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SZ Lens (for Nikon)

SZ lens(1)

Since I failed to make the NZ lens for Nikon use, I tried it again with similar Sony lens (18~200 F3.5~6.3, A-mount lens which has been dropped and internally broken—– I think I got it for £5.)

SZ lens(2)-A09A7722

Having had previous experience, this time I planed the lens (front compound lens element) should be mounted recessed inside of the barrel. = mounted inside still not block the movement of the zooming barrel —– and all those massive work was what I’ve been doing past 2 weeks or so. = hence no party, no dancing  😀

SZ lens(3)-002

Whether those 2 lenses were using same design idea or not, they were having some similarities.  Front lens seemed to be about the same size and the shape, though their character seemed to be very different.  Unlike the worst lens of NZ, this SZ (for Sony Zoom) showed rather decent quality as you can see on those test shots image. (mind you, there is no iris = 100 mm lens / fully open as about F2,  but not necessary giving beautiful softness.)

SZ lens(4)-003

Something what I found remarkable was that this SZ lens got quite good macro capability !   (Those shots above (original size) were with additional extension ring.)  (Further test shot image may come soon or later.)  😀

It’s a funny irony, Nikon lens was used for Sony and Sony lens was made for Nikon. —— (I didn’t play such game on purpose —– It was just an unintended consequence.)


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  1. Stacked Lock Pin | Yoshizen's Blog said, on January 4, 2018 at 18:54

    […] When I took those photos, I’ve used additional close-up rings on the SZ lens. […]

  2. Birthdays Party | Yoshizen's Blog said, on January 15, 2018 at 11:09

    […] a situation even worse, I took pictures with a notorious homemade SZ lens and the 40 years old Nikon fisheye lens on Nikon D850.  And the result was what you can […]

  3. […] photos in here were taken by the lens called (or, I named) SZ lens.  It was a Sony Zoom lens which I utilized its front element, and made it as an individual lens. […]

  4. […] And those two were by SZ lens […]

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