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Dorkbot London 95

Dorkbot is a strange social gathering — they says the gathering of the people doing strange things in electronics.       Superficially it is the Geeks gathering yet in reality, some people are overlapping with computer hacker, anarchist, social activists etc etc. sometime a kind beyond the ordinary brain.  Its mean, for certain situation, they are quite resorceful and effective people.

==== Jem Finer ====

“Longplayer and Supercomputer: Keeping things going”

Both a question and a proposition. Both are projects which would welcome wider collaboration and the ingenuity that Dorkbot may bring.

longplayer.org / supercomputer.org.uk / @jemfiner

==== Emma Winston ====

“Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own: songwriting with code as a non-programmer”

How accidentally live-coding an album let one woman fall back in love with learning to program, and how (maybe) it can do the same for you.

emmawinston.me / deerful.com / @deer_ful

==== Nicola Plant ====


Parallax is a movement-based interactive VR artwork. The audience communicate with one another by intuitively performing hand expressions and gestures that sculpt a shared malleable object existing in the virtual space between them.

Dr Nicola Plant is a movement artist, coder and researcher with a PhD in Media Art and Technology at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London.

nicolaplant.co.uk / @nicolaplant

==== Petre Brownell ==== (aka greenman)

(Sorry I couldn’t find the info’ of his talking — Somewhat the implication of Net system to the business system or their relation as he himself is an entrepreneur = aske him please)

 >>> theorganization.com

==== Nicola Plant ====


Parallax is a movement-based interactive VR artwork. The audience communicate with one another by intuitively performing hand expressions and gestures that sculpt a shared malleable object existing in the virtual space between them.

Dr Nicola Plant is a movement artist, coder and researcher with a PhD in Media Art and Technology at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London.

nicolaplant.co.uk / @nicolaplant

==== Annie Tådne ====

“Boberg 1”

Boberg 1. is a hands-on interplay between material and computational properties, where music is composed through visual means. In a performance, physical objects are translated into sounds and controlled through manual calibration.


They are the regulars, friends. —– (Those photos were taken by the 100year oled Kodak Vest pocket camera lens on Nikon Z7 = sorry about the focus,  it was to scueez its pantograph )

I’ve been with them —– gosh, over 15 years ! ? 


Is Science, Belief System ? / Is Zen, Belief System ?

Lord Buddha ordered his disciples, [Don’t believe, think Yourself].

It’s mean if anyone thinks, the answer will be found by themselves.

And it’s mean, it doesn’t need to be any special person or special brain = Answer is within

a reach of anyone’s common-sense and comprehension.


There is no fancy mambo-jumbo in the

Lord Buddha’s teachings.  Everything is obvious fact.  Like The Four Noble Truth, who

can deny it is not true.   Life’s sufferings, illness, get old and die, are the hard facts.

And his observation, there are cause of those troubles, is nothing strange view at all.

If anything happened there must be a cause.    Then, there is the way to overcome those

sufferings —– could be true, because that is exactly what

Lord Buddha found and taught which is applicable and effective to to anyone.

The most crucial matter is, that the way to overcome sufferings is not by a

fancy belief and its placebo effect, but an actual change of the mind-set

through practice, which is not a trick but an extension of existing mechanism

of the brain activity, such as to extend our unconscious action of the body.


Like a physical phenomenon, such as Gravity, whether you know the theory, or understand

its mechanism or not, at least you know the effect which you can easily observe.

Whether you imagining (and believe) small green man pulling invisible string, or resorting

with hypothetical particle Graviton causing Gravity, the phenomenon itself exists as a fact,

hence, the science has been accepted as the truth and it is not in a belief system.


In the same context, Zen is a system to utilize a mechanism of the brain

carrying out the action without having a thinking process, and such action

is ubiquitous observable fact.   (Zen calls this [Mushin] )

Whether you are aware or not, we are walking without noticing which muscle is contracting,

or reading this blog without aware of your eyes are capturing the pattern of the letters,

even without having a conscious of that you are reading this = Until you start to think and

become conscious, consciousness of the self is not exists. = (Self is our invention by thinking)

Those function of neurological mechanism is the fact and far beyond the belief system.

And a mechanism of our brain, which tend to ignore the repeating signal,

hence we can be apathetic to the signal, is an existing phenomenon,

therefore it is not in our imagination.  Fact exists long before the belief.

And the practice which enhancing those mechanism to deal with a cause of

the problem was what uniquely proposed and taught by

Lord Buddha.


Lord Buddha’s view that we could live on those unconscious mechanism

in the brain, and as those unconsciousness has no self-conscious, we could

live selflessly, was his theory.

As the water is running down because of the Gravity is an observed fact. Hence, this

running water can be used as a power source is a theory. As everybody knows, this theory

has been successfully implemented in a water mill or electric power generator. Likewise,

Lord Buddha’s theory has been implemented as the Buddhist’s practice and

actually it works. This practice and its effect is not relying on the placebo effects or belief.

It actually trains and changes the way of the person processing the signal,

hence changes the perception towards such as a cause of fear, even a death.


Therefore, the effect of Zen practice is a real fact.

Not in a belief or in an imagination.

This is the reason how Zen practice has been used even in the sports training.

Zen is not imaginary fancy story but a practice which brings a tangible effects.

Key is Just try, Just DO, and see What happens in your Mind and on your Life.



TRUTH or is it in the BELIEFE

A while ago I was exchanging the opinion with my friend who started to wonder why the scientists

who supposedly dealing the subjects with fact based rationalism,  still making utterly

dubious explanation to such as the nuclear or environmental issues.

And he said, is there any relation or influence of the persons belief system to even a scientific

research and its conclusion.

—– Well, my answer was,

1)  The science what we ordinary folks generally know is.  only a corner of popular science and there

are many [another kind of] science —– such as creationist’s / Christian science or some pseuedo

sciences etc. etc. —– Even a Black Hole or 4th Dimension are out of our comprehension still,

they are regarded to be the science.

2)  The science is not an absolute truth.    It is more like a technique of debate.

In one frame-work,  using the fact(s) as the evidence and construct the theory or hypothesis.

Then from the theory, make a model or an expected projection and apply to the other samples.

If its works on the other samples —– the theory is proved to be true.

The matters in the debate is to convince others. = If the others were convinced,  it became an

established or widely accepted theory.  Still, not necessary everybody,  hence it may split the science

community or society general. —– Some are following, others are not.

3)  Discovery of the facts and the technology which can affect  them are changing everyday.

New facts and the new approach and the techniques are keep appearing

and the re-examination of previous results or theories are taking place everyday —– hence,

the truth yesterday is not necessary so tomorrow.

Therefore,  some may convinced but to others,  it may seem to be utterly rubbish and fraud.

( Remember, until 250 years ago,  the lightning was understood to be an anger of the Good,  until

very courageous and lucky Benjamin Franklin catch it into a jar and proved it was electricity.

( I’m puzzling how and why he wasn’t killed  😀 ))


I definitely know, the sun is rising every day and goes round in the sky but never noticed

the ground / earth is rotating —– still, I accept the sun is in the centre,  not the earth

—– by the widely accepted science as I got no basis to contest it.  I have no choice but to join 😀

We know what is electricity —– to connect a light bulb to battery,  it would light up thanks to the

flow of electron —– though,  nobody ever seen what is the electron.

All the evidences are circumstantial,  in other words we are seeing only its effects.

Yet still,  we need and use its effect.   We don’t care what is taking place in a coil in the motor —–

as long as it’s rotates.   ( Some of you might remember the Rule of right hand to know the relation of

electric current, magnetic field and the direction of movement —– we can see the fingers, but

rest of the phenomena = we only believe )

Yet, as it explain well and the effects are always consistent,  we convinced it is the TRUTH)

We know thousands, even millions of phenomena in its appearances but need to believe the truth

or the theories behind.   Our imagination is filling the gap by what we call  [intelligence].


Unfortunately we human being is still not clever enough to handle vast amount of factors and

the parameters in such as environmental phenomenon though, clever enough to select convenient

facts to construct a model which conveniently conveys the opinion —– regardless

whether it was true or not. ( I’m not suggesting,  I’m odd with conservationists,  but saying how hard

to construct [a model] which is having millions of parameters of which we haven’t even discovered yet)


When we handle the matters in the nature or even about ourself we encounter the invisible of

which the whole truth hasn’t been fully discovered,  and there may be the unknowable.

In fact, we know only very little.   So that, even in a critical science we hide the gap of knowledges

behind of such as the statistical numbers —– hence the theory or prediction is only a guess.

If we have to deal with a matter which got too much unknowable, we either construct

metaphysics or myth —– or religion.   If you believe, it is the truth,  hence the belief system.


My friend’s argument was, even a scientist who is having a strong belief system (its might have

hidden deep in their subconscious, due to their up bringing)  may tend to creates a theory

more imaginative (or Dogmatic ) than the facts based objective science.

———- ? Its might be true.

And they might be believing and aiming the more positive outcome of the theory which would

coherent with the idea of promised land and the harmony —– subconsciously construct the

theory to proof the God was correct and the world is perfect.  Therefore,  such as an

environmental model should have automatic feed-back and self-preservation.

( And they knew the theory of self-destruction is not popular to get a financial support )


In fact, the universe would continue to exists even without the notion of the God and its alleged

creation —– practically the system looks to continue  for ever 😀

( Since the geological time scale is too long for us to imagine )


We are standing the moment to establish the final General Theory which may proof

the multidimensional world —– we said to be co-existing next to 4th dimension,

5th dimension etc,  we might be living with the soul of people in the past. —– really ? ? ?

( I know something there —– but not necessary because of the String Theory —– even if

a fancy subatomic particle or antimatter was found and its trace was recorded in a digital

imaging screen,   how do I know the soul of my friend is there ? )



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