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When the Buddhism was introduced to the west, Buddhism  was seen as another alternative to

the bankrupting western philosophy, not as a religion. —– It was a novel, fancy, rather mythical idea to

the intellectuals then.

Anyhow, the Christianity is losing the attraction hence the philosophy based on it was loosing their

credibility as well.  People could see the trouble of the world, political, economical or anything

general are seemingly not caused or related to the God’s act. —— evil communism, capitalism,

dreadful germ etc  has to be dealt with nuclear defence, political movement or science etc etc.

Definitely not with the religion. The poverty etc, the personal trouble has been dealt with social

welfare and for even more personal mental problem, there is the psychiatrist etc etc.

Otherwise just buy Prozac. ( was that ?   I don’t remember, that kind 😀  )

So, the Buddhism was received by the people as yet another intellectual interest, rather like

a party talking piece.

Therefore to sell the product, the same capitalist’s popularism approach was needed.

It was the same market situation, like to sell a freezer to an Alaskan Eskimo. —– smooth tongue

and fancy dream, added value to the life = to be a superior noble existence.

Hence one of the fundamental condition,  a step of the  Self Denial became a burden to sell Buddhism.


Only in one or two century, the life and the situation or environment of the mankind has been changed

so much. —- superficially to the good but fundamentally to the worse.

Until only a century or so ago, humankind was in the hand of element or in the hand of God.

Very few people had their life intact.  If not Dickensian, it might have dreadful grief stricken etc.

( These days, if anybody was lucky enough to have such experience, it would be well entitled to claim a

compensation on  No win No pay based proceedings —– Call now !  😀  )

So that, the people has been living their life embracing big void of grief, loss, failure, regret and quite

few are having even heavy guilty conscience  etc etc.  ( Having had Self Denial done )

—– so the rhetoric of ” It’s because of your original sin ”  did work, and people needed to have a God.


When I wrote the previous post, the reason why I used a word Burden and wrote, it may not

appropriate was, for you to think about.

If you thought, it’s a Burden —– you don’t need a religion or Buddhism, other than an intellectual fancy.

If you felt, or no, no more please —– you haven’t faced your trouble in seriously deep enough.

If you found yourself, familiar with the subject.  Go for walk.  And see the sky, tree etc let the

scenery  passing in your peripheral vision.  And nothing on the street took your attention in

10 minutes.  Back home and do this tomorrow again.

( But don’t hit by a car —– I wouldn’t take responsibility  for your car accident  😀  —– State of Mushin is

not a Trance at all.  All the subconscious is fully receptive, hence automatic body movement as well )

Have a nice day.  Spring is coming.


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