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Is Zen, Atheist ?

Posted in Buddhism, Dharma, Selflessness, Zen by yoshizen on January 5, 2010

Among the Buddhism,  Zen has been regarded to be the most Atheistic sect,

since unlike any another sect, they don’t worship a Devine Figure or Dogma.

Certainly, there are Buddha figure or another Devine figures and images in the Temple, and in the Mantras

they read, there are numerous Devine figures appearing.

Yet, they don’t believe not only the Self but almost anything, even the very  Zenism  itself.

And in their Path way, even Buddha himself is not taking significant role because as Buddha himself

ordered in his death-bed, not worship him but his teachings, the Dharma——— STILL they are

one of the most typical practitioner of the Buddhism, as they are just doing it.

Why ?

Zen believe, beyond the Selflessness, the Dharma would be prevailed itself.

To an outsider’s ears, it sound yet another belief system, another object of worship though, to

the Zen Buddhist, this is not the belief but the wisdom to see the Truth, like knowledge of

the Atomic-particles.

Nobody ever seen the Atoms by their eyes,  we only guessing from the shadow of them, still they exist.

Dharma is the Rules and its operating system, hard ware all together : ie, the Existence.

( So that even a Western God is just another idea existing in the world, no contradiction there )

The belief to the Dharma is so fundamental and no margin  of argument left, it is like the Physics

thus, no one can escape since it is the absolute like a fact, Sun is there.

So that, when Zenist is absorbed to (his belief) Dharma, he himself become the Dharma,

and its no longer distinguishable (this is the ultimate Ichijo / oneness), he just look like a non believer.

——– Still, is this a fancy belief, or just deep knowledge or serious insight to the Truth ?

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