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It was a light conversation with my neighbours.

What a beautiful day. How beautiful the sun shine isn’t it

Yes, in deeeeeed !

By the way, you remember, before William’s wedding, every day was a bright day, but only

on that day was a cloudy day. How come, Yoshizen ?

Oh, don’t ask me. Ha ha ha.  😀

You took notice because you are spiritualist. It’s your mind-set.

What is the difference between spiritualism and to be superstitious ?

Superstitious take it just good or bad. Spiritualist take anything with a breath of thought. Not

necessary judging it good or bad,  but open the mind and try to listen, is there anything ?


To see anything but the cloud, created by a moist air mass from the sea encountered with cold air,

hence created cloudy front line, and made a cloudy wedding day is a Physicist’s explanation.

But they don’t go beyond, why it happened particular day, since it is not their business.   🙂

And the person who thought, the wedding day wasn’t too bright and hot, was better for the people

standing outside long time, preventing heat stroke —– is an Opportunist’s view.

The person who thought, William was not lucky to have blue sky for the wedding is a Pessimist.


So, how did you think , are you an Opportunist or Pessimist?

Photographer’s view was, it’s easy to take picture without too much contrast, but it was a bit dull.

Zenist’s view was, I don’t care because I wasn’t there, anyway.    We don’t think too much.

So, Zenists are not spiritualist ?

We might just be a spiritualist, but we are not aware nor think to be a spiritualist.

I only see I’m here who I don’t care what the name this one was.

Yoshizen was just happened to be my name.   That’s all.

And when I see such beautiful sun, I enjoy it.

Why not ? 🙂



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There is a nice Buddhist story ———-

” When two Buddhist monks came to a river crossing they found a woman having difficulty to cross the

rapid water.  One of the monk offered his back to carry her to other side.  After this, another monk started

to accuse him  ” Oh, you have broken the rule.  You touched the woman ”   He replied ” Are you still

carrying the woman in your back ?” ——– ( When you see a woman in trouble, to help her is your task

on front of you.  And when the woman is off your back.  Woman is no longer there.  If not there,  its not there.

Only the mind keep the woman still existing.)

There was my friend’s wedding.  ( So, the man and the woman decided to carry each other in body and the

soul ——- they are not the monk.  They are melting hot  😀 )    To celebrate  I’ve join the Champaign toast.

Then another friend said  ” Hey  Yoshizen,  I saw you have broken all the rules of Holy man ” ——- ?

Generally,  I don’t drink alcohol ( even though I can drink half bottle of spirit in a evening, simply I don’t like it,

as I’ve fed up to take care of drunken guys and anyhow it wouldn’t change me or the world,  nor it brings any

solution to any trouble ——- it’s no use mean,  waste of the time and the money.

To be cheerful and crazy  doesn’t need to be under influence.  I am the living sample.     Ha  Ha  Ha   😀  )

I was there to congratulate my friend ( and take photos ) not for any religious, moral campaign.

I don’t need to be obsessed by alcohol,  but in the same time I don’t need to be obsessed by the mind

of keeping  me perfectly dry. ——– This is,  what  Buddhist calls  MIDDLE WAY.  ——- Why is it the

matter to Buddhist ?     In the Buddhist  teachings, the both obsessions were created by the false

self which has no basis in our mind.  In other words, it is the delusion which shouldn’t be exist.

Anyhow it is not daily or even monthly occurrence, (last Wedding occurred two years ago)

to give a toast to the new couple Why not join.


Another day,  I took young lady who said never tasted Sushi to a  Japanese restaurant.   The man might have

heard this story as well, hence he teased me. 😀

It’s nice to have good food with pretty woman.   Have a nice meal together doesn’t necessary carrying hidden

agenda.   It’s a clichéd stereotype.   Nice meal is the nice meal.  Enjoy it and bye-bye. ——- What’s wrong ?

Zen Buddhism is (as it stand on the Mahayana philosophy)  to have the freedom of the mind (obsession,

paranoia is the enemy of free mind )  and fulfill the life’s potential to its maximum,

not to miserably vegetated to be a monk’s life.

( So, even a Holy Zenist drunk Champaign,  rest of people, not mention the new couple, are all get drunk )

~~~~~~~It was a superb wedding party.   Congratulation to the newly wed.  ___/\___  🙂

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