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Moon by Non-telephoto lens

I took a picture of the Moon too many times = It’s the same moon for the millions of nights = So,  I’m rather weary to take out my 500mm lens = I just clicked a camera with the lens happen to be on.


The camera happen to be the Sony A7R with a modified Kodak Vest Pocket Camera lens on.  With this structure of the lens, we can not hope a good focus.  Still, whatsoever the picture was made as this.  (Since the Vest pocket camera had no focusing mechanism, I wonder how the picture of the moon looked like on the original camera ? —– I haven’t tested it yet.  Sorry.)


As the lens on A7R is easy to change, I put (yet again a modified) Zeiss Baby Ikonta camera’s 50mm lens. (This lens has front-focushing = And, it was set to infinity though, the image was not sharp at all. = You may say Don’t ask too much to 90 years old antic. —– generally this lens works well = but may not for a real infinity subject.)

(In both shots, the F-aperture was fully open,  VP = F6.6 / Ikonta was F4.5 and  1/250 or so shutter speed —– because I was not intended to make any sharp image = otherwise why do I used junk lens ? )


Maple flowers


Maple tree outside (said to be Oregon Maple though, I’m not sure) is having flowers.


They don’t looks like flowers still, they must be.  As they produce the two-winged seed later.   And it seems they can pollinate themselves (or blown by the wind ?) as I don’t see any insect around.  —– There are many forms of life. (not only cherry is the flower.   😀

(Those photos were taken by Tamron 500 mm F8 mirror lens though, as it was done through the dusty double grazed window, the image was not sharp at all.)


Two weeks later, how they looks now.  Though, I haven’t necessary been kept watching all the process how their tangled red things changed to this.  Photo above left might be the female flower and the right might be the male — but not sure. (Yes, I was wrong)


You believe or not, the one above photo, the right one was taken by 1000 mm lens.  In fact, a x2 tele-converter was added to Tamron 500 mm lens. = Long time ago I bought this £5 converter as a joke, thinking to make it for a close-up ring by removing the optics.  But now I know, this was not a junk.   With x2 converter, F8 lens become F16, so that on DSLR’s optical view finder it become too dark to focus. (Unless we use live-view on the back screen)   But, mirror-less camera can show the amplified bright image, even focus-peaking is working ! = It’s their biggest advantage.   (still, 1000 mm lens was not suite for hand-held shot.)   😀      (Since I found their dropped flowers, I’ll show you =  You  can see them developing to the full winged seed.)  Then I remember, one of my Zeiss lens for Sony showed AF malfunction (hence, I realized that’s was why it was so cheap) I gave another look. = While making a test shot on manual focus.


The picture here was by Zeiss (Sony) SEL55F18Z (55mm) Aperture was set to F8 (about 1/100 sec, hand held) and to show the enlarged center as well — pretty good isn’t it !  (By the way, Winged Seed pod right was the same pod wrongly appeared as Male, before.  Well nobody is perfect.  😀 ) 


But, it might be too unfair to the other lens.  I did the same test by Micro Nikkor 55 mm F3.5 = this was the lens, the Nikon themselves named that “their best lens ever designed.” (Canon EF gives  no F-setting on Sony (unless use a £100 Sigma adapter)  and the others such as Contax, Pentax, Olympus, etc, I would give sometime another occasion.  😀 )  —– If we use the lens careful enough, and the camera has Hi-res sensor (Nikon D850 has 47.2 Mp / Sony A7R has 32 Mp ) they could produce pretty good image, without using a heavy tele-photo lens. (Just crop the picture.  Forget the “Purist’s brah brah kind”)  Anyway, Net is for harmless / useless info’chat or Joke.  😀



Nov’ Moon

Nov' moon-000

It seems, in any society star-gazer was accepted, a bit funny but a kind of romantic still, no harm to the other people.  But, the moon watcher was categorized as a loony and not necessary welcomed by the people.  I don’t think I’m a moon watcher, neither be a loony, so far as it was self-declared.  

I don’t necessary want to see the moon but time to time it comes to the window regardless.  In fact, the photo left took a while for me to realize, that it was a moon (2 days before the New moon. = on 17 Oct’ 2017) and the right photo was taken 1st Nov’. —– the reason why it’s having shadow was, the moon was behind the tree. —– In such condition, did I still need to take picture ?    Ain’t I obsessed ? —– I didn’t feel I got ANY obligation to do so though, I just did it again.  😀     It was very simple, the moon was there. (Strange things was, the camera, Sony A7R with 500 mm mirror lens was on a monopod. —– ISO 3200, 1/1000 sec F8)

(To tell you the truth, there was a serious danger of this post having yet more photo of the full moon which was briefly appeared next night —– though it disappeared behind the cloud soon.)  Sigh !   😀

Nov' Full moon-002

Your nightmare has come.   It’s a full moon taken on the 4th Nov’, but left photo was taken by Canon EF 70~200 mm at 200 mm, F2.8 on Sony A7R (F2.8, 1/1000 sec)  and the right photo was by Canon 5D MkIII (F8, 1/500 sec) Both hand held. —– They showed the situation quite well, using the same lens even fully open F2.8, mirrorless A7R can make sharper image. 

—– The story behind was, when I heard bang bang noise, I realized that it was the Firework night.  As I saw a big one on the window, I took the camera out with 200 mm Zoom on though, that big one seemed to be the last one. = How shame !  Then, I found the Full moon !  Without bothering to get 500 mm out, I took the moon with 200 mm lens — and I’ve tested the same lens on A7R too.  Very very funny.


New Moon (about)


Not exactly.  If it was really a New Moon, we can not see it’s totally black face on front of a blight rising Sun.   Other obstacle is, normally we are not watching such early morning sky.  = So, I discovered this Moon almost in an accident.   It was after 3:30, I just looked out the window and found something blight object in a still dark dawn sky.  It took a while for me to realise that it was in fact a Moon.  It’s funny, we expect that the Moon is somewhat round, or at least half round, therefore like this, iron hook kind of THING can not be a Moon though, as it slowly moving up right, I convinced that this is in deed a Moon.   (The photo above was a picture of my kitchen window, overlooking the Moon. — by a 55mm lens on A7R camera)

It was the same kind of misunderstanding, that the white light IS exist (they were not white but the mix of all tri-color = same as a PC or TV screen, when all BGR lit evenly, we feel it was white) so as the Moon IS a round blight object in the Sky.  In reality, Moon is not blight at all but its surface shine when its was hit by the Sun light. = It’s mean, Moon shines only a side facing the Sun.  And, when the Moon was in the opposite of the Sun, we can see fully lit (hence it looks fully round) surface which we call Full-Moon.  And when the Moon is in the same direction of the Sun, we only see it’s un-lit back = This is the New Moon.  (And the half Moon is somewhere between.  🙂   )  The most frightening reality in the life is, when we see the full moon 12 times, a year has gone !

(Photo above left was a cropped center of a 18mm lens image and the right was a shot by a 500mm lens on A7R camera)


Wood Pigeon

Wood Pigeon(1)-DSC05840

It’s the same landscape = just outside of my kitchen.  Only a difference was a Wood Pigeon suddenly appeared on a tree started to tell me that this is his territory.  (This photo was taken by a Zeiss EF 1.8 / 55 mm lens on Sony A7R —– though I wasn’t so impressed by this lens or the camera’s control.  Camera tried to find the focus FOR ME without knowing whether it was a bird or tree branch, let alone which is the subject I was aiming = so, hunting here and there again and again while setting focusing area too wide. = Fixing it to the center is much better and don’t ask me to adjust each time. —– In fact, I should have used much smaller F-aperture though, it’s no point to test the lens stopped down.   😀  )

Wood Pigeon(2)-DSC05847

Any how, if it was a birds shot, why not use my old friend Tamron 500 mm lens.

Wood Pigeon(3)-11

Considering it was a hand-held shot through a dusty double-grazed window grass, it wasn’t too bad. (I wanted to capture the moment when he chirp, with a mouth wide opened though, it was always too late. —– We need to click a shutter a moment before he chirp. Only a trouble was, how do we know it beforehand.   😀  )


13th Moon


Well, the full moon will be on the 12th though, it may not be clear sky then = better move when we can.   Last month when I saw the Super Moon I was on the Thames River Boat.  From then already 4 weeks has passed.  😦   — When we have 12 full moons, its mean one year has gone ! = frightening isn’t it.

(The photo here was by the Tamron 500mm lens again.  But unlike before, I did it without open the W-grazed window.  So, the picture quality was worse than the photo over a low quality dusty filter —– still, it’s a Moon. — we mankind has been watching the same moon millions of years while guessing there must be a club or rabbit living there.  Then only those hundreds years, we started to concern the real image of the same moon !    😀    Our understanding of the TRUTH is always changing. — Still, we ARE believing it IS the only truth.  And try to impose its idea to the others.)   Are you sure ? ? ?   😀


Play with Lens (2) — Tamron 300mm F5.6

Tamron 300mm F5.6

On the previous post, I’ve shown you many samples of the fuzzy, soft-focus images

created by the (mostly) single convex lens.   And I had a belief that the single

convex lens which inherently possessing aberration would produce soft image.

Yet still, what I have tested was the lenses about 50mm focal length —– then I thought,

if I can get longer (= telephoto) soft-focus lens I could take nice photos from distance.

(Pentax had 80mm Soft-focus lens and Canon used to have 135mm Soft lens though

their effect was rather subtle.)

—– So, why not to see it with the front element of a telephoto lens. 

What I tested was old (70s ?) tamron 300 mm F5.6 lens. (Photo above — bottom left was  

the front element and the bottom right was the rear element.

(this rear lens seems to be a 2 element compound lens) 


Photo above is the test shot of the Tamron 300 mm F5.6 (center photo was the part

enlargement of the photo left (full-size) and the right photo was by the Tamron 500 mm

F8 Mirror lens as a comparison) —– 500 mm lens showed much clear image though

this 300 mm lens was not in the original and in good condition. ( — Even worse,

those photos were taken through the dusty double glazed window)  🙂


The question was if this front element alone could show the soft image ?

Photo above, both left and the center were taken while rear element was removed

(= Front lens alone ! )    (This lens could focus down to 1m = 1/3 close-up.)

Well, with or without the rear element which supposed to eliminate

the aberration did not make much of difference. (on this occasion)

= My attempt to make fuzzy telephoto lens was failed so far.  🙂


Camera Shake / Resonance of Tripod

On the previous post, the top photo taken by 200 mm Lens which was

held against the Camera body, was inevitably shaky and couldn’t been

properly focused.  When I realized that there is Catkins, I set-up a tripod

and 500 mm lens —– but after few clicks, I discovered that the photos

were utterly fuzzy.  => I increased ISO speed hence shutter speed,  still

the situation wasn’t get any better.     

Camera Shake(4B)A09A3232

Camera Shake(4)A09A3178-001

Camera Shake(3)A09A3258

Have look the information of the photo,  left bottom under the Histogram =

O mm lens mean Non-Canon lens, ISO 1600 and Shutter speed  1/2500 Sec.  

This was not off-focused image. ( no double line, typical to Mirror lens there) 

Camera Shake(2B)A09A3228

As the photo on the tripod showed the funny shake, I resorted with

hand held.  And strangely (you say), it produced much sharper image.

Camera Shake(1)A09A3256

This time,  ISO 400 and the Shutter speed was  1/ 320. 

Camera Shake(2)A09A3172-001

It was well known only to few people = a Shake caused by the Resonating

equipment. = In here, 500 mm lens, Canon 5D, and Gitzo Reporter Tripod

almost fully extended has happened to resonated and gave very fine vibration.

(If the extension of the tripod was shortened, there may not be a vibration.

= that is the tricky part of the  [Resonance] = hard to predict though, it is

possible to test => hit the set-up of the tripod with a stick and listen the

sound = if they makes good long sound “Boom” = Resonation suspected ! )

Camera Shake(5)A09A3198-001

The photo above (heavily clopped image) by the

Tamron 500 mm Mirror lens,  hand held and  

ISO 1600, the Shutter speed was  1/8000 ! = I like a glare of branches.

(Human body is a dumper = wouldn’t resonates —– thanks goodness !)

May be I should find the frequency of this resonating vibration, because

Anti-Vibration system in the lens may not have an effect to higher frequency.

(I tested it with Anti-vibration of 70~200 F2.8 lens though as it got totally

different weight and the balance, the same resonance wasn’t replicated.)

May be I should talk about the Tripod in near future.


Body Parts

Those photos are just a casual snap of the people playing with computer.  

But using 500 mm lens hand-held. = naturally, there was not much room to use

such long telephoto lens in a small room, picture became a kind of close-up.  

Yet still, it was 2 m away, people didn’t mind to be photographed much. —– and

I found a quite unusual usefulness of this lens, despite it is rather dark F 8.

(ISO was set to 1600,  shutter speed was  1/15 ~ 1/30, AV mode — just to mention) 

I hope you enjoy the photos.  😉 





Body-parts(5)448-001 Body-parts(6)447-001






Next time I hope to upload more appetising body-parts.  😀  😀


End of Summer — Snap-shot by 500 mm Lens

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T500mm End of summer(1)A09A0607

If I didn’t tell you, you may not noticed that they were taken by 500 mm lens.

All the photos here except the obvious one were taken by a Tamron 500 mm

Mirror lens.  Photo looks pretty ordinary, and nothing special are they ?

T500mm End of Summer(2)440-001

Even with its 500 mm focal length, thanks to its fundamental design (incoming light

was internally reflected back and forward twice)  mirror lens can be less than 1/3rd of


its  focal length = in deed,  this lens got

only  11o mm long and 87 mm diameter

= say, mere one-size larger than my mug-cup.

So, the people on front of the camera may not

noticed that they’ve  been photographed.

= anyway they don’t mind others 10 , 20 m away. 

T500mm End of Summer(3)439-001

And of cause, I could easily take picture of a Mulberry, few left high on a branch. 

T500mm End of Summer(4)441-001

I found scattered confetti on a ground = it must be left by a wedding photo-do.

T500mm End of Summer(5)442-001

T500mm End of Summer(6)438-001

T500mm End of Summer(7)A09A0524

So, the summer 2013 has gone. (more or less)  😉


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