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Yet more Impressionists Photos (1)

More fuzzy(1)A09A3802

I guess, to the regular reader who followed past few posts, those photos must be

looks very familiar.   Yes, they were taken by the Concentric Double Density

Pinhole but this time it was by the (say) 4th model.   (In fact I don’t know

whether it was 10th or 20th —– I’ve tried so many minute variations.) 

More fuzzy(2)A09A3779

Still, this time the diameter of outer hole was smallest 1 mm and the image was

a bit sharper than the one on the post “Quest for Fuzziness”   🙂

More fuzzy(3)A09A3811

They may looks the same though, where “Fuzzy enough, but still show

the identity of what” lies somewhat critical.  😀 

More fuzzy(4)A09A3812

More fuzzy(5)A09A3848

More fuzzy(6)A09A3836

More fuzzy(7)A09A3822

More Fuzzy(8)A09A3851

More fuzzy(9)A09A3861

More fuzzy(10)A09A3853

More fuzzy(11)A09A3860

More fuzzy(12)A09A3868

More fuzzy(13)A09A3855-002

When the picture become more and more like a painting, it’s need to

have “likely stage-up” — like this picture, it may need to have

a man and the dogs (if not a peasant) near the foreground.  🙂 


Fleet Street — Bicycle (?)

Fleet St-Bicycle(1)A09A1761

There isn’t much story to wright about in this post, but just a test of

that  2 elements homemade lens to take photos of general subjects.

Fleet St-Bicycle(2)A09A1721-001

Being as two plastic lens, there is not much quality to ask but the image with

full of hallation. = It’s mean, if any bright object was there, the image would

be completely eroded. —– But that is what this lens was.

Fleet St-Bicycle(3)A09A1758

The Bicycles were just happen to be there.

Fleet St-Bicycle(4)A09A1757

Fleet St-Bicycle(5)161-001

Fleet St-Bicycle(6)A09A1793

Some are quite fancy !    Though, I’m not fancy to ride this kind of purely

experimental model.   —– ( I would say, utterly impractical. 😀 )

= May be as useless as “My very homemade Lens” here.   😀 

Fleet St-Bicycle(7)A09A1754

Still, I like those nostalgic, old pinhole screen like image.

Fleet St-Bicycle(8)A09A1755

And I found that this lens can produce quite usable image

if the contrast wasn’t too high.  

So, it suits for the flowers in dull light.


End of Summer — Snap-shot by 500 mm Lens

Posted in Art, Existentialism, Fun to read :-D, Photography, Who is Yoshizen, Zen in Action by yoshizen on September 3, 2013

T500mm End of summer(1)A09A0607

If I didn’t tell you, you may not noticed that they were taken by 500 mm lens.

All the photos here except the obvious one were taken by a Tamron 500 mm

Mirror lens.  Photo looks pretty ordinary, and nothing special are they ?

T500mm End of Summer(2)440-001

Even with its 500 mm focal length, thanks to its fundamental design (incoming light

was internally reflected back and forward twice)  mirror lens can be less than 1/3rd of


its  focal length = in deed,  this lens got

only  11o mm long and 87 mm diameter

= say, mere one-size larger than my mug-cup.

So, the people on front of the camera may not

noticed that they’ve  been photographed.

= anyway they don’t mind others 10 , 20 m away. 

T500mm End of Summer(3)439-001

And of cause, I could easily take picture of a Mulberry, few left high on a branch. 

T500mm End of Summer(4)441-001

I found scattered confetti on a ground = it must be left by a wedding photo-do.

T500mm End of Summer(5)442-001

T500mm End of Summer(6)438-001

T500mm End of Summer(7)A09A0524

So, the summer 2013 has gone. (more or less)  😉


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