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Heaven’s Thunder to New French President Holland

When I heard the story how New French President Holland was treated with a heavy

rain and the thunders, I burst into laughing with my own memory.

When I was in Japan, I had ill-fated marriage —– I’ve married when I was 22 years, still in my Uni’.

In fact, everything had just carried out but not necessary in my control. My parent’s prediction was,

“ The inevitable separation is there, it’s mean, the best time for it is, now ” though, it was too late.

= hence, marriage process went on as it was expected in the traditional custom in a formalized way.


A sort of resistance to prevent the notorieties and the old members of wife’s family (bit too traditional,

big clan’s) coming to the wedding, I planed its party in a mountain top Hut, which was a sister Hut of

the mountain shelter where I was a voluntary keeper since I was 15 (= first year in a High School).

Wedding ceremony was conducted in a big Shinto Shrine, Suwa-taisha (諏訪大社), and we drove up

mountain hi-way with 10 of the cars. Then we started to climb to the top, on foot for 15 min’ walk.

—– It was a beautiful blue sky though, utterly out of blue, while we were in the middle of climb,

suddenly big cloud appeared sky above, and started a heavy torrential rain.

I run up to the Hut and grubbed all umbrellas and back to the guests of party though, it was such a

heavy shower, everybody,  include my Mother,  the Best-man (my Professor in Sociology), and

the staffs from Makino Harbarium, members of the Alpine Club and old mates, all got soaked down

to their undies.  When everybody reached to the Hut (and everybody changed to their pyjama) the

rain stopped and back to the blue sky. How beautiful.

[]The word of my Mother was “ Oh dear, this is what the Heaven is telling you”.

—– After 7 years, we divorced and I left Japan.   And I’m still single. (how peaceful 😀 )

—– It could be just a sheer coincidence, yet still, there could be something.

When our Emperor Hirohito departed, the day of his funeral was in the sleet. Even though a day

before, a day after were both fine day. —– I thought “ Oh, even the Heaven cries for him”.


—– You may say “ It’s utterly nuts” and I’ve been saying “ There is no mumbo-jumbo”

though, there are too many strange phenomena in my life, such as  [8150 story] (link here) or my

Cat’s stories to name but few. — So, I’m well qualified to make a joke “ Oh, dear, new French

President Holland is going to open the hell” 😀

Good luck for him (to challenge hopelessly impossible task. Apart from attracting the voters

with sweet words while giving a false expectation, actually achieve the growth with no cash left in

the pocket, it’s a hell lots of good luck from the Heaven needed).



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