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Flower Patch (3) — by Double Density Pinhole


When the sun was bright and the distinctive (esp’ in color) subjects were there

= it’s the time to take the Wide-angle DD-Pinhole out.    As a kind of image, this 

lens could produce the most typical “Impressionistic” painterly image.






I very much like the image though, I may not have found the best subject

for this Lens yet.     (May be I need to go to the countryside where 

old masters took their canvas out.  🙂 )



Snap-shot by DD-Pinhole

DD-P Snap(1)A09A0098

All the photos here were taken by my ” Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole” on

Canon 5D Mk-III.  In fact on that day, I went for a walk only with this lens (?)

and the Tamron 500 mm Mirror lens, hoping to see Parakeets.

DD-P Snap(2)A09A0103

Original pinhole got about 60 degree of view though, with the additional concave

lens ( from a Canon Zoom lens) the angle was greatly widened to nearly 100 degree.

DD-P Snap(3)A09A0134

You may guess that the Pinhole Camera needs to have long exposure though,

with the advantage of Hi-ISO digital camera, such as with ISO 12,500,  the shutter

time can be  1/80~1/8 like this outside shot. —– who care with slightly

blared photo on 1/4 or 1/2 slow shutter any way.  😀

DD-P Snap(4)A09A0107

The best thing was,  no visual details were given in the image,  

no further information would be needed.   Photo has atmosphere only.

DD-P Snap(5)72-001

DD-P Snap(6)73-001

DD-P Snap(7)74-001

DD-P Snap(8)75-001

DD-P Snap(9)A09A0203

DD-P Snap(10)76-001

DD-P Snap(11)A09A0168

DD-P Snap(12)A09A0099

So, the photography (for me at least) purely a fun.

No complicated notion about the subjects or message in the photo 

= image or the subjects were there just as they are.

To see the world in clear eyes, the world showed its fuzzy nature.

This paradox is what the Dharma is.



Impressionists Flower Photo — like oil paintings/DD Pinhole Images

New-DD Pinhole Flower(1)A09A0013

These are the Photos of  [Wide-angle Double-density Pinhole]  😀

New-DD Pinhole Flower(2)63-001

Just a pretty pretty sweet pictures.  Nothing else. (Don’t ask too much.)

New-DD Pinhole Flower(3)64-001

Now a day, sharp pan-focused images are everywhere,  especially “Phone-Camera”

become even more popular. (The smaller the camera, image become more

Pan-Focused)  —– Though, our eyes are not Pan-Focus = Brain only sees where and

what the person wants to see and feel irritated to see Pan-Focus image —-> Thence,

Google issued a program for Android called [Google Camera (Google Play)] which

makes an image “Selectively Focused”.

I can make a photo, well Pan-Focused if I need but other than that I’m not much

fond of sharp image = rather like an ambiguous image, double image etc.  🙂

So, I’ve spent many years to seek and try all sorts of “Soft Focus” techniques. = This

Double-Density Pinhole with additional Concave Lens, which made it Wide-angle,

is the best so far.  Not all-rounder yet it produces pretty jokey image.  I like it.   😀

New-DD Pinhole Flower(4)A09A0014

 I don’t think even a Botanist wants to see the details of common garden flower.  

What we need is just a coloful flowery air !

New-DD Pinhole Flower(5)65-001

New-DD Pinhole Flower(6)66-001

New-DD pinhole Flower(7)A09A0008

New-DD Pinhole Flower(8)A09A0005

New-DD Pinhole Flower(9)A09A0049

It seems what I need to add here is, a distant back ground

and the blue sky over it and the Victorian Ladies with umbrella ! 


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