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Rare Earth Gig or Party ?

Rare Earth(1)A09A3090

Last night, there was a gig or party in a corner of north London, somewhere

undisclosed address, having had 100 of the visitors.  —– In fact, the place was

a disused office building occupied by 40 of the Artists or Musicians —– it was

said to be 37 people are living though, always having their friend etc staying,

so about 70 is the population there. 

Rare Earth(2)A09A3019

The performance was Experimental Jazz kind of live music and many

live DJs, mostly rather experimental techno kind  —– still some were

quite  danceable good beats, not just an out of rhythm loud noise. 

So, I had an opportunity to have some rapid steps.  🙂

Rare Earth(3)329

Those photos are for those who participated the performance, to download

and use for their own promotion, hence I didn’t put their names here.

Any how they are my friend’s friends etc.  

rare Earth(4)332-001

Rare Earth(5)331-001

Rare Earth(6)329-001

Rare Earth(7)337-001

rare Earth(8)327-001

Rare Earth(9)326-001

rare Earth(10)330-001

Rare Earth(11)333-001

Rare Earth(12)335-001

Rare Earth(13)336-001

Rare Earth(14)334-001

The place is not only undisclosed, but officially not exists, hence it’s a kind

of a vacuum in the society = more likely in other planet.  Some of residents

might have found a freedom and a free studio, free rehearsal, performance

space and some are just having a gap time in their life.  

And as the Artists respects each others, despite its chaotic looks, it’s quite

relaxed nice atmosphere there ( — and the kitchen looks very clean !)  

—– So, I might go back there again.


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