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Fuji-Fun lens

In the 80s, before this country got money from the North sea oil.  And it was long before the  digital revolution, in fact even before the Walkman not mention any digital sound, the Disposable / One-time use camera was very popular.   Simply the people haven’t got the money to buy proper camera.  Anyway, even with an expensive camera, the use of the camera / film was as such, in one film, it started with Xmas and finished with next Xmas kind.  So that, to buy Disposable camera on each occasion was not such bad idea. 

And local chemist taking care of all those photographic business = sending the film to a lab and giving back the printed pictures to the customer.   Shop people take a film out of those disposable camera and send only the film to the lab = its mean, the left over carcase of those disposable camera filling their bin.   So, I got those discarded camera from their bin, while thinking “One day, I’ll use those plastic lens in somewhere else.” 

The lens to film (sensor) has to be 30 mm, Nikon Z’s frangeback is 16 mm, leaving 14 mm to maneuver.  In order to manage this  14 mm, I used a helicoid extension ring 12~17 mm and M42 to NEX adaptor both from China.  With this helicoid, the lens can give a focus from infinity to 0.3 m close-up.  (Since the lens itself has NEX mount, it can be used on Sony A7R as well.)

fuji-fun lens(3)-001

The most of lens of those disposable camera is just one plastic disc.   Optically they are very well designed aspherical lens and together with its built-in small iris, the camera can give a omnifocus effect.  (In any distance, the picture would be reasonably good on 3×5 print = Basically, this lens can produce pretty good image with its designated small F-aperture.  But to use this lens in such a way has no point for me = If so, why not use the camera as it was intended = as in an original form )

But I’m using this lens without its small iris therefore the out of focus blurred image, together with its halation is masking the decent image.  And instead of having deep depth of field by its small F-aperture, I used a helicoid focus.  On the end, the lens produces rather funny image = they are not sharp but not necessary soft image like an old Zeiss lens or Kodak Vest Pocket Lens.   So, I’m not sure what is the advantage of this lens. —– and I got, yet another 12 more of them !   I’m having rather absurd life.   😀


In Comparison — (D850/Z7/A7R)

Strangely it may sound though all those photos were taken on the same settings = AV, ISO 100, Shadow and -2 comp.  But the lens of top photo was Nikon mount Zeiss 18 mm F3,5 (at 5.6) on D850 and the photos below, the Left were Pentax 110 Auto 24 mm F2.8, the Right were So-called Omunifocus Fun lens about 28 mm F13.  The timings were as marked.  (despite the same Shadow setting, why the sky on this picture was not so orange was = that they changed the color so quick.)

And those photos were by a Nikon Z7 camera.  Left was Pentax 110 lens, Right was Fun lens.  See within 2 minutes, how quickly the sky changes.   By the way, camera was not stationed on a tripod but hand-held —— while changing the camera and the lenses, time fly.  (In comparison, Z7 can give clearer and clean image than A7R)

Those photos were by the Sony A7R camera.  Again Left was Pentax 110 lens, Right was Fun lens.  Note, in here right photo was the earliest photo among all those photos.  (seemingly, A7R gave the most orange shifted color) 


Sony NEX to Nikon Z homemade Mount adaptor

To use Nikon-Z camera with my system, I needed to make a mount adaptor to attach Sony NEX optics on Nikon-Z which is not available on the market.  —– If it is not there, why not to make one myself (is my motto).  Since I made so many lenses etc to use on Sony A7R, to remake them for Nikon-Z mount is too much work. 

And to have a lens comparison kind of work, there are so many mount adaptor to EOS but very few to Nikon, its mean, since I got EOS to NEX adaptor, such as Rollei to EOS, Contax to EOS, etc, and EOS to NEX, Leica to NEX then NEX to N-Z, all those lenses could be summarized on Nikon-Z . (in theory but may not be in practice. 😀 )  (So far, it seems that the N-Z7 camera can easily deal with even a dark pinhole while showing very little noise, they seems to be pretty usable and in comparison, in camera VR seems to be very effective.   (However, intentionally set M mode, 1/2 second for the test, still the result was not shaky picture —– It’s too good to be true though, it was discovered that it was not because of the VR but the shatter makes very little vibration and the lens I used (Canon 100mm macro F2.8 with proxer) happen to be very solid and steady even for handheld shooting.)

But the hidden cost of N-Z was, —– that the XQD memory card is hugely expensive and we need to buy Sony XQD card reader for a whopping cost of £40 ! —– I thought, card reader should be about £5 though, in close look both of them were rare Made in Japan, not from China or Korea but by Sony themselves ! —– then there was a second thought, wait a moment, has Sony got memory factory ? = the XQD Memory chip might come from Toshiba Mie Factory. ) 

There is only 2 mm gap between those 2 mount. (Nikon Z got 16mm and Sony NEX is 18mm)   2 mm is so small to fill —– you may think, though it is a quite troublesome 2 mm.    Unlike M42 (Pentax screw mount), bayonet mount needs to fill many requirements.  Bayonet claws needed to have slick enough but not wobbling, tight enough spring to hold the male craw, and as it can slip off, it needs to have a secure stopper pin. etc etc.  Use Nikon F lens on Canon EOS case, the EOS mount was large enough to accommodate Nikon bayonet therefore 2.5mm gap was enough to make an adaptor. (so, we can easily get them cheap about £5 from China)   

The another trouble between NEX and N-Z is, Sony lens wouldn’t work on anywhere else, other than a Sony camera.   There is no manual focus ring, neither manual F stop control.  Attempt to use Sony lens on N-Z would be useless = forget it. —– Yet still, as all of my homemade lenses are utterly bare minimum = nothing automatic, there wouldn’t be any problem of those functions.  = as long as my optics stays there securely, I can take picture, and that is all what I need.

Base material I got for mount adaptor was a 58mm reverse adaptor for Nikon-Z from China. = This adaptor goes to Nikon side.  And to receive the bottom of Sony side was, simply a rear lens cap for Sony lens.  

Then the work starts.  They are all very very simple work = scrape off the 58mm screw part on the ring.  And to cut out the bayonet part from the lens cap.  —– Still it took nearly half day. (don’t get short-tempered = it would spoil all the effort done within a short second = Be a good Buddhist ! —– remember, even a rain drop would carve the rock)  😀    (If you got a good milling machine, even a bench drill with milling bit, such kind of work would be a matter of few minutes though the machine wouldn’t make you enlightened)   😀


(by the way,  the surface of the adaptor photo left, was finished with oil-stone)

Then, insert the bayonet ring of the lens cap into the N-Z adaptor ring and fix it.  (The lens on the adaptor would be as secure as how the lens cap stays on the lens = don’t expect too much —– anyhow, the cost of this adaptor was only about £6 or so) —— (and get enlightened was an option   😀  )

Voila, NEX to N-Z lens mount adaptor (though, it has no stopper pin, the heavy lens could fallen off, yet still, it works perfect with my homemade — such as 110 Pentax lens, Vest Pocket camera lens etc etc.  

Thanks goodness, I did very good job ! 


Been watched ? ? ?

(This is the back screen of my D850 camera)

When I lived in the north London, on one of the hilltop.  From its window, I could see the horizon (in fact it was the hills of North downs / Rochester and Dover direction) and a New Year’s sunrise.   But now, here from a corner of south London I could only see the sunrise over the roofs.   Warse still, this year, I could only see the sun behind the cloud.  —– So, the first picture of the year was the cloudy sky.  Then I noticed that its number of the photo in the camera was 777/777.  Other than that fatal number of 8150, I’m not fussy the number like 666 or lucky 7 still, to see so many sevens, its reminds me the zincs of the Gurdian God is watching.   It might be a message of an encouragement for the New Year / This Year = since I still need to push the  2 complaints against the Council.    This sign looks very good ! 


Fortnum & Mason’s Window 2018 taken by 3 kind of Lens

Three kind of lenses were used for those photos.  Looks normal straight lens was Ultra Wide Angle Lens (Sony 12~24mm F4 Zoom).  And if the image has dark surroundings it was by the Pentax 110 auto 24 mm F2.8 Lens.   If the image got heavy anastigmat aberration, it was by a homemade So-called Helicoid-B lens.

Some of you may not like though, never mind it wouldn’t kill you.

And I wish you a Happy New Year. 


Simple Fact = the Truth

It is a simple fact, in our daily life, unless we intentionally think “I am”, we are living without a conscious of self. —– Do you walk while thinking “I am walking” ? Or, are you reading this script here while aware of “My eyes are following this, letter by letter and my brain is taking and understanding its meanings in” —– I don’t think so. You are just walking without knowing who is walking or who makes you to walk. So does, you have been reading this without knowing who IS reading. In deed, You or Your-SELF haven’t been existing as a conscious. That’s because such as SELF is nothing other than a product of the thinking, in other words, it was an intentionally created imaginal figure which is to assert or to demonstrate the ownership of “this person”. In fact it IS a part of one’s desire, Ego and the Greed. So that, such as the SELF, let alone Perpetual self could not exists as a reality. It’s mean, such as a reincarnation could never possible to occur simply because the subject, the SELF, whom to be reincarnated is not existing. How could it be ?

It IS so simple as a straight fact yet still because of it, it is very difficult to explain why. Quite a lot of Buddhists tried to explain though all of them only made a simple truth more complicated. Because of the authoritative attitude of those monks, who want to make their word looks great, they made up unnecessarily heavy theory such as Void or so on. The truth to be with Dharma is not necessarily heavy matter such as even a seed of dandelion can fly away.

Lord Buddha’s teachings were not complicated or theoretical, in order to any followers can grasp the truth by themselves. (not by understanding the complicated words or teachings but through their own observation on the practice = not believe the words but get it by yourself) —– Such as the earliest teachings of 4 noble truth, they were not a kind of complicated deep theory but the clear fact or simple human reality. That’s reality IS the very truth. Like we are here IS the Dharma.

So, when Lord Buddha pointed out the Point, it went straight into the mind of the followers almost like a lightening, the followers could get the truth at once. ( it made a legend and the tradition of the instant enlightenment.)

So, even now those monks still keep talking complicated words and the fantasy of heavens. —– can’t those people open their eyes to see such simple reality and the truth ?



It’s a season — isn’t it ? ~ ~ ~ Oh, really !

——————————————————————————————  orz (the Sun is coming back)   😀

😀  😀  😀


Then, the night was happened to be a full moon. (or, full moon ± a night or so) = Full moon on the Winter Solstice wasn’t too bad.

Many years ago, there was a Winter Solstice night party on the hilltop of the Cristal Palace park where used to be an anti-development protesters camp.  And as I was a kind of ex-hippie / a kind of anarchist / anti establishment activist etc, I joined the protesters.  Then, I became a fire-chief / axe-man preparing fire log etc and specialized to make something, repair the tools, sharpening knife etc. 

The said party was held few years after the camp was evicted by the 200 riot police and quite few ex-members came together to celebrate the night with big camp fire. Many of them brought their own music instrument = play music, sing a song etc etc = it was a beautiful night. (Air was very cold, fire was very hot — so and so)  😀

So-called protest camp was organized and kept by the loose membership who was a local activist, fun-loving anarchist, many escapee from the family / school,  drop out jobless etc etc.  In reality, half of them were almost professional protesters. (well-known expert in the treetop house, underground banker, scaffolding structure, electric wind generator, pedal power, organic toilet builder etc etc )  —– As the camp was supported by the local group etc, there always the supply of food and drink = somebody cook the meal and there are many tent, underground banker, treetop house to sleep = its a nice camping experience for a person who got tired of busy life, and a nice freedom away from the family for young people.

(I wouldn’t branding those young people just as a bad boys, bad girls who is seeking easy excitement.  Since I met quite few who came from a disfunctioned family, desperately seeking a listening ear and an advise while facing their turning point in their life. —– I’m sure, for some people, live together with very unusual people under very unusual circumstance, it must be a unforgettable experience / event, which would shape their later life.)   I also met the same faces from the Newbry-Bypass camp who loves free life while moving camp to camp.  (Same as the house boat people, living free without paying the tax. = Refuse to be entwined into the “System”)

As an ex-alpinist, there was no problem for me to sleep in a tent or tree-top house, still, I kept commuting while walking an hour go and back everyday, because eating hot cooked meal was OK but other than that, everything was too filthy especially a kind of sexual orgies was utterly out-of-question, regardless some of those young girls were quite pretty and friendly. —– So that the members said to be still thinking that I was an undercover, as I never touch the drag or girls, neither being a gay, or drink even a beer.   (People doesn’t like a clean person.  It seems that the comradeship developes out of sharing the dirty gilt.    😀  )

—– so, looking back the days, it’s a strange feeling “Are those people now in their 40s 50s and having square life with own family and kids ?” I would say, Or, Really ?


Then the next (22nd) morning. = Multiple (x4) Pinhole saw the new sunrise.  orz   😀

Often, it is important to take a view outside of the main stream. —– You may say, main stream mean common sense though, quite often, so-called common sense has been manufactured by the media / the establishment / system.  And most of the case, the system operates by the criteria of efficiency / productivity, much more than a human needs .  But time to time, we can discover our real needs is not lay inside of the productive process by tinkering the broken “Product” = the life in the camp might have taught those young boys the way how to find the alternative which is much closer to our needs.  Then, to become parents, able to tell their kids, the way to live in their own way.

Really.  Is it better ? —– Why you chase “Better”? = It IS exactly the way to chase the efficiency / short cut.   Longer walk tells you more, and you see it on the day, you actually walked. (Like a details of the place to what you can see from the car.)


Analog — Digital

Why such picture was heading the post “Analog — Digital”?    I guess most of the reader here has no idea what I meant, how this picture signify the Analog approach to stabilise the camera.  (To stop the vibration, instead to remove the cause, just forcibly gagging up, is quite an analog !)    The picture was a camera fitted with a modified chest-pod. (Because this mirrorless camera’s shutter shock was too much for their light-weight and small body, I needed to use such device to block the camera movement especially when I use almost weightless small Pentax 110 lens. —– that was the reason why Sony put the image stabilizer in the body for their new model.)

Till only a decade ago, there was many camera support / holder / bracket/ balancer to mount a cine camera which can eliminate / reduce the camera-shake.  All of them were using a clever design made with the counter balance / spring to stabilizing the camera when the cameraman was on the move.  So, when the camera was up and down, the counter balance or spring has to compensate the movement exactly the opposite direction = the camera’s weight / center of the gravity etc has to be carefully adjusted to the individual camera and its configuration. (when the lens was changed, the adjustment has to be done again from the start.)    But, when, the Gimbal came and took its position, it changed the whole story over night. 

The people are believing that the Gimbal was made with the Digital technology but they were not.  Gimbal was built while using the high-speed analog servo system.

Unlike popular misconception, digital system is slower than the analog system.  Any electronical system need to have the time to make it response.  Therefore, when the process has many stage, even the stage of just amplifying the signal, it takes certain time, which mean a delay.  And to drive high-power device, it need to drive them by higher current, and to do such drive, there needs to have several stage to increase the current though, with the development of high current semiconductor such as D-Mos, IGBT, etc, direct drive became possible without time delay.   Its mean, when the movement of the camera was detected downward, in the same moment, motor can move the camera upward.  Together with the development of such as a core less motor which can move instantly, the Gimbal was materialized.  And the same idea of  feedback control, the image stabilizer became very popular.

You might heard of the word “Digitizing depth of 12 bit or 16 bit” kind.  People might be thinking, 16 bit has 4 more bit data on top of 12 bit — was utterly wrong.  Say assuming the maximum output voltage from the image sensor was 1 volt. Then to measure 0.9999 Volt or 0.99991 volt in the detail of 1/16384 volt is by the 14 bit, 1/65535 volt is by the 16 bit depth. = The difference is how smaller its measurement would be divided. (imagine, the difference using inch or metric measure.)   In an A-D conversion, to measure in 16 bit, the reference voltage has to be increased 1/65535 volt each time and compared to the output voltage = count up to 65535 mean max 1 volt.  And to do this with its “Clock frequency” is all about digitizing process.  (Counting this to each three BGR (but actuary BGGR four) on 47 Mp is all about the imaging process.)   Yes in deed, it’s a lot of work !

So, in reality, Digital process is just a way to handle the electronic phenomena with counting measure — that’s all. (Save the additional implication / benefit etc)  Somewhat, the Stone-aged man handling the life, say I killed 200 kg deer with 2 kg axe, instead of saying I killed a big deer with my heavy axe.  —– how civilized our digitized mind is !  (The irony is, even if we could accurately measure, we still brandish an axe and kill = work is still the same. —– and even if the color was digitized into millions of individual color, our eyes can distinguish only 1000 colors = that was how jpg operates.)




110 Pentax 24mm Lens test

Considering the image size of the 110 Instamatic was 17x13mm, so that a lens for that camera could able to perform like this on the 35mm full size was rather amazing.  (In fact, inevitable corner fall off is creating even nicer atmosphere)

Such a small lens on a small mirrorless camera is very handy though, to be honest, such convenience makes rather casual attitude of the shooting, and often produce unsharp / blurred image.  I often create blurred image though, it was “when I intended” —– otherwise, it was nothing but a failure.  (another trouble was, that against such small lens, the shutter shock of A7R is comparatively big = tend to make blurred image) 

Such pictures may not have any artistic value still, if we could read the name etc. the details on the goods, there might be a bit more interest.

I wouldn’t pretend any meaning on those images, —– just an atmosphere.

And may be a kind of the test of the lens character.

This photo showed rather interesting phenomenon.  The center is not as sharp as its surroundings = the lens may be showing the curvature of the image.  —– But, I don’t believe such as like the Pentax made a lens having an image curvature.   This got to be what they intended =  intended what = to compensate the curvature of the film. 

I think, other than the Pentax design team, not many people has tested this lens on the camera other than the dedicated  Pentax 110 Auto  body.   Naturally,  the test on the 110 Auto was done by an Instamatic Caset film = which may have inherited curvature of the film though it has been compensated by the lens’ own image curvature.   It’s mean, nobody was able to notice the image curvature of this lens before.  (other than the very Pentax design team) —– How interesting.   😀



110 Pentax 24mm Lens (2)

I realized that the tiny toy like Pentax 110 camera’s 24 mm F2.8 lens appeared to be very critical lens.  What I mean critical is, as it was designed by the Pentax, aiming to achieve their 110 photo’s quality comparable to full size 35 mm, so the quality of the lens is very high —– and it’s requirement / the standard must be also high. 

In this blog, I’ve been plying with hundred of tinkering job, —– though, its standard is pretty casual.  I’m doing it in my kitchen, without having even an optical bench.  And I demonstrated that how the standard of the optics can be not critical. = typically like “Twisted lens” demonstration or  “F-Aperture control” kind. —– still I could manage those tinkering with good success.   So, when I adapted 110 24mm lens to Sony A7R body, I just made a hole in a Sony’s body cap and inserted the bottom of the 24mm lens then fixed it by Epoxi glue.  I thought, I’ve adjusted infinity very well (as A7R’s focus peaking works perfect) —– but later, I noticed that the focus was not even = left side was out.

110 Pentax(2)_DSC0481-003

110 Pentax(3)-002

Yet, the slant of the lens was barely visible = the lens may not off the straight perpendicular less than 1 degree —– though, lens was short focus 24mm, and it got front focus system, of which only 2mm of front lens shift makes the focus from infinity to 0.35m.  It’s mean, even less than 0.1mm off position on one side would spoil sharp infinity image. (Especially, here the lens is always fully open F2.8)

There was a funny paradox here.  24mm lens for 110 Pentax was a standard lens, = obviously, the lens for 110 Pentax was expecting to be used and worked as a standard lens.  But the same 24mm lens for 35mm camera was a very wide-angle. Therefore, while 24mm lens for Nikon was having distance scale  ∞, 3, 1.5, 1, 0.7 —m, 24mm lens for 110 Pentax has much finer scale  ∞, 8, 4, 2, 1.5, 1, —m,  and the focus seemed to be also quite critical.  (But, to fully satisfy those potential in the Pentax Auto 110 needs to have very delicate, fine handling while see the image in its small SLR view finder —– though, as the 110 body here was broken and I couldn’t see the finder image, I can’t tell if their aim to make hi-quality image was materialized by this system as a whole or not.


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