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Cherry 2020

This photo was taken by Pla-B lens on NZ-7
by Pla-B too
By Nikkor 50mm F1.2 on Sony A7R4
By Tamron SP 90mm on Sony A7R4
By Mag lens on A7R4
Mag lens
Mag lens
Mag lens
Mag lens

In the south London, we saw almost no frost = rather warmer wet winter. = May be it caused this early Cherry flowers. (I’m not sure of this variety of cherry ?) —– and the other tree = Somei-yoshino also started to open.

This Somei-Yoshino is a month too early. (Taken by Pla-B lens) —– Strange phenomenon of this photo IS, = see this photo while your one eye closed = don’t you feel that the photo looks 3D !

I hope, COVID-19 wouldn’t hit this country too hard nor the locust comes here. ( —– Yet, last July, I knew the very moment, when the 7th seal was opened. )


Early Magnolia 2020

In this post, the photos were taken by a homemade lens Godo Lens, except no.4.
Those photos were taken by Tamron SP 90mm Macro on Nikon Z7.

I featured this flower twice (?) before using another fuzzy lenses. But, it seems the people takes the flower branch home there is no branch left on the lower part of the tree, and made me very difficult to take picture. (So, I needed to resort with something special measure. 😀 )

Those following five pictures were taken by the other homemade lens “Pla-B” Lens” —– though, with the bad weather I trid three times to get a kind of results. 😀


Walk with Godo lens

Among my homemade lens, being as if it was almost ordinary lens, Godo lens is the most remarkable lens. There was no eccentric feature like 1/2, 1/4 lens kind but two ordinary unknown origins lens put together. (yet, one of them came from my friend Gordon = hence Godo lens ) And the lens happened to produce quite normal image (if not a lots of halation) together with quite nice softness. On top of that, thanks to a Chinese helicoid ring, good convenience of close up use.

I went back to the so-called Perpetual Cherry Tree and found that the area was in a construction site. (Tree was still there and seems flowering though)

I’m not sure whether they are bamboo or reed ?
I like a natural looks quality of this macro. (Too sharp image of most of macro makes the flower looks like an animal body parts) – – – Unless the one was a forensic scientist, we may not like to see too sharp detailed flower parts.

For the cost almost nothing homemade lens, I would say, this is the good lens.


1/4 Lens for London

They are the snap shots by the 1/4 Lens on the Nikon Z7 —— colour balance was automatic ( B/W effect was not intended = just happened)

By the way, this is Downing Street — over there the Number 10

Incidentally, it was not the end of the world. 😀


Meadow Flower taken by Homemade Lens

Instant Meadow(2)A09A1255

This flower meadow was suddenly created in the past 2 weeks.  

It was a green patch between the buildings of the council housing estate.

Two weeks ago, somebody made a bald patch on the grass, — then after few

rains, it became a flower meadow. = Packaged Instant Meadow !

From this meadow, my regular diet of fuzzy photo was made — but this time,

I used a Home made lens which is a Retro-focus type,  2 element lens.

Sound a bit ostentatious though, in short, as the main convex lens had a little 

short focal length,  I put another concave lens to extend its back-focus, hence

it became a Retro-focus type. —– (Main convex lens came from a toy and the

Front concave lens was my broken short-eye-sighted glass.)

Instant Meadow(1)A09A1336

 This photo was a comparison.  = taken by the same

Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole lens, I’ve been using.

Note : Regardless the distance, Pinhole never posses a core of sharp image.

And rather blueish color cast, because not much glass lens there to block 

the UV.  —– (It’s a Pinhole ! )

Instant Meadow(3)A09A1257

 For this Double-element lens,  I improvised an “inter-changeable F-aperture” to

reduce a halation by stopping down.    (Sound heavy “F-aperture” though, it was

just a hole on a black tape to stick on the back of the lens.   🙂  ) 

Instant Meadow(4)134-001

——– (Photo above : The clear samples of Iris (F-aperture) Effect =

——– Left = Fully open / 10 mm.  Center Photo = 6 mm.  Right Photo = 3 mm.

Despite the utter humble origin, amazingly this lens has certain image quality.

Instant Meadow(5)A09A1260

And those pink flower having rain drops on it —– just able to see !

Instant Meadow(6)A09A1261

So, the image was Soft and Fuzzy, because of too much Coma- aberration

still, they are retaining certain sharp image in the center.   😀

Instant Meadow(6B)A09A1261-001

This is a part enlargement of the photo above —– Not too bad.  I like it.

(Can you see the water droplets on the petals ! )

Instant Meadow(7)A09A1262

And able to give enough fun !

Instant Meadow(8)137-001

I have no idea, what those flowers called.

Instant Meadow(9)A09A1270

Still, I like this glowing color ! — not the Sun, but like a kindling fire in the ash.


Homemade Lens-138-001

PS :  May be much of your annoyance,  this is it !   = THE home made Lens.

Photo Right shows “F-aperture” ! = Hole in a Black sticky tape.  😀

= To clack a nut of creativity, it doesn’t need to be ostentatiously heavy 

Lens, even though the Camera happen to be expensive.

= Typical case was, just smear the Lens with sliver to soften the image.

Heavy pretense blocks the flow of the idea. = Anything can be done.

Matter is Just Do and discover a FUN.


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