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Bang in Trinity Gallery

Last Friday night,  there was an opening of an Art exhibition and the performance at the newly opened

art gallery called Trinity in Greenwich (5 minutes from Cutty Sark ship) (Click here for Info’)

Exhibition was titled [ Emblem – Deconstructed and Destroyed ] = installation using a lots of books, created

by Christina Mitrentse and the performance of   fire-play to burn a book = ( so, Destroyed ? )

May be only an Artist who is using fire powder to create ( or destroy ?) the Art =

Aoife Van Linden Tol  prepared the fuse and the explosive powder on a book.

( She is a qualified and licensed explosive handler !  )

While Aoife was preparing,  an Art Writer Douglas Park  recited a text he wrote for Aoife’s creation.

Then, she put light on fuse — Bushu shu shu shu  😀 —– And Bang , Pang  Pang —– !  😀

Then, it’s so-called Art Talks.

In the gallery floor, Christina’s installation. —————— And Aoife’s victims or her Art.

Something very unusual of this gallery is the structure of

the building,  hence floor plan for an art-space.

It got great height = 3 stories height and straight wall, but not

an expanse of  floor or side wall.

It’s mean, it is very useful for a kind of display or

performance having interaction with the

space above / another level of existences or

its symbolic expression.

In addition, outside garden having a lots of trees = good spooky back ground !

( In fact, I got quite few idea pretty suited for this space  🙂  )

—– unfortunately exhibition is only untill 2nd October.   Still, the gallery is having the series of

exhibitions,  I’m sure  next events should come soon. =

Check their website to find farther info’  <  http://www.hivelondon.org  >  <  Trinity  on  Facebook  >


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