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What is BUDDHISM (2)

Posted in Belief system, Buddhism, Enlightenment, Mushin, Zen by yoshizen on July 6, 2010

Belief system is a peculiar existence.   As the word, System imply,  it is a huge complexed  system of the

abstract  Idea.   Since,  it consists hundreds of thousands of lines of program,  it is hard to comprehend in

short summary or clear image.  So that when new comer or young person was interested in to know or

join, the person was attracted by the so-called beneficial effects or most likely the false image.

As a social phenomenon,  its out look or proclaimed form and reality is never the same.


Under the name of love / Christianity,  how many war and mass killings were happened,  and  25 years

long  Sri Lankan war against the cyanide capsule carrying Tamil Tiger fighter was fought by the supposedly

peace and calm loving Buddhists, not mention about the so-called  Muslim terrorists.

As a nature of ideological notion,  people who believe and practice its religion always say ” Oh, it wae

done by not real believer,  we never justify killing ” —— exactly same as ” Oh, it was not real Communism “.

Ideal  *****ism  is always somewhere beyond,  yet still the people who practicing it

always says ” I’m a true believer”  with formidable authority in his face.  😀


After 30 odd years  ? ? ?,  still I’m not sure how much I learned about Buddhism,

if  there are any at all. ———- Fundamentally,  is it Buddhism ?   Who said so ?

If there is the BUDDHISM in the World,  show me.  I want to see it.  ( I’m not talking about

a Mandala poster which you can buy in the Camden Market £5 or twisted leg sitting etc /  The Form )


Long time ago, a Master of Aiki-do,  Mike of Watford  said ” Oh, you got very strong Chi ” —— though,

I was just toppled by him after 10 minutes stalemate.   Yet,  I have no idea what the Chi is —– if it is there

at all,  it’s there as a part of me ( without my permission  😀  —– as I’m not practicing  Martial Art ,  if it

looks like Martial Art it is a misconception, it is just the way how I move )

Same as this,  it seems  I’m living in Mushin,  all the daily chores  were carried out almost automatic,

some time I feel a  De-ja-bu  ” Waite a second, haven’t I done this already ? ”  I’m not aware the Mushin.

So,  I have no idea,  is this practice of  Mushin is anything to do with a kind of good luck, such as I don’t get

ill (after 35 years live in this country,  I still don’t have registered doctor ) or if I need to go somewhere,

it is always blue sky ( may be I don’t go out if it is rain.  Ha ha ha  😀  —— ask Dorkbot or Space Hijackers

people about this phenomena ,  yet it might have been just a coincidence ).

So,  neither  I have any idea,  whether  Buddhism  is anything to do with those phenomena which

I described as 8150 story.   Is it a part of Buddhism ?   Or am I just a nut.

( Still I would say if it is a part of Buddhism,  it is not too bad to see the guidance is visibly posted )

———- As  I didn’t know such things could be there, as I never read nor no one told me before.

So,  I’m anxious to hear from the person  ( Master ? ) who knows all about Buddhism and

Enlightened say how the Dharma appears on front of us or it should be.

( Though,  I suspect,  there is no such things like an Enlightenment,  that’s why it is Dog Sit )

And this is why, what Buddha taught was so grate and power full ——- there is nothing to

think (nor teach) about,  just do and live.

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