube viz which

is talking about how a man and a woman met, to how ugly the story of

their adultery and the divorce battle was  etc etc. = May be a kind of cheep

stories in the tabloid news paper or women’s mag’ sort — I guess. = I guess

because I never read those papers = I don’t know actuary. 

And I was utterly bemused by the sheer amount of those endless stories.  

Fortunately I didn’t have such ugly situations on my life ( If I can say 3 years

court battle which was caused by a fraudulent marriage registration without

my knowledge which a woman schemed it for an immigration fraud — was 

not ugly enough = no violence, no money grubbing etc. but just a clinical

process of the procedure as a litigant in person, up to the Court of Appeal,

stand against the President of High Court !)

not only that, I don’t drink, take no drug, no gamble, no game, gave up smoking

and even no woman = So, in certain stage, I thought, this vice-free life style IS

the very step towards the Buddhist’s Enlightenment.(Like as a Hinayana Dokkaku)


Among the founder of a Buddhist sect, Shinran who formed a Japanese

Pure-land sect was the first monk openly married to a wife while saying that 

“Without knowing the trouble to have a woman, how the priest could give an

advice to the people ?”. (yet it was a common knowledge that the priest having

a woman in their temple — by calling her Daikoku-sama = not wife.  😀 )

—– while reading those ugly or some time sobbing Youtube stories, I started

to wonder, is there anything else in the human life ? = Those ugly messes ARE

what the human life really are.   They ARE the very expression of the Karma. =

What else did cause, hence created those very situations.

(Man’s ego may create something unique, still the Karma boomerang back !

= We can not escape from it in anyway.)   And I’m well aware, soon or later

I’ll join the ques of dying and start to shows demented acts anyway. AND, this

awareness of the reality IS the Enlightenment in the Mahayana = It couldn’t be

a staged, choreographed clean Nirvana.   What’s wrong ???

After all, to become aware Who I AM and to live as I AM is THE ultimate way to

reconcile, therefore to resolve with the Dharma.    It’s mean, this is what the

Enlightenment IS.

That’s why all the great Zen Master said “The Enlightenment IS a Dog shit”    😀

To be as I AM mean as ugly as the reality of myself.    Nothing wrong ! ! !


Dharma is the total dynamic system of the whole existence. 

And the Karma is the relation of how each segment or parts act each other.

How we were born has been defined by the Karma and in the modern 

scientific understanding, they could seen to be defined by the DNA with

the environmental  restrictions. — Spiritualists or Religious people may not

like this definition though, with the advancement of the scientific research,

those relations = which GENE defines what or what environmental / chemical

condition causes what etc. are becoming clear and clear day by day.


So, it has been a popular topics recently, that the relation between the lengths

of the fingers and the sexual power / Testosterone level became well known.

Yet still, the lines in the Palm has been ignored by the most of the people.

With a kind of political correctness, talk about the determinism seems to be

a taboo. — Yet still its exists.  (The palm line doesn’t define you.  It only shows

how you’ve been defined by the DNA = likewise how the brain was developed

accordingly which determines how you behave and think = therefore

influences your way of the life and even a financial position.  It doesn’t predict

future but simply shows natural consequence = such as, idiot lives as an idiot.)


You can have a simple observation of the palm. = Generally there are three bold

lines on your palm. From the top = Heart line, middle = Brain / Intelligence line,

and the bottom (encircle the Thumb) = Life line. 

Compare the character of you to your friend, while reading each palm

= If the Heart line is messy, the emotional state is messy (simpler line = stable)

= If the Brain and the Life line start together, the mind / the thinking has firm

base on the own life (on who you were born to be) but if lines start separately,

the person tend to play with imaginary world (idealist = couldn’t see the reality).

(To go further, you better go Wiki or books.)


This is my palm.  You can see how one’s life has been reflected on the palm. 

My Palm-362-001

In the center of my palm, the Cross was called Mystic or Spiritual line.

This line appears to the person who is religious or got psychic power.

= Or to say, a person who was born to have a certain DNA combination will

have the brain developed in particular way which possess Spiritual power.

(Crossing between Heart/Intuition to Higher Thinking process

may graphically indicates Spirituality)

(Its mean, a person who proclaim to be a psychic or religious without having

this line on the palm is sham. — have look your master or instructor’s palm.)

Though very few were born with this line and with this reality, the line’s

existence was almost a legend in the palm-reading both east and the west, so

that, no typical photo of it in the Wiki (because the people who is talking about

the Palm-reading in the Net is not genuine = he doesn’t have it = no photo.  😀 )

—– And the person who possess this line said to be protected by the

supernatural power. —– such as in my case of 8150 story .ヨシ禅縁起

(Did you convinced, how the palm actuary reflects the person’s life !)

So, to know what your palm is telling, is to know Who You ARE !





Who is the Self ?

Posted in Buddhism, Dharma, Selflessness, Zen by yoshizen on December 8, 2009

” Did Buddha kill his own SELF ?”

I’ve visited a site called < Contoveros > run by Michael J who gave

a good observation of his Zen life to my blog. (@ Mindfullness / comment )

I can see he has cultivated nice friendly community around his

relaxed heart warming blog spot.

——- And I found very interesting words in his spot which says

” Needn’t kill yourself to be like Buddha ” ——m m m ? ! ! !

Waite a moment matey, did Buddha killed his Self ?

According to the so-called Buddha’s biography (along side some historical facts)

Buddha had abandoned his status to be the Royal Prince and became a bikku

which gave a serious havoc to the linage of the Magada Kingdom etc——.

Even though it was for a quest to find the truth to save the human being,

Wasn’t that by his crazy ego ? especially to the eyes of  Shakya Royals.


Here is the very interesting issue of What is the self, ego ——What is

the person’s role to be born under the Dharma.

In the Buddha’s eyes, clinging the position to be the Royal Prince while

indulging exclusive prosperity was the greed  and ego infested by the

delusions, therefore it has to be get rid of it.

——–In my view, Buddha didn’t kill his self ofwhich he was born with.

He only needed to expose it which had been stashed away under the

cover of Royal robe.

The same apply to anybody as you are born to be the self by the Dharma,

but to live as the true  yourself (some time called  Inner-self ) you only

need to get rid of the life of unnecessary and excess ofwhich most of them

are artificial and unnatural (This is so-called Middle way ).


From the tiny thumbnail of Michael’s photo, I can see his really nice character.

Look his child like twinkling eyes and the round smiley cheeks.  The shape of

ears shows his rather well-off happy life.

A man born like him wouldn’t be killed even under the bombardment of Vietcon.

Dhrma protect him to fulfill his life.

(As a family tradition, I’m pretty good to read the face and the line on the palm)

Congratulation to Michael.

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