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Simple Fact = the Truth

It is a simple fact, in our daily life, unless we intentionally think “I am”, we are living without a conscious of self. —– Do you walk while thinking “I am walking” ? Or, are you reading this script here while aware of “My eyes are following this, letter by letter and my brain is taking and understanding its meanings in” —– I don’t think so. You are just walking without knowing who is walking or who makes you to walk. So does, you have been reading this without knowing who IS reading. In deed, You or Your-SELF haven’t been existing as a conscious. That’s because such as SELF is nothing other than a product of the thinking, in other words, it was an intentionally created imaginal figure which is to assert or to demonstrate the ownership of “this person”. In fact it IS a part of one’s desire, Ego and the Greed. So that, such as the SELF, let alone Perpetual self could not exists as a reality. It’s mean, such as a reincarnation could never possible to occur simply because the subject, the SELF, whom to be reincarnated is not existing. How could it be ?

It IS so simple as a straight fact yet still because of it, it is very difficult to explain why. Quite a lot of Buddhists tried to explain though all of them only made a simple truth more complicated. Because of the authoritative attitude of those monks, who want to make their word looks great, they made up unnecessarily heavy theory such as Void or so on. The truth to be with Dharma is not necessarily heavy matter such as even a seed of dandelion can fly away.

Lord Buddha’s teachings were not complicated or theoretical, in order to any followers can grasp the truth by themselves. (not by understanding the complicated words or teachings but through their own observation on the practice = not believe the words but get it by yourself) —– Such as the earliest teachings of 4 noble truth, they were not a kind of complicated deep theory but the clear fact or simple human reality. That’s reality IS the very truth. Like we are here IS the Dharma.

So, when Lord Buddha pointed out the Point, it went straight into the mind of the followers almost like a lightening, the followers could get the truth at once. ( it made a legend and the tradition of the instant enlightenment.)

So, even now those monks still keep talking complicated words and the fantasy of heavens. —– can’t those people open their eyes to see such simple reality and the truth ?



Limit of TRUTH

In the human endeavour to know the TRUTH,  there is an amazing parallel  between

Nuclear Physics and the Philosophy.

When they came close to the limit, there are unsurpassable barrier and the unknowable.

In the Ontology and the Epistemology front, they come to the same cul-de-sac “Is it really there ? —– How

Do you know ?” —– Isn’t it, you just think it is there ? —– How do yo know, what you are seeing or you

believe, it’s there is true ? —– It might be just a glitch of the electric pulse in the brain. Isn’t it ?

Science is an  attempt to answer this question.  One approach is to increase the number of the observation

and make a statistic assumption ” Since,  most of the people saw the same,  it can be presumed to be true”

( still,  a last person who saw the otherwise, might be seeing the only truth  😀  )

Another approach is to define the object itself  ” Whether you can see it or not, this object ( or often the

phenomenon) has so-much-so size and the weight (mass) and behave such and such.  And those measurement

has been tested with known objects and always showed its reading was true”

———- Though,  when scientists pushed it to the limit,  beyond the Newtonian , beyond the Einstein’s

theory,  to the Quantum theory —– what they found is utter uncertainty. ” It can be here or there” and

now even the time scale becoming not certain.  ” It is here at moment, but in the same time it might exist

in the future as the same thing   ( You are happened to be here, but in the same time somewhere else or

might be in a past or in a future, as exactly as you are)


There is a phenomenon called diffraction  in the behaviour of the wave.  Water wave, sound wave even

the light wave —– when a wave go through narrow gap, the wave spread to the both side of the gap.

When  a wave go through two ( or more ) gaps,  the spread patterns of the wave create moire pattern.

In a case of the light, the pattern is bright and dark band and the distance between the bright band is

depend on the wave length and the distance of the gaps.  (X-lay crystallography is using this effect —–

indirectly measuring the size of the gaps and direction = distance of the atoms and their alignments )

And when a scientist tested this with just one photon, he still saw the moire pattern. Its mean

one photon could pass two gaps in the same moment and showed the diffraction at two gaps—– how  ? ? ?

It was a dramatic display of the Quantum  behavior of the light and the proof of the theory —— though,

it showed no clear-cut truth of the world,  but showed the uncertain nature of the nature.

Even more bizarre fact is if two electronic detectors were placed behind of two gaps, only one photon was

detected either of one gap. — depend on how it was observed,  the same phenomenon was seen differently.

In other words, no absolute truth can be existing.

—– Strangely you may think though, all those advancement of the science is owing to virtually just one

advancement of the electronics, the design of so-called OP amp / instrumentation amp.

Whether a detector is photo sensor or current sensor, when the more amplification was enabled, the more

faint signal can be detected (while eliminating or canceling the nose)—– hence even smaller particles

or minute change can be detected.

The trouble is, even if we are capturing the effect of just single photon or semi-particle though, as it was read

as an electronic signal,  nobody knows whether they are really solid particles or just a vortex of the energy.

Far from proving the fundamental of the matter / existences / Dharma, it made the situation even worse.

Well known expression in the Mahayana Buddhism ” Exists as not exists” —– My understanding of this

expression is,  It is the way to express the phenomena in our feeling in the subconsciousness. —– we feel

it is there though as it is in the subconscious, it is invisible and out of conscious, hence not there.

But before I came to this understanding,  I thought, Buddha had an incredible insight to know the Quantum

nature of the Dharma.  May be, but not likely —– so, some says, Buddha must come from the outer-space,

from the another universe where having far more advanced civilization though, I wouldn’t jump a gun.

Even  with the advancement of the science and the technology, we came no way closer to the truth,

far from it, What we found is the definite uncertainty of the TRUTH.

So, this must be the reason why  Buddha kept his silence as it is unknowable. And no use to us.

—– So that, I’m more interested in the tendency of the coincidences,  which is out of the science   🙂



Posted in Awareness, Belief system, Ethos, Intelligence, Mind, Subconsciousness by yoshizen on March 18, 2010

I saw somebody shouting in his blog  ” Listen ” ” Listen”.

Yah,  I can see what he meant.   But,  Hang on Mate,  we had in deed listened.

We born as a virtually blank sheet of paper.   And while growing up, we have listened and listened,

and learned and seen , learned, listened ——– then here I am.

Listened the same thing again and again,  it became ” A Type”——- and imprinted as the commonsense.

Once the one acquired  A Type, he start to pick up only the information fit to A Type, because any

other Type hadn’t heard often before ——- such rare exception is irrelevant to the life.

The people shouting a minority opinion still want  “Them” to listen, but ” Them” belong to the  majority.

Majority share their commonsense. And it is imprinted in Subconsciousness.

———- though, it is not necessary the truth.

To see the truth, the one has to get rid of the filter of  A Type, and open the mind.

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