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CROM lens in the Town

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on November 7, 2020

I clicked my A7R4 with “CRO” lens attached (I wouldn’t say I took the Photographs = somewhat photo was just made alongside).

They might be the image what I saw, or, may be a kind, what I remembered.

Our eyes can read a letter only in the centre of our eye field = equivelent of 135 mm lens view on a 35 mm SLR camera, even though we are having side to side almost 140 degree view. So, we are seeing only a vague undefined image, let alone what we are remembering. = because, that was what we needed. And even worse, they were in fact, integrated (post processed image) by the brain, such as a straight line out of spherical eye screen.

And that was why, we feel “I saw the image like this, in my dream” — (Only the lens manufacturer is trying to make us believe that we need the corner to corner sharp images.)


Flowers by 3 Lenses

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on June 13, 2021

I took some pictures of the flowers in a green patch using three homemade lenses, nicknamed Pentax 110 Auto 24mm, CROMA Lens and Canon G10 element on Sony A7R-4.


As you might have guessed both Croma or C G10 lenses were not made to show sharp image but for my fun.


And, the image of Pentax 110 Auto 24mm = for a comparison.


Don’t ask me the name of those flowers = they were not for scientific references.


Yaezakura by 2 lenses

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on April 20, 2021

The photos here were taken by the homemade lenses, either so-called ZM-2 (A lens came from somewhere a zoom lens) or C-G-10 (A lens originated from the focus lens unit of the Canon G-10 camera).

Both of them were the funny lenses —– if not funny, I wouldn’t to be bothered. 😀



Posted in Zen by yoshizen on March 23, 2021

What I found something strange was, that the size of the nut spanner sold on the market starts from 4mm. = it’s very hard to get 3mm nut spanner, not mention 2.6mm or 2mm ! Whether its nut was small or not, when its position was awkward to access, we need to use a particular tool to tighten it.

If it was not on the market, why not to make one by ourself. It’s just a notch on the end of a stick. Why not to make a cut on an old spoon. It would be cost nothing still, it must fill the needs for this task.

So, I did spend 2 hours cutting, making a notch on the end of a spoon. Then, tighten 4 of the 3mm screws in a 5 minutes work. (I never did the same work before, and may not do the same kind again in my life.) You believe or not, to face this moment = once in one’s life while dealing with it by the idea of a kind = once in the life, IS the ZEN. (Face your life as the only life in your life since every moment is the only moment in your life. — So, Lord Buddha suggested Kisa Gotami to seek mustard seed, and the Rinzai master asked a question expecting an answer of never heard before kind.) We don’t need to think anything but just see the spoon and cut a notch by filing, filing, filing down the tail of it, was the ZEN. (To deal only with a real existence = not with any abstract notion or delusion while dealing it with the real action) —– I would say well done. 😀


Use the Canon G10 Focus lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on March 7, 2021

There was a Canon G10 compact camera dropped into the water and broken. In fact, even a camera droped into the water could be saved if its water was drained quickly by shaking hard and dry with a hair dryer. = 50% of them might be saved. But this G10 somebody gave it to me was rusted and had no hope — still some component could be utelised.

The inside of the camera was really THE Canon = incredible degree of heavy complexity still very well built. But in the same time, complex structure meant the component is hard to disassemble.

Yet still, I found a lens suspended by a small stepping motor for focus seems to be utilized as a Single meniscus 39mm focal length Converging lens. (In my way !) I mounted this lens on a 42M ~ 42M 17~31 Focusing helicoid which can give a focus from infinity to 10 cm. (May be good to take picture of the flowers)

The centre of lens has better quality. (You might say for what ?)

Cano – G10 Focus lens

But at the same time, the lens was producing quite a fuzzy image as well. And that was exactly I’m after.

Not too bad for the lens which costed me nothing. 😀


Agfa 135 mm old lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on March 6, 2021

While checking 5×4 camera and the existing stock of component, I found an old Agfa 135 mm F4.5 Doppel Anastigmat lens on a Pronter shutter. (It seems this lens came from old german 6×9 Rietzchel camera) I’ve been wondering the focal length of 135mm lens = why and where it’s originated ? ? ? —– It seems 135mm lens was common in the old wooden camera. And mounting screw of 39M of this lens might be a kind of standard in that day = hence Lica camera adapted 39M screw maunt for their camera as well.

So, using 39M to 42M adapter, 42M to 42M Helicoid ring and the 42M extension rings this Old Agfa lens was easily mounted on the Sony A7R 4 camera. (But being old lens without a corting on top of the fog, the image made by this lens was pretty foggy.)

Agfa 135mm

Despite such old lens a Doppel Anastigmat lens still has certain quality. (But not a kind of German Zeiss like softness) >>> https://yoshizen.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/what-is-the-softness-of-a-lens/

The remaining question is, the camera had no focusing system = the people then didn’t mind a bit of out of focus ? ? ? (The image of the 135mm lens may not be covered by even a smaller F-aperture)


My Homemade 5×4 Camera

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on March 5, 2021

One of my old friend asked me to make a 5×4 Pinhole camera for him. So that I dug up my 5×4 camera which I made more than 30 years ago using some components from Swiss Siner view camera, on the base rail of the Pentax bellows unit (which has been used for Pentax 6×7 Closeup unit as well = https://yoshizen.wordpress.com/2020/02/16/heaviest-gadget-for-6×7/

The design of the camera was the simplest L-arm type which was the easiest to make (but non of the any convenience in use — or say pretty awkward to use) —– yet still, 5×4 is 5×4 = the resulting shot of a Japanese company’s building earned 5 times more money than the cost to make this camera. 😀


DST lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on January 9, 2021

This lens seemed to come from somewhere a kind of compact digital camera. (but, I don’t remember which camera) —– I stripped out many cameras, though I haven’t necessarily consummated with them = I might only need to take other parts. So, quite a few lenses left behind in the junk box were never tested. This lens unit had an electric shutter / iris, focus drive and its gear train though, the optics itself was made with only three lenses.

Yet still, as the lens was designed for the main imaging lens, it’s got a certain level of quality = better than the CROM lens or CiN-Mag lens. (Size of the image was the equivalent of 24 mm on 35 mm camera though, it doesn’t cover 35 full frame — good image circle may even be smaller than 4 / 3 camera lens and the image distortion was looks almost like a fish-eye lens —– big distortion hence this lens was called DST ) 😀


CiN-Mag Lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on December 16, 2020

This is a story of really bad lens. I found a wearable magnifier with LED light on Ebay which was very cheap = (less than £10) As I’m wearing specs, I can’t use others on top, though, have an experiment with those lenses might be fun.

Those lenses were single meniscus —– it’s mean, cut those double lenses into half and put two lenses together back to back = would make a symmetric converging lens = Could be a usable lens. ————– though, it created a really useless lens (in fact, far worse than a bad CROM lens) Doubled 3.5X magnifier lenses became an about 100mm focal length converging lens.

So, those were the images made by THE very lens. I like a soft focus lens, I don’t mind a fuzzy image though, this lens did go too far. (even fuzzy lens has to tell, what the subject was. 😀 —– may be used to kill off the too strong coloured / contrasted image ? )

Then I put a bit of impruvment = insert a paper iris between the two lenses and mask off all the peripheral by a black paint. So that the image quality was impruved a bit.



Posted in Zen by yoshizen on October 17, 2020
It was about one hour before the sunrise. The one shining in the sky must be Venus.

I have no idea what this lens was for or where it came from, still it was a kind of converging lens, so that, it can make a kind of lens to take photos.

The lens has about 22 mm focal length though, (despite it got converging and diverging two stuck lens structure) having a very strong chromatic aberration (hence this lens was called CROM lens). And while mounted on a 17~31 mm focusing helicoid, the lens can focus from infinity to 10 cm (about 1/2) close-up.

Normally, the lens shows a good image around its focal point area though, this lens has no sharp image anywhere at all but shows “beautiful” chromatic rainbow. = How nice ! 😀

It seems these are the most un-sharp images, I ever seen among my homemade lenses. — in my experiments, the most of lenses showed a somewhat usable image, but except in this case. —– still, you can use un-usable image in somewhere.


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