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End of Summer — Snap-shot by 500 mm Lens

Posted in Art, Existentialism, Fun to read :-D, Photography, Who is Yoshizen, Zen in Action by yoshizen on September 3, 2013

T500mm End of summer(1)A09A0607

If I didn’t tell you, you may not noticed that they were taken by 500 mm lens.

All the photos here except the obvious one were taken by a Tamron 500 mm

Mirror lens.  Photo looks pretty ordinary, and nothing special are they ?

T500mm End of Summer(2)440-001

Even with its 500 mm focal length, thanks to its fundamental design (incoming light

was internally reflected back and forward twice)  mirror lens can be less than 1/3rd of


its  focal length = in deed,  this lens got

only  11o mm long and 87 mm diameter

= say, mere one-size larger than my mug-cup.

So, the people on front of the camera may not

noticed that they’ve  been photographed.

= anyway they don’t mind others 10 , 20 m away. 

T500mm End of Summer(3)439-001

And of cause, I could easily take picture of a Mulberry, few left high on a branch. 

T500mm End of Summer(4)441-001

I found scattered confetti on a ground = it must be left by a wedding photo-do.

T500mm End of Summer(5)442-001

T500mm End of Summer(6)438-001

T500mm End of Summer(7)A09A0524

So, the summer 2013 has gone. (more or less)  😉


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