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Stitch Work (1)


Coming to the time hard to thread the sawing needle, I became 

aware what I learned from my mother when I was young.

My mother used to make the Kimonos herself.   Often using very

rare expensive silk such as Oshima-tsumugi.  You may feel strange

though, I was sitting and watching her work and when she needed

I thread the needle for her.   Make Kimono is of course done by the

hand stitching. (Even now, all the Japanese Kimono was made by hand

= a kind of tourists souvenir, Happi Kimono may be made by a sawing

machine (in China) but Japanese doesn’t see them are Kimono at all.)

—– Sawing, hand stitching is nothing but an utterly laborious work.

And virtually all the sawing in the Kimono-making is straight line.

Only the exception sometime is the end of Tamoto in Furisode Kimono

(= long sagged down sleeves).   Its mean, no innovative variation or

inventive shortcut kind could ever exist = just keep stitching straight.

= If it was not straight, the fabric distort, so it looks funny and make a

person wearing feel ashamed. So,to a Kimono-maker or needle woman

to become able to do an adequate stitch, it may need to make at least

10 Kimonos for a practice.  (if it was an expensive silk, de-thread and

remake again — very fine needle will not damage the fablic.)


In the all the traditional crafts or art kind, how the novice to learn is

by way of watching and mimic = to copy what the master does.

Not mention the stitching work, which is push the needle, front to the

back and to the front again ~ ~ ~, mimicking and copy is nothing but

the repeating the same action again and again.

= IS to program the pattern into the brain. = (When the pattern was

imprinted in the brain, the action, include the speech become

automatic = automatic mean “No self”)   When the level of learning =

copying deepen to such automatic level, it’s standard or the quality

reaches to the perfection.   Because the body moves like a precise

machine without the interference of useless thought or emotion.

In this level, there couldn’t be any Ego = no emotion or high-level

thought. — so, you might wonder, what IS the motivation to do it ?

“Motivation ?      What’s the Motivation ?”

— When the task is on front = there wouldn’t be any choice but to DO.

(This situation has been misunderstood as the “Concentration” or

so-called “Mindfulness”. 😀 )

And, is the task really there ? How DO I know when myself is not there =

nor any mind, observing it.   (The people who mistook that the Zen

is a matter of awareness = A way of different thinking, couldn’t

emancipates this trap of thinking therefore couldn’t be escaped from 

this dichotomy = “Observing vs Observed Self” — When the SELF is 

 not there, WHO is observing or aware of it ?) = It’s mean, as long as 

a notion of Zen is there (or you think, you are doing a Zen),

it is not Zen at all.  Zen is being in no-mind = Mushin.


This is the situation WHAT the Buddhists call VOID.

— Which I’ve learned from the stitching work when my conscious

was absorbed into the moving needle.

= Effectively my mother taught me the most crucial essence of Zen

without saying even a single word of Zen or Buddhism.(Of course,there

was no word of Zen or even a name of Buddhism exists on the time of

Lord Buddha.  He only showed the way to DO and what he told was the

jokes, then took a rest while sitting quiet.  When the teachings were

“Selfless” it couldn’t be taught using the word “Self” as it’s not exists.

So, he only showed the way to DO without SELF.) 

The people who was not there and only heard about had mistaken that

the sitting (and assumed to be thinking) was the matter.

Then all the misconception and the nix-up were bore out from here.

( — Sitting was just having a rest).


So, you were trapped here.   Are you watching the stitches, or

something encircled by the stitches ?

Oh, naughty you, what are you thinking. It’s just a cloth and the

stitches, still it’s better to be a naughty as we can have a laugh.    

Ha ha ha   😀



My old and last Mountain Boots

My last Boots-A09A2019

The building where I live in a flat having renovation work and to vacate the space,

I’ve been sorting my possessions in the boxes of which some of them I haven’t

opened it more than 20 years. — In one of the box, I found my old mountain boots.

The reason why I didn’t throw this away straight and put it into a box was, I thought

I should take picture of this before let it go. —– was that because of its

sentimental value ? —– I guess not.  

But because of it got rather funny history.

(Without a photo, nobody would believe the story. 😀 😀 )


I bought this boots from charity shop priced £5.   In order to make the bots fit to my

foot, I soaked it in the warm water then put it on and had a long walk —– as I did all

of my previous boots. —– unfortunately, this looks decent mountain boots was a

fraud.  = Despite it having looks proper construction and the good leather with

Vibram Sole, the sole was not been stitched = simply glued to the upper.

Hence, while walking, the boots was disintegrated. (It was a hell) 😀 😀


Then a crazy story began. = After it was completely dry, I’ve stitched and

glued the sole using the shoe making thread from shoe repair shop and a thick

nylon thread for industrial use. —– As a sort of experiment, I did to the Right

boot using a shoe repair glue and the thread.  And to the Left, I used a tie-up

thread for electric construction and glued the sole with Araldite epoxy.

—– If one method found to be better, apply it to the both side.

(You may think, if a shoes disintegrating, it is THE END though, as a

shoe-maker is making a shoes step by step, a sole can be attached in a

way they are doing. If somebody a same human can do, why not to try.

= It is an opportunity to try and learn.

(And save a money £5 !  😀 — If it is to save £1,000 it is a greed ) 

And the stitch by stitch kind of work is a good Zen Practice.


————- (Left is the Mid-Sole with yellowish industrial thread I used for stitching )

Since when I have repaired, the boots lasted over 3 years while used

everyday, without showing any difference between Left and Right.

Then one day, when I went to a hill walking and had a heavy rain, when I slipped

and tumbled, the water drenched boots was split open outside-toe. While later,

a gap opened to the other boot as well, and the foot were swimming inside.

—– days later I found, it happened because of the upper leather itself was tear-off

not by the broken stitch = leather was aged and rotten inside.

(I remember, somewhere I got a film photo of the boots under stitching work )

—– After that, I’ve been forced to buy a kind of shoes I hate. (though, I didn’t buy

another mountain boots, or so far, I haven’t found another £5 boots yet) 😀


Nothing last for ever still, second-hand £5 boots lasted over 3 years

wasn’t too bad. 

Believe or not, I was wearing this boots even in a club and dancing.

People judges others with its looks = hence the best of all, nobody seek a trouble

with a man wearing heavy boots.    And may be because of this, the cloud in the

Fridge Club has mistook me as a kind of special security man with martial art. =

nobody want to be kicked by this kind of boots. 😀

—– (during 5 and half years, while I was a regular, there wasn’t a single violence

ever occurred in the Club. = it might be the another reason why the manager

gave me free entry :-))


People may not like to ware heavy boots, still once it was well fitted,

it is surprisingly comfortable and give a feeling of quite solid stance

especially on a slippery ground.  One day you may try  🙂


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