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ZM-2 lens (Second version)


———————- (ZM2 sample photo —– fake  stage up)

There wasn’t so much complaint to ZM lens —– still, give a thought or two = even though I said most peculiar, the reality was not peculiar enough, just another mediocre lens. 

Before, while experimenting with the lens, I noticed that this lens can produce much more aberration when it was reverse mounted.  =  So, why not. = I further modified the lens optics made reversed.

The result was, some may say, a lens impossible to use.  (Somewhat comparable  to the Helicoid-B lens which got strong astigmat aberration ) Yet still, this might be what I needed.  (What’s wrong ? )   😀    (as you can see from the photos, DOF is extremely shallow, and showing very heavy coma aberration.   This lens was about 45mm F2 equivalent, fully open, still if well focused, image looks quite sharp.) —– now I need to find the suitable subject.  (I hope the subject wouldn’t be frightened and runaway )    😀


Is it peculiar enough ? (just a bit off focus)


And this is well focused (so far).   😀


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    […] photos here were taken by the homemade lenses, either so-called ZM-2 (A lens came from somewhere a zoom lens) or C-G-10 (A lens originated from the focus lens unit of […]

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