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PAXINA and its PAXANAR lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on February 25, 2022
(May be this might be the taste of the most of the people = bit higher speed = less shake)

Until I saw this camera : PAXINA I didn’t know such a camera existed. The camera seemed to be pre-war = Germany was not divided east and west, still the time already using 120 film.

The camera takes 6×6 size pictures on 120 film, while counting the number through back window. Shutter has a choce of B, 1/30th, 1/100th and the 3 holes give a F-aperture f7.7, f11 and f22 selection. The front unit (Photo middle) which got those shutter, iris mechanism together with the PAXANAR lens (seemingly focal length 75mm) with a focus (down to 1m) was fixed to the camera body by just 2 x 1.5mm screws. (typical German stingy design). Such a simple designed front unit imposes quite a difficulty when I try to attch the front unit to A7R4 via a M42 focusing helicoid. (Photo right)

The lens says ACHROMAT though, lookes like just a single lens was not sharp and showed chromatic aberration.

When the lens couldn’t give a clear focus, it is difficult to find the peak point. (Neither the camera A7R4 could give the Focus Indicator)

You may try to clean your specs. —— still, it may not so bad to have a “not very sharp image” 😀 —– We may need to rethink our obsession toward the image “the sharper the better”


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