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Stitch Work (2) Disco Pants !


Among my creation hence the possessions, the most bizarre one  

must be my Disco Pants. — It was a BR rail worker’s hi-vis uniform.  

But, because its size was too big for me, I’ve cut the length and used

that cut-off to make the back pockets. = So, the pants was customized 

to a flashy Disco Pants with x5 blue LEDs running light on the thigh

and slow on-off pink and red LEDs on the back pocket. 

To make the pocket, I designed it like a staffed relief of a nude torso. 

In fact, such design was an excuse to put the LEDs.   As the figure 

was made upside down, it was a puzzle to complehend what it was.

= all for the fun on the club night. (If it was ordinary geometric

pattern kind, it would be too boring = nothing fun and the others

wouldn’t notice it at all.)


On that time I was an almost the fixture of the club called Fridge in

Brixton. — Good (or bad ?) grown-up in a club, it’s better to have a

fun, and gone to be crazy.  (Anyway, it sound everything crazy =

I was the top dancer there, receiving free entry and the free drinks

— still, never drink alcohol, not mention any drug.  Never mix with

cloud still keep talking with all the staffs, manager, owner. = So that

the cloud mistook me a special security kind or even a real owner /

financier behind. 😀 )stitch-work1-a09a6772

To make the pockets, the material was the cut-off of the leg’s end

and the thread was the thread which I de-threaded from the cut-off.

(This was the point, horrified the professional machinists !) 

Because, it’s there and the easiest to use — though it needed to pull

out from the cloth. —– So, the supply of the thread was limited. 

On the end, I had to save the thread = no return stitch. = You can 

see from the photo above.   :-D 

Without draw the line on the cloth, stitching was made direct on the

cloth while deciding the shape. = I think, the result wasn’t too bad.

(but I wouldn’t say the stitch work was perfect).


You might say,  what an effort, and a waste of the time, just for fun ? ! 

But, I would only answer, why not.   And I’d ask back, spending the 

same length of time, what can you do something  worthwhile and fun,

on yesterday or whole of your life. ?   —– soon you may realize 

that what you been doing was just follow the situation to survive. 

Was that only the life what you can have ?    Open your eyes !

What preventing you to be free was your small pretense to be a

“Respectable decent man” — can you ? —– Really ?

(Though, I wouldn’t guaranty you to get a free entry even if you get crazy. )



Stitch Work (1)


Coming to the time hard to thread the sawing needle, I became 

aware what I learned from my mother when I was young.

My mother used to make the Kimonos herself.   Often using very

rare expensive silk such as Oshima-tsumugi.  You may feel strange

though, I was sitting and watching her work and when she needed

I thread the needle for her.   Make Kimono is of course done by the

hand stitching. (Even now, all the Japanese Kimono was made by hand

= a kind of tourists souvenir, Happi Kimono may be made by a sawing

machine (in China) but Japanese doesn’t see them are Kimono at all.)

—– Sawing, hand stitching is nothing but an utterly laborious work.

And virtually all the sawing in the Kimono-making is straight line.

Only the exception sometime is the end of Tamoto in Furisode Kimono

(= long sagged down sleeves).   Its mean, no innovative variation or

inventive shortcut kind could ever exist = just keep stitching straight.

= If it was not straight, the fabric distort, so it looks funny and make a

person wearing feel ashamed. So,to a Kimono-maker or needle woman

to become able to do an adequate stitch, it may need to make at least

10 Kimonos for a practice.  (if it was an expensive silk, de-thread and

remake again — very fine needle will not damage the fablic.)


In the all the traditional crafts or art kind, how the novice to learn is

by way of watching and mimic = to copy what the master does.

Not mention the stitching work, which is push the needle, front to the

back and to the front again ~ ~ ~, mimicking and copy is nothing but

the repeating the same action again and again.

= IS to program the pattern into the brain. = (When the pattern was

imprinted in the brain, the action, include the speech become

automatic = automatic mean “No self”)   When the level of learning =

copying deepen to such automatic level, it’s standard or the quality

reaches to the perfection.   Because the body moves like a precise

machine without the interference of useless thought or emotion.

In this level, there couldn’t be any Ego = no emotion or high-level

thought. — so, you might wonder, what IS the motivation to do it ?

“Motivation ?      What’s the Motivation ?”

— When the task is on front = there wouldn’t be any choice but to DO.

(This situation has been misunderstood as the “Concentration” or

so-called “Mindfulness”.😀 )

And, is the task really there ? How DO I know when myself is not there =

nor any mind, observing it.   (The people who mistook that the Zen

is a matter of awareness = A way of different thinking, couldn’t

emancipates this trap of thinking therefore couldn’t be escaped from 

this dichotomy = “Observing vs Observed Self” — When the SELF is 

 not there, WHO is observing or aware of it ?) = It’s mean, as long as 

a notion of Zen is there (or you think, you are doing a Zen),

it is not Zen at all.  Zen is being in no-mind = Mushin.


This is the situation WHAT the Buddhists call VOID.

— Which I’ve learned from the stitching work when my conscious

was absorbed into the moving needle.

= Effectively my mother taught me the most crucial essence of Zen

without saying even a single word of Zen or Buddhism.(Of course,there

was no word of Zen or even a name of Buddhism exists on the time of

Lord Buddha.  He only showed the way to DO and what he told was the

jokes, then took a rest while sitting quiet.  When the teachings were

“Selfless” it couldn’t be taught using the word “Self” as it’s not exists.

So, he only showed the way to DO without SELF.) 

The people who was not there and only heard about had mistaken that

the sitting (and assumed to be thinking) was the matter.

Then all the misconception and the nix-up were bore out from here.

( — Sitting was just having a rest).


So, you were trapped here.   Are you watching the stitches, or

something encircled by the stitches ?

Oh, naughty you, what are you thinking. It’s just a cloth and the

stitches, still it’s better to be a naughty as we can have a laugh.    

Ha ha ha  😀



Silly Practice = Sun and North Wind


As I needed the cash, I used an ATM of the TSB bank.

— The machine gave me 40 x £5 note for £200 !    How silly who

needs to have 40 x £5 note.  So, I went to the inside and asked a

cashier to change them to the £20 note.  The cashier asked me if

I have an account with them.  I said no.  Then she said, unless I have

an account with them, they wouldn’t chang the note ! — Amazing,

is this a harassment to annoy the people to have an account with TSB ? 

And is there even a single person who want to have an account

in order not to receive lots of £5 note ?    Are they kidding us

hoping that the cold wind would work ? ? ? 😀

Then, I realized that’s why the floor was empty and no needed to 

ques for cashier.

—– while seeing the ATM every 50m on the high street,

who need to use their ATM again.

(Is this a mentality of the English bank or just with TSB ?)


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OM Cap


Some post ago I mentioned that the lens and body cap of Olympus

OM can fit to the other cameras.   A very funny story behind was,

since I needed a body cap of Micro 4/3rd camera as I wanted to make

a lens for M4/3 camera (MD-E).  I ordered it through eBay, as I found

one bender is selling the lens and body caps together for £0.99 !

While I was waiting the cap arrive here, I changed Olympus MD-E to

Sony A7R = since, compare to 10 mm x 16 mm M4/3 image sensor, A7R

got 35mm full size.   Why settle with tiny toy.  —  Then, I realized

that the body (and lens) cap I received was not for M4/3 camera but

out-dated OM (film camera’s)  = “A’ha that’s why it was so cheap”

This could be a serious trouble though, before I start to complain to

the bender, I found that the OM cap can fit to the latest Sony

E-mount body / A7.  (Anyway, on that moment I no longer had

Olympus but Sony. )


The three caps on the first shopping run out soon to make yet another

Pinhole Machine and Toy camera lens

Therefore, I re-ordered to the same bender yet more three caps.

—– And, I waited, and waited while having quite hi-tension because, 

the bender might have noticed that he (she ?) made a mistake and would

send me M4/3 cap instead, it means I may need to buy E-mount cap while

paying 4 times more money.  But, I received the old OM caps again !  🙂


I’ve tested few plans to make other strange optics etc to use those

lens caps.   In fact, I got the M42 to E-mount adapter for the same

purpose still, they are more expensive and awkward to work with. 

— anyway, back to the funny story, = I still don’t know whether 

the bender was knowingly selling OM cap as the M4/3 cap or

honestly believing that was M4/3 cap. 

What so ever, I was lucky to have this mishup — and that’s why 

on the postal package, the Omen of that number appeared.

(on the top photo, in the red circle = 1085 ) 😀


Tim Lewis exhibition


Last night there was an opening PV of Tim Lewis exhibition at the

Flowers gallery, Cork street, London.


Despite the kinetics is rather odd in the art world, quite a number 

of visitors filled the floor and they were curious to touch and rotate

the gear —– and amazed to see how the things move. 🙂


Some of his creations are pretty small but, some are big. 

Still overall concept is always the same, like grand dad made

a toy for a small boy.  In the digital techno age, his creation

stays stubbornly analog and rather rustic and moves purely

for the sake of move. 

Normally, the things move for the purpose of something

= (nature or economics never waste the energy)

car moves, in order to take the driver or passenger A to B. 

The machines do their works.  Apple had to drop because the

gravity pulled him.  But Tim’s Machine moves only to show

its movement.  That’s all.  They were made just for the art.

= So, the visitors seems not a kind of Geek or Otaku.



The exhibition was addressed by the curator, Ann Elliot who 

saw “His work is beautiful” but only wonder the mechanics. 

(Photo above, from left = James (gallery director) Ann and Tim)



Tim (photo middle) and his kids playing with Dady’s toy !

(I would say, he must be much happier than playing with Pokemon.)  😀



People kept talking and talking — even outside (it was a hot day) 🙂

—– The most of the photos here were taken by the Pinhole, either with or

without Fisheye adapter.

Sharper photo was made by a Hand made Toy lens on Sony A7R camera.


Covent Garden (2) (by the Lens)


All the photos in this post were taken by, most of them were by 

the 18mm Zeiss Distagon for Nikon, on D810. But few of them

were by the Homemade Toy Camera Lens on the Sony A7R.


Covent Garden IS the place the most changed its guise in London. 

When I came to London, here was a vegetable market.  Still, for the

planned move of the market, some businesses were started to move.

When the wholesale market kind of business moves, they leave

huge stock space behind. 

Then, the people who needs huge space moved in. = Photo studio kind.

And the related business, such as film processing etc. =

That’s how I came here = to have my E6 film developed.





What a bad taste.  Is this what they call Spiritualism ? ? ?





Simply because of a Film, My fair Lady (Audley Hepburn’s Flower girl !)

the tourists started to come Covent Garden, so, the area has been changed

 to a “Fashionable Tourists Place” —– still, it’s interesting to see why the

area attracted occult / spiritual shop = quite few of them are here.


In 1974 (?) probably the first vegetarian restaurant in central London

“Food for thought” opened here.  (I was taken there by a vegetarian

friend who does the Buddhists Meditation)

(thence, he started to have the troubles on his leg).

—– it was a well-known story, that the all the High Priests 

of Zen end up on wheel chair.

Gautama Buddha left a rank of hard astir monk, thinking that to

torturing the body wouldn’t bring any High Awareness to him.

(But, my friend didn’t convince and said, that the trouble on his leg

was nothing to do with Zen practice, instead, need more effort for

the meditation to save his life.) ! ! !

So, may be those stubborn vegetarianism was the origin of

“Spiritual Covent Garden” (Food for Thought twisted the belief ! )

And a corner of the Covent Garden, Neals Yard became a holy place

for the vegetarian. — By the way, vegetarianism came from Hindu.

Lord Buddha eat anything offered and died for food poisoning of fish.

Buddhism doesn’t have such arrogance, “Killing the plant is OK”.

Killing and eating animals, plants are part of unavoidable Karma.














Round the corner, two pictures above, were in fact, China Town.


Covent Garden (1)


I had some shooting around Covent Garden with a friend who

also got pinhole on his Alpha 7-II camera.

(But a photo here on top was a comparison, shot by Nikon

D810 with Zeiss 18mm lens.)


The same objects by the pinhole on A7R camera.


And so on.













Whether you like those moody image or not.  😀


A7 doing Good Job or just Meddling too much ?

A7 ETC TEST(1)-_DSC2593

Quite a while, time to time (I don’t remember how many years)

I’ve been taking picture of the sky from my window.  Naturally, its

looks changes season to season, and it’s not necessary a dramatic

beautiful sky.   It’s just a sky.

A7 ETC TEST(2)-DSC_2714

As I don’t go out for drinking or look for a bottom of the girls,

watching the sky is a healthy alternative (and cost nothing.)  😀

A7 ETC TEST(3)-001

Not just watching but taking photo mean, by a camera.  

So that, my Nikon with 18mm Zeiss lens has been a fixture on front

of the window quite a while.   And, — as I got Sony A7 and the adapter

to fit a Nikon lens to its E-Mount, I tested its 18mm lens on the A7 body.

—– though, the sky over dence leafy tree is a very contrasty image =

to the SONY camera.  (Canon 5D or Nikon D810 just take as it IS)

But, A7 is keep meddling (— are they try to brighten the dark shadow

of the tree ? — how do they know what image I want to have !)

DO they believe that they can make it for ME ? — how patronizing.

— should I say,”Thank you very much” OR “Silly YOU, stop it” 😦

                * * * * *

A7 ETC TEST(4)_DSC2379

Exactly the same trend to “Smart Phone” with hundreds of the

Fancy App,  Sony can do many tricks, such as the Panorama here.

(Above was a part of 18mm — 360 degree Panorama

— in my kitchen) 😀

A7 ETC TEST(5)_DSC2394

And this was a Panorama made by a 16mm Nikon Fisheye lens

(vertical line shows no distortion !)

— may be a fun to some user though, I’m very sceptic to those

too much Digital intervention.    It’s rather spoils the spirit of

the Photography than enhance it.   Spending more time gazing

 at the PC screen, than to stand against the subject = we are

going into more and more virtual environment and

losing the real touch of the life. 

—– And to the camera company themselves, = if the digitally

stiched-up photo is good enough, who need to buy expensive

wide-angle lens ?


Photographer’s Gallery


Probably the most well-known iconic figure in the Photographer’s Gallery

must be the guy always sitting there, Alan.  —– In this occasion, he was

captured by the Toy camera lens, costed less than  £2.  —– Still,

considering its humble origin, the photo here wasn’t too bad, isn’t it ? 

Or, I would say, the quality and the quite present softness is superb.

(Did you noticed, there was no focused point or depth of field kind

on the picture = because the lens was omnifocas.)

(And, did you see the man’s face, he was not smiling.  If you thought

otherwise, your eyes are not seeing reality of the life.  Look again.)


But, rest of the images here were taken by my Pinhole-machine.  😀



About the info’ of what they are doing now = please see their website.

This is not a journalistic report but the shadow, what I saw there

and how I reacted.










MMMMMMMMMMM (sometime, I keep my mouth shut)



Useless Information (?)


Image here was made by a Tri-color Pinhole which I could mount on

the A7 camera through Nikon to EOS and EOS to E-mount adapter. 

(What a hustle ! = I’ll tell you later.)

During all those hustle, what I found were — (though they may not

necessary useful to you.)   😀


1)  You can use Pentax-K lens cap on Nikon lens. (Photo Left) 

2)  Likewise, the same Pentax-K  lens cap will fit to the Sony

E-mount lens. (Photo Middle) 

3)  Sony E-mount body cap will fit to the Nikon body. (Photo Right)


4)  The adapter, EOS to E mount I got from Ebay (about £5 or so) had

a trouble — as bayonet spring was too wide and obstructing the lens

bottom goes into = I needed to file-down the width of those 3 springs

(where I marked in Red on the photo Right = see enlarged


(Photo shows the bayonet spring and a broken hence replaced screw)

= If you found the same trouble, you need to do the same — or buy

another, more expensive one. (So, they changed the price to £7.xx)😀

(Think, why it was cheap = being defective, it became a deadstock and

sold as a scrap.   Then, Chinese guy made a Net business to sell away

= how many customers sending back and claim a money back which

would cost more, and the address may not even existed.)  😀

The funny story was, as I put negative feedback on ebay, the seller

contacted me saying if I change the feedback to positive,they will

refund me, so I replied them “As this blog explained, I’ve modified

its defect and now I’m using it, therefore no need of refund, still,

the fact remain I wouldn’t change the negative feedback” —

then, they send me yet another mail

“We will send you £2,  so change the feed back to positive” =

Are they thinking that they can buy me £2 ! = What a mentality !

Is this a norm in China ?   horrifying isn’t it ! 

To see the situation, I gave a through check of those adapters.


(To be fair, I obtained even one more EOS-NEX adapter)


In order to make a bayonet fixing tight enough= not clutter,

still smooth enough to dismount, the spring was used beneath

the craw (such as the one I’ve shown few picture before with

red mark), other cheaper alternative is to make a slit in the

claw (Photo above Left = yellow marked) and make the slit

bend to give some flexibility.    Though, the other EOS-NEX

adapter showed funny character = Canon’s EFS (plastic mount)

could be mounted but metal mount thousand pound lens couldn’t. 

Because the adapter’s female claw was too thick.  ==> I needed

to file down the claws thinner. (Photo Right — with blue color

marker =  it’s easy to see where I do need to cut !)

(It’s funny to discover, that the Canon is making their

cheap EFS lens mount even thinner and loose.)


5)  Nikon G to EOS adapter sold on the Net, the rotating lever may be

too long and stack with the lens bottom.  So that, if you found the sign

of such symptom, DON’T mount the lens to EOS with such adapter.  

You need to file-down the tip of the lever (marked in Red in the

photo above) a bit shorter, and make sure the lever moves freely.

Nikon Adopter_A09A6663-001


So, — after I’ve sorted out those troubles, I could mount my

Tri-color Pinhole (here, Pink, Yellow, Sky)  to the A7 body.

( Then after thought, I should make another one for A7, since an

Olympus body cap which is fit to A7 is  £0.99 and etc is free, but

the use of those adapter which is costing £5, £10 makes no sense.)


And, this was the photo of, now rather familiar view — by

the Zeiss Distagon 18mm, designed for Nikon mount.

—– A nightmare of the mount adapter IS = once the lens stack

to the body, there is no way else other than to destroy the lens.

(Pull-off the screws, fixed to the mount with sheer force or hack-saw 

the lens bottom while showering the camera with saw dust.)

Is it funny ?


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