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November Moon

Photo left was taken by 110 Pentax 24 mm lens (heavily croped) / Right was by Tamron SP 500 mm F8 (over the double grazed window, handheld on Nikon Z7)

Somewhere in the Net, somebody was saying that around the November full moon, a big earthquake might occur in somewhere.

May be Might not be.


Cherry Cherry – 2018

Cherry cherry(1)-DSC09146

Since I put the photo of the first cherry, it’s already 3 weeks past.  They are still in full bloom though, the flowers started falling. The end of Somei-yoshino season.   (Then Multi petals cherry is coming.)

Cherry cherry(2)-DSC09140

So, this year’s Cherry pictures were made by “Helicoid-B” lens.  (One of the worst reputed lens ! = therefore in these days I’ve been using the most.   😀 )

Cherry cherry(3)-DSC09147

Without me shake even a single finger, the picture became almost trembled. ( = The technique to produce the paintary effect in the most economical way !     😀 )

Cherry cherry(xx)-026

Cherry cherry(7)-DSC09150

(Only the problem was that the image in the finder was too fuzzy to see the focus.)

Cherry cherry(5)-DSC09166

So, those two (three) photos were taken by a kind of normal lens = Tamron SP 500 mm Mirror lens. —— Somebody teased me saying “Can’t you take normal picture ?” “I leave that kind of business to the Phone camera user, otherwise no point for me to use bulky interchangeable lens camera”   😀

Cherry cherry(6)-022

Though, the Tamron gave me too pale color.  (May be I need to use Photoshop kind though, that’s what I hate most.)


First Cherry 2016

1-First Cherry'16-001

I’ve been closely watching this cherry tree for a past few days.

And at last on yesterday I found a first flower opened on there. 

Good heavens, when I went to the tree next day with my

camera, hundred of the flowers were blooming.

(Still, it would be a week away to see it’s full blooming)

2-First Cherry'16-A09A4949

There are hundred of different cherries even in this country.  

So, a kind of Kan-Zakura (Winter Cherry) has been flowering

already, yet still, this is the first typical Japanese Cherry = 

Somei-yoshino’s flower I found.

—– How I can tell this IS the Somei-yoshino was,

(1) The leaves come out only after the flower.

(2) The fertility of the Somei-yoshino was very restrictive =

Somei-Y’ x Somei-Y’ can’t germinate (= with other variety can) 

Therefore, we never see the Seedling under the Somei-Y’ tree.

So that, the propagation of Somei-Y’ could only be done by

grafting = Cloning = in other words, ALL the Somei-yoshino in

the world originated from a single tree found in the Somei Village,

a northern corner of Edo (Tokyo), 200 years ago.  It’s mean, if the

tree was grown off  a seed, it is NOT a Somei-yoshino.  (= So, some

Koreans claimed that “That Cherry grow naturally in our country”

is a proof of their ignorance, how they didn’t know the history

NOR biology. = Same kind of ignorance like they claims that the

Chinese-character was invented in Korea.   😀 )

—– What so ever, I’ve been enjoying the bloom on this tree

for the past 15 years !  (But I’m not necessary happy to see the

flowers in such early timing = it’s not even April yet)

(Photos taken by the Tamron 500 mm Mirror Lens/Canon 5D Mk-3)


And now, the same Cherry have had the full bloom !

In Full Bloom-1-A09A5000


Magnolia – 2015 (B)


This Magnolia was an utterly unexpected discoverly.  And beyond of my knowledge

and imagination — came from where or if it was a garden variety, how it was

created from which parents ? ? ?  


She is a tall tree and the flower is huge = as big as a Magnolia Grandiflora

 ( even 10″~12″ ) still, flowering long before the leaves was coming out

= closer to the Kobus but not Grandiflora.





In closer look I wonder if they are in fact a kind of invertebrate from the sea ?

—– You know what I feel and that was why I wanted to create fuzzy image.  🙂













Lens used was Canon EF Macro 100mm F2.8 and Tamron 500mm Mirror F8

on Canon 5D Mk-3.   (Some fuzzy pictures were taken by Homemade Lens.  🙂  )


500 mm Macro lens ?

T500mm Macro(1)A09A0512

The other day I tested an 800mm Mirror lens of which my friend just obtained.

In fact it was a gift from his Daughter.  Lens was for Canon DSLR though, funnily enough

he got no Canon SLR.  —— that’s why I was asked to test, whether for a sake of that lens,

is it worthwhile to buy a camera body.  🙂     These days, people seeing even a small compact

camera started to have extremely high zoom ratio, such as Panasonic’s  x60 zoom

(equiv’ 20 ~ 1200 mm)  they no longer “fear” long telephoto lens.

—– That lens was (amazingly !) good.     So, he is going to become a bird photographer.  🙂

I hope him to become an expert of  “800 mm” lens and capture a lots of bird photos.

T500mm Macro(8)A09A0511

As a matter of fact, I got a Mirror lens too, but not  800 mm, my one is  500 mm.

“Naturally”, not very often used though, it was a Tamron F8 Mirror lens = once dabbed

as the second best mirror lens among the 500 mm mirror lens after the Zeiss.  (mind you,

Zeiss Mirrotar 500 mm carries a price of  5 million yen —– but Tamron was 50,000 yen

—– I got it in second hand for 20,000 yen.  😉 )

Not just sharp, Tamron 500 mm was designed to produce good close-up image as well, 

hence its closest distance comes down to  1.7 m and able to take  x 1/3 close-up !

T500mm Macro(3-center)A09A0562

This is a clopped part of the photo. Depth of the field is so shallow still, not too bad isn’t it,  

considering it was nearly  2 m away.    (Can you imagine to look into the reflecting pattern

of batterfly’s eye from  2 m distance ! ) —– (Only when if we could manage extremely

critical focus under F8  darkness of view-finder ! ) 

T500mm Macro(2)433-001

( Fish-eye photo was an extra —– just for fun.  😉 )

T500mm Macro(3B)437-001

Another trouble is, because of the angle of view is less than  5 degree = quite difficult

to know  “Where AM I watching ?”  especially, when the image was out of focus.  😀

T500mm Macro(4)A09A0513

T500mm Macro(7)A09A0519

T500mm Macro(5)A09A0559

T500mm Macro(6)A09A0580

As out of focus Bokhe become funny ring pattern —– you may hate, or some time

they looks more decorative. —– it’s a character.    It could be a good fun to play with !


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