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Still, Flower Patch — with Gaudy Lens + LED Ring Light

1-A09A1661-002When I walked through a side of that flower patch in the evening, I found

there still quite a few flowers.   As it was already the dusk, I decided to go

there again with my camera and the LED Ring Light on Gaudy Lens.   🙂

Goudy + Ring F' -2-001

Goudy + Ring F'-3-1-001

Goudy + Ring F'-4-2-001

Goudy + Ring F'-5-3-001

Goudy + Ring F'-6-4-001

Goudy + Ring F'-7-5-001


Gaudy + LED Ring Light-1-A09A1717I’m not convinced that this

combination suites for the subject.

(some shots were done while the

LED Ring Light was not fixed on

the lens-front but held separately,

aiming from above.) — This Ring 

Light was the same one I’ve made  

for the 100mm F2.8 Macro Lens,

and powered by 3 x 2500mAH-AA

battery (through a 5.6 ohm register) = it can work more than 120 min’ continuously !

= Not too bad !


Zeiss and Zeiss — (Last shot on the Flower Patch)


It’s still a day before Summer Solstice though, the flower patch

I’ve been photographing was coming to the end.  So, seemingly this

was the last shot there and for this occasion, I used the recycled 

£1 Zeiss Talon lens and the genuine Carl Zeiss Planar 85mm F1.4 

T* lens on Canon 5D Mk-III for a comparison.

Zeiss and Zeiss-02-001

On the photos above, left was shot by Talon lens and the right was

by the Planar F1.4 lens.  Since Talon lens was F2.8, the F1.4 lens 

 at F1.4 showed much shallower depth of field.

Zeiss and Zeiss-03-001

And here, the left photo was taken by Talon lens and the right photo 

was by the Planar F1.4 lens, but as the modified Talon lens got quite 

long focusing helicoid (it was not a screw helicoid but a rotating cam) 

which allows the 1/3 close-up, against this, 85mm F1.4 lens can close 

only to 1m (1/12), hence the photo right was a heavily cropped image. 

—– still, they showed amazingly similar characteristics, such as

the type of Bokeh.


And the rest of the photos here were from the £1 Recycled Lens = “Zeiss Talon Lens”

In fact, I was rather impressed by this quality performance !



Zeiss and Zeiss-07-001

Zeiss and Zeiss-08-001

Zeiss and Zeiss-09-001

Zeiss and Zeiss-10-001

Zeiss and Zeiss-11-001

As this lens was designed for a projector lens, (= never used for infinity) 

it was pretty good in close-up work !  (Ordinary lens was designed to work 

best in the infinity and the macro lens was designed to be best in the x10

magnification.) — Then give a thought, if a lens of 2 or 3 lenses structure 

could give such good performance, why we DO need to have an elaborated,

heavy, expensive lens.  (Mind you, all those photos were taken at fully open

F2.8 = anyhow no Iris there.)  😀    



But, this last photo was by the Planar F1.4 lens at F1.4 (all photos’  

aperture were fully open). —– Recycled 50 years old lens costed me   

£1 and the 85mm F1.4 lens was £600 even for a secondhand.

= May be we should start to think about what we really need from

a camera lens.  Like a so-called HD sound (called Hi-Resi in Japan)

do we need such a high resolution —– Does it make any difference

on our life ? — Wasn’t that mere illusion created by the company and

a ploy to sell yet another new model to us ?

What the photo image meant to us ? — DO we ever watched the world

in 10MP details, let alone to remember in such a detail ? ? ?    😀


Poppy Talk

Poppy Talk-1-A09A5132

The regular reader of this blog might have noticed that the talk in the previous post [Poppy Poppy] became increasingly lecturing.  Yes, I know it. The reason was the same why I made an exception to come to a public event and took picture. —– A while ago, I had a chat with a photographer who has just finished the school and learning to become Professional while doing an assistant work.  As she asked me “How to make a good Photograph” I answered ” Just press the button” she stunned and burst into laughing.  “Oh gosh, I never heard such answer”.  

“When you see a beautiful light, press the button. — It’s mean, if you couldn’t see it’s beauty, you don’t have the eyes to see.  And even if you could see it, still not able to press the button,  you don’t have a good reflex, either case, you are hopeless and any sort of advice or knuck to take picture would be useless.  Otherwise, you were lucky enough to take good picture.  Then do it.   

Poppy Talk-2-A09A5158-001-PS

Poppy Talk-3-A09A5151 Anyhow, it is pointless to speak about photography => it’s better  to see the real situation and a way of the photographic approach,  and the captured images —– good or bad. = Everything is  self explanatory.  So, those photos (with the photos of Last  Post) were the finishing part of the chat or the “lecture”.    🙂

 —– Just press the Button, mean, “Just take picture with the own intuition”, but not a theory or special thinking kind.  Still, it is better to know about the  subject, history, episode in  human term (mean, not politics or technology) which did hit  your  emotion, but the most important point is to capture the image,  sweet to your eyes. (it doesn’t mean looks nice, cute person  smiling, but in the image, context and the emotion has settled and balanced) = DON’T chase dramatic image, until you yourself  experienced a drama in your life.) 

Poppy Talk-4-A09A5162-001-PS

So, this is the picture which was not a settled image but make the mind to stray away.  It’s mean, this is not a sweet picture. —– even after 70 years, Poppy field has not settled calm for some people yet.  

Peace to the dead soldier’s Soul.



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Poppy Poppy


Normally I don’t  go to a public event and take picture — the same reason that I don’t watch TV.

(If million of others do the same, I can’t see a point, why do I need to do the same ? — among the millions, there must be much suited person to do the subject = leave the business to that person and I’ll do what nobody else is doing or ever tried (provided, it cost small = Most of project with large cost is not creative, since it is a rational combination of existing devices and the ideas, otherwise, it is industrial (Humanoid Robot is ingenious but not creative), if not political (Communist’s huge monument never be creative, unless we see them as an ironical symbol of man’s idiocy.) —– that is my art and who I am.)

But strangely, I made an exception to the unusual event to fill the ground of the Tower of London with Red Poppies.   (Said to be 890,000 of ceramic flowers.)


In an essence, this is an art exhibition using the Remembrance (of the War dead) Day as a pretext. (Red Poppy is the symbol of the war dead as they flowers in the old  battlefield of the western front.)

Poppy-3-A09A5160-002 PS

When I popped out, it was a bit of drizzle though, when the bus coming to the Tower of London, the sun blakes out and even a Rainbow appeared on front. (Top photo)

Then after a while,  the sky became like this photo.(Shadowy ground needs to have a morning sun though.)


These days, the art piece got to be massive size, it is a silly creche, the larger the work it must  impress more.  (Unless it was installed in a middle of nowhere, it’s easy to proclaim that this is a public art hence easy to get public funding and media exposure.) (it seems, it was started with that floating big duck)   😀


Red Poppy ? ? ? — they don’t look like a Poppy  though, it’s their problem.

(This photo was taken — can you believe — 20 m away ! )


 The cascading flowers was dubbed as “Weeping window” — is it ?

(A man in the cloud said “Snorting nostril” — well, it’s looks much more like.)   😀

Those photos were taken by Canon Fisheye Zoom 8~15 mm and the closer shot was made by Tamron Mirror 500mm F8 (I really love this lens.)  on the Canon EOS 5D Mk-III. 

(I went there only with those two lenses. = I knew what I need to photograph and had the pictures in my mind. —– I have 9 genuine Canon lens (from 8 to 200mm include Macro and TS lens kind) which got all different character  = I chose which one or two will suite the job.  — which mean, I don’t rely on the opportunistic discovery on the spot. — With a good luck and an opportunity even amateur can produce quite good picture.   But, I’m not an amateur = even in the worst condition, still need to fill the assignment = no excuse = That’s what professional meant. (—– I mean, when I was in the job.  —– Thanks goodness I’m out now.) Ha ha ha.   😀

By the way, a combination of photos here was a demonstration of minimal set, such that for 2 pages article in a small magazine.  If the Editor likes to emphasize an aspect of one photo, I’ll send the addition though, in this case, the most interesting kind of image is “Making Poppy” but, no doubt, it must have done in China and not available, (still, no doubt, organizer has them.) —– Though, as the Organizer is going to sell those “Poppy” to create huge profit, they may not like to expose the story behind “The Soul of British Dead Soldier = Red Poppy was cheaply mass produced in China”.)


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