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Snap-shot by DD-Pinhole

DD-P Snap(1)A09A0098

All the photos here were taken by my ” Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole” on

Canon 5D Mk-III.  In fact on that day, I went for a walk only with this lens (?)

and the Tamron 500 mm Mirror lens, hoping to see Parakeets.

DD-P Snap(2)A09A0103

Original pinhole got about 60 degree of view though, with the additional concave

lens ( from a Canon Zoom lens) the angle was greatly widened to nearly 100 degree.

DD-P Snap(3)A09A0134

You may guess that the Pinhole Camera needs to have long exposure though,

with the advantage of Hi-ISO digital camera, such as with ISO 12,500,  the shutter

time can be  1/80~1/8 like this outside shot. —– who care with slightly

blared photo on 1/4 or 1/2 slow shutter any way.  😀

DD-P Snap(4)A09A0107

The best thing was,  no visual details were given in the image,  

no further information would be needed.   Photo has atmosphere only.

DD-P Snap(5)72-001

DD-P Snap(6)73-001

DD-P Snap(7)74-001

DD-P Snap(8)75-001

DD-P Snap(9)A09A0203

DD-P Snap(10)76-001

DD-P Snap(11)A09A0168

DD-P Snap(12)A09A0099

So, the photography (for me at least) purely a fun.

No complicated notion about the subjects or message in the photo 

= image or the subjects were there just as they are.

To see the world in clear eyes, the world showed its fuzzy nature.

This paradox is what the Dharma is.



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