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Buddha’s Foot Step

Posted in Art, Buddha Figure, Buddhism, Fun to read :-D, Make, Selflessness, Who is Yoshizen, Zen by yoshizen on July 27, 2009


This is the foot print of the Buddha——well in fact it was the first attempt to

make “Buddha-2009” ‘s right foot, and I made another to attach

to his body. ——–so that this one was left as independent piece.

With up side down, it looked just like a foot print.

Yes, this is the Buddha’s foot print. It lead us, humankind for the

past 2500 years as the guiding light.


It was created from a sheet of aluminium panel by just pressing it by hand.

If you press a sheet of metal, it will bend. And if you further press bent metal

it will be curved further. Keep pressing it again and again, just do it.

On the end flat metal may even become round sphere.

——You might have read a Zen story telling the rain drops curves the rock.

Well this is it.

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