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Once I told a man who asked me What is the Zen.

I said him, I am the Zen, my daily life is the Zen.

Making tea as the Zen. Drinking it as the Zen.

Cutting a metal as the Zen. Soldering electronic circuit as the Zen.

As I believe it is the Zen while I’m doing it, so it become the Zen.

Whether it looks mythical and fancy to others, is not a matter at all

and whether it is perfect or yet is the matter of time.

One day it might become perfect.

At moment, I only doing it in my best.

Tomorrow’s best may be better than today’s,so I just keep doing it.

And it may get perfect one day. Who knows ?


Nirvana ?

I have no idea as I’m still here.

If I got it I have no idea neither because when I got it

I’m dead and can’t answer you, Can I ? Ha Ha Ha 😀

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