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Morning Sky


Well, most of the morning sky in the Autumn, in London are dull gray.

Still, time to time we can see the sky like this.  This was the sky on 

the 17 Oct’ 2014 / 6: 46 (long before actual sunrise over the roof)

The lens used was Canon EF 40 mm F2.8 on 5D Mk-III.


—————————– 7:17 ——————————————- 7:19 —————————————— 7:24

The photo in the middle was by Tri-color Pinhole.

(Otherwise it looked like next — 7:24 photo)


————- Then, I saw the sun over the roof.   8: 08 ————————————- 9:34

In fact, the last one = 9:34 , the sky was just bright, colorless sky.  

I’ve added the color by  Tri-color Pinhole. (Sky, Pink, Orange)


So, this was the cloudy sky this morning,  8:10  colored by the Tri-color Pinhole.

It’s somewhat convincing isn’t it ? —– it may looks like a Turner’s oil painting.  

I like this as a good joke.   🙂 


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