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Video Geeks in Wireless Workshop


Wireless Workshop (SPC.org) is in the Greenwich former Town Hall.  The members (?) are

meeting every week,  generally for a talk shop. (some time to save broken computer !)

WW-Video room  19-12-2013

To create Video images, there are many approaches,  from purely shooting real scene, or use real

image as a trigger or source of secondly image —– to Computer Graphics or Graphical animation

or Clay model animation etc etc !  —– Strangely you might think, there are many different kind

of Artists are visiting Wireless Workshop (some said Wireless Wednesday) —- So, last Wednesday

as video artists came, the meeting was held in their  “Video lounge” = top of the building which

was the lighting and the  Projector’s  room of the former Greenwich theater.    🙂

WW-Video room-218-001

Photo left is a Thermin (Electronic musical sound generator) and the right, there might be old

Super-8 Cine fanatics. = the trace of how this group is related to such as Exploding Cinema.

WW-Video room 220-002

And as the Electronic Geeks network, it extends to continent too,  and also overlapping with

Linux users groups (and Huckers as well  😀 )

WW-Video room 219-001

Video lab,  and the sound mixer —– even hand knitted small pouch (photo right) said to be a

” Testicle Warmer” and its rainbow color suggest “the Gay power movement” though, I have no

idea how it came here  😀


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