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Flower of Bamboo 竹の花 

I found a report of the bamboo flowering in the many corners of Japan from north to south.   The Bamboo said to open their flowers only once in every 100 years, 120 years.  And after the flower, all the plant dies leaving only their seeds behind.  It seems it is their tactics of the survival as the species when they noticed that they are going to die, so, they made flowers and the seeds.  As a plant, I don’t think they got any thinking let alone any delusion or fantasy, they only follow the Dharma = the rules of the nature.  If the nature is going to have the problem, it’s the problem to us too. —– I don’t know why this news caught my eyes among the mountain of the Youtube viz.   Still in my view, there is no such things like a coincidence = there must be the important to be noticed. —– If it would be a kind of natural disaster, there could be a certain area of Japan, not from all over Japan = if is it like the trouble of climate change ? —– in that case the news should come even from the Philippines or China as well.  There are many spooky stories such as, before the ship sank, all the rat run away (rat knows the fate of the ship, before-hand) or strange behaviour of the animal before the earthquake etc. —– Something very serious might happen soon. 


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Is Dharma Directing Us ? / 8150 Story

By writing this I might be punished though, as Buddha himself said to have prohibited

(in one of the earliest Scripture which was apparently written down from the memories of his words) saying, Never show off,  Never show any Miracle or Magic.

Miracle mean a kind of phenomenon demonstrating a super natural power. —– Though, my parents had been giving the advises to the others,  predicting what would happen over them and advising what to prepare.—— Incredibly those predictions were so accurate, and even a MP had been asking the advice such as the result of the Election, when my mother told, it will succeed, he succeeded and told, it will fail, he lost the seat of the Parliament. ——Funnily enough,  they didn’t use this practice to predict like a lottery win saying, it will not work to anything for an own gain as it got be done in absolute selfless state, its only works to help others.  The prediction to my exams of the Hi-school and Universities were all spot on.  Still I thought it is a mambo-jumbo and it driven me to the science and technology side where everything is visible and logical.


After left Japan I didn’t communicate with my family 2 years, drifting east to west following the wind, as I thought I was a free agent.  Though, when I happened to return Japan, and heard from my brother ( who believed, I was already dead ) that my mother did know and told him, time to time, where I was and doing what, with incredible accuracy,  I was utterly horrified,  as somebody is watching from above and know everything, even reaching to the other side of the world,

we are inside of the Shakyamuni’s palm,  we can never been a free agent.


Even though demonstrating those powers,  it seemed my parents were not punished.

So, it would be safe to tell even my story. —–(Still, if this blog suddenly stopped, you know I was dead)  Though, my stories together with so much so FACT, could still be a sheer coincidence, as it couldn’t be replicated or statistically scrutinized,  since the life is only once and couldn’t repeat the same again though, in order to avoid any doubt I’ve been keeping all the facts  with the original exhibits.    🙂


As I wrote before,  this Blog started in the chain of sheer coincidences,  I realized it must be directed by the power over there, which the Buddhist call  Dharma.   I thought, this might be the time I should  write about what I found in the Buddhism.

But in the same time I had a hidden hope, as the nature of the Internet,  I may able to ask the reader who practicing  Zen, to report me their opinion if they too witnessing the same phenomenon, which may prove in numbers of facts, that the Dharma is indeed there and working.


To my fellow Zenist.

Please look around your life and check the numbers where ever they appeared.

Bank account, Card No’  Phone No’  Friend’s Phone No’  even a No’ on a shopping Receipt, etc etc.   Is there any pattern of the combination of numbers repeated ?   Such as in my case,  they are the 8150 but in any order, like 8510, 5801- – – – all 24 combinations.

For instance,

* My Bank Account is;  0518xxxx

* My Transport Pass:  xxxx1508xxxxx

* Voda Phone Topup Card; xxxxxx0185 xxxxx

* My subscription number of Electronics Magazine Elektor is  118056

* When I wanted to buy DSLR, I noticed the Post Code of Canon Japan is  146-8051

And the Lens No’ of the Macro lens I bought together is  41805 – – –

* And an Electronic Component Manufacturer  ALPS  who I’ve kept using as they are

pretty close to my family home,  their Post Code is  145-8051

* A  Japano-Brazilian guy who stayed in my place before he went to Japan.

He sent me a letter from  Iga-City  which Post Code was  5180834

* When I needed to buy a Printer, Epson R300, I found the Algos Catalog No’ having this 8150,  so instead I bought Canon, then I found the Box sorting Code of this Printer was 5108

– – – – – – – – I can continue this even hundreds more.

(Since I found the production No’  1058- – – – – on the sugar packet,  I reduced its intake to a half)   😀


This number follows me where ever I go.

——( I’m not necessary feel comfortable, it’s a real Big Brother )

It is not  simply a good or bad Omen  though, it may indicate  ” I need a lot to do with this, Be careful.”

I have number of friends who got this in Phone No’—-they are very good friend and having contact many years and I’m keep giving advise, still never too close,  and strangely they are all left over f the group once I was associated with (such as the art group).

———- So far I never found any another set of the number repeatedly appear as a pattern.


A man who  said to be a Numerologist saw this number and told me

” In Japanese reading [ 8150 ] can be pronounced as  Ha-I-Go-Rei 背後霊——Its mean The Spirit Behind.

Spirit is communicating you”—–m m m, Sound pretty spooky !—–(you can search < Haigorei > in the Net)

———I wondered, am I obsessed, or Nuts ?   But I didn’t choose the Number, they just came and happened.

The local Iceland shop having their shop code  0158 —–if it was the case, it seems Dharma did know that I’m moving into this town before I did. ——–Yet still, can such things exist ?  Or is this happening to anybody who is living selflessly ?

If this is the case,  The Dharma is with us or we can not escape, as we are the part of it.


So, if anyone noticed the same kind of phenomenon in your life please tell me.

(Of cause, it doesn’t necessary to be a number game, could be anything peculiar caught in your eyes, as Buddha found this Dharma  without seeing Phone No’ Account No’  there must be another clue)  Of cause, the one would say “Dharma is on front of you, To see it, is the matter of your eyes”

———- though it wouldn’t make the very answer.


PS : In addition, I put two more very clear cases happened since after I put this post.

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