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Grown-up with Pain

It seems the Politicians are arguing about yet another law to deal with “Dangerous Dog”

after many cases of the children (even Policemen) were attacked, even by their family dog.


To my eyes, there lies a fundamental problem of our society’s attitude toward the animals

and the nature in general.

I’ve seen a very small child run to cuddle even a big dog which is somebody else’s dog.

May be as a civilized people, we should be friendly with animal etc. though, animal is

the animal for ever.  May be thousands of hart-warming story of the friendship between

human and animals, though, we shouldn’t forget that we are only a part of the Fauna,

and other part of the member never belong to us, let alone dictated by us.

Our apparent dominance is just a superficial pictures.


Be friendly but cuddling them like a Soft Toy is totally different matter. —– have you

ever seen the dogs hugging each other ?   Or does cats do it ?   Only Primates hug !

Even if it is familiar picture to a dog, suddenly a small child who’s smell is totally

unknown, come close and start hugging, the dog react their own way —– could

bite-back, scream and the smell of blood only excite them.

We shouldn’t mistake, “Be friendly” doesn’t mean “THEY also act like Soft toy made

by human” — we need to distinguish and treat them as another member of the Fauna

who could still be dangerous.


Same misconception is in the education, publication etc. = with a sort of

“Humanitarian Ideas” = treat others as equal, not to be violent, etc. or talking about

not giving “Psychological Trauma” etc. (even seek a damage compensation against it).

(Worst is in Japan, in the children’s book all the fearful image of such as Wolf or any

Dangerous animal has been disfigured into cuddly cute “Figure” and even the

carnivorous Ogres became just another member of a democratic society!

(Ogre is the symbol who AGAINST the society = counter reference = they got to be bad !)

In the other hand, a Manga or Game Hero uses all sorts of lethal weapons to kill

enemies in the most violent way, was not checked.

So, a kids grown up without learning a pain (to the self = to the others) does the most

horrifying killing when he or she (these days, women has been committing really

dreadful killing = it seems they really found the equality) commits a murder.)


NO! Grown up is a process to learn with Pain.  Its trauma is the basis of the imperative

memory “What we have to pay attention” and the teachings of DO and NOT DO.

—– We intelligent civilized people “can” understand what was told or written, is false.

The notice or warning was for the excuse of the liability of the Authority. = I told you.

(Please note, I’m not advocating a teacher, instructor sort, resorting with a physical

violence or harassment in order them to enforce their “idea” to the students.)


Respect the Nature is to accept that they got their own Karma hence rightfully exists in

this Planet = Respect WHAT THEY ARE, not impose our idea such as faithful cuddly dog

or beautiful song bird etc.   To lean this without pain, it wouldn’t be sublimated to the

bottom of our subconscious, and reflect it to our behaviour or perception.

—– In most of the situation, our behaviour, perception were not controlled by our

civilized conscious thinking but invisible subconscious.  We only think after.

( —– by the way, I don’t intend to offend the unfortunate victim mowed by the dog.  

I really feel sorry for them. —– especially, me too, can’t get on well with the dog

= as, I’m a cats person. 🙂 )



In south London, just next area of affluent Dulwich Village, there is [notorious] Peckham.

—– anyhow, I’m going there to find some kind of cheap fancy products, as there are 4 of the pounds

shops competing.  With short hop down there, suddenly my journey was halted by a Police cordon.

What ?   A, Ha ~~~~  so this is the aftermath of the Riot !


I don’t have a taste of excitement to be an onlooker of violence or fire what so ever.

( In fact, in the 70th, I’ve seen the battle between Up-rise student and the Riot police or the battle between

the student sects, and took picture of it, so, I know how bloody and agly it is)

So, here, I settle with a rather [peaceful] afternoon landscape.

A shop right on the photo was said to have ransacked and a lingerie shop in the centre of photo was burnt down.

—– ?   Why lingerie shop ?   (May be a connection of gang group or lack of it ?  Who knows )


In this country, the culprits and his (her) right has been perfectly protected, if not by the law, by the

so-called civil right organization who can invent any pretext to justify the acts —– in other words,

completely shielded from the consequences.  Which effectively make the culprit untouchable

and the authority and the police became transparent or make them mere chaser in a Game.

Even if it was convicted, few weeks community works ?

Anyhow, rioter wouldn’t know the full brunt of the victim’s pain.    If the person,  culprit

wouldn’t feel the consequence,  how the person knows the  meaning of Karma.

Situation has been made even worse by the false environment of the Computer Game kind.

Not because of its violent contents, but

by the Player’s subconscious has been conditioned to live in the Virtual world.

Or,  they got used to live in an imaginary = Virtual world.

Once the person lost the firm connection to the community or real society,  this real world became

no different to the space in the Game.   Find the target, avoid the enemies. [ACTION  REQUIRED]

RIOT GAME in the real set-up must be much more exciting than in a small screen.

—– Trouble is,  once they tasted the excitement,  this Game may become even more popular.

Urban Warfare in the London town may become most played young kid’s game soon.

One of the SMS in the Black Berry Massage said to be ” Pure havoc.  Free staff ” — how exiting !  (for them)

Unless the person was connected and feel the same pain,  to see somebody else’s havoc must be exciting.

This is a trouble of a disintegrated / fragmented society which no longer hold the same Ethos.


Very funny irony is,  as the Riot spread,  even Rioter and their close friends became to the victims,

then working together to clean up the aftermath,  sharing the pain —– even Rioters are discovering the

sense of the community which is similar to the situation, under the German Bomb, it’s created

close tie of the people.  ( This tie is not virtual)

My only hope is,  the Police doesn’t become THE ENEMY of the People,  nor different ethnic groups armed

themselves as the Vigilante Force.  ( —– England is in a tricky situation)



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