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Too Early Spring (2)

2-Early Spring(2)A09A4131

This is definitely a Cherry tree though, she already started to bloom. 

(on 10th of March !)

2-Early Spring(3)A09A4133

And somewhere in the town, I saw two of the Common Magnolia in full bloom.

2-Early Spring(1)A09A4138

2-Early Spring(4)623-001

2-Early Spring(5)A09A4137

This is yet another Magnolia tree.  

In London, the temperature became as high as 25 degree C yesterday.

2-Early Spring(6)A09A4139

2-Early Spring(7)A09A4144

2-Early Spring(8)A09A4149

2-Early Spring(9)A09A4146

May be having a warmer weather seems to be better than frosty one

—– though, I’m not necessary comfortable.     It’s something wrong.   

PS: ————————–

Cherry in Greenwich-03-2014(1)DSC_1005

Cherry in Greenwich-03-2014(2)DSC_1007

I just found this cherry tree in full bloom in the Greenwich.  

I’ve been here around every Wednesday though, there wasn’t a flower

last week —– and suddenly today !   🙂   ( Honest, Believe me.  😀 )


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