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Our vision — Photo image

This is a part of the previous post —– as I found it got very important point in the aspect of Zen (See — feel — think — what is real — truth) not only in Photography.

Rather fragile looking Scabious —– the lens showed peculiar depth of field image, and the size of back bokeh is gorgeous.

(But have you ever seen such bokeh image in nature ? —– they exists only in the photographic image = they are not real, neither your eyes are telling the truth —– So, how can you tell that the photography IS the faithful copy of the real, without knowing your own eyes could not tell what is real.) 😀

(For example, we are not seeing square building, since we got fish-eye vision as our eyes are round ball, so that, our brain is reconstructing the image following the stereotype that the building is straight = therefore, the photo of the building has to be square ! —– So, how can you tell that the photo of the building is faithful copy of the real building, = you see what I mean.)


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Super Natural POWER (?)

Posted in Awareness, Belief system, Buddhism, Dharma, Fate / Providence, Order of Universe, Zen by yoshizen on July 8, 2010

There is a popular misconception,  the religion has super natural power. Or super natural vision

can reveal the truth.  If such claim is in the market, of cause it is only a spin to sell dubious products.

Same as ” Use this special formulated cream, you will become Hollywood beauty at once”.

If such claim has any substance, all the population in the world should be the Holly Man now

and never had war or mass killing.  And the Amazon natives who said to have “Vision” by the

hallucinogenic  chemicals from the magic vine,  shouldn’t have marginalised.

I never hard any positive contribution from the Vision made by drugged brain or the people. (Have you ?)

Russian government had spent millions of  money to research those Para-normal power for

military, espionage purposes without single positive result.

Yet still, everybody knows something is still there and I too believe now. (with my 8150 story)

Though, the trouble is they are beyond the human control.  We can not resort it to the intentional purpose.

( I still couldn’t figured out how my parents could able to predict somebody’s fate, and what is behind of

Chinese I-Chin)

Yet still, the Power over there, what Buddhists calls Dharma is active and makes no mistake.

This is my understanding,  some may calls it my belief and religion.

So, What ?

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