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Ilford Sportsman Lens

Posted in Zen by yoshizen on February 21, 2022
Ilford Sportsman / Dignar 45mm f3.5

Ilford Sportsman Dignar Lens adapted to Sony A7R-4

This 60s camera seems to be the simplest designed 35mm film camera. Good contrast to a messy American Kodak, the front panel of this camera can be removed only unscrew 4 x 1.5mm screws. German does know how to simplify the structure. Yet still, thanks to the Pronter Vario shutter, it can give B to 1/200th speed and f3.5 to f16 Iris control.

Ilfo-45mm f3.5

What was remarkable about this camera was the quarity of its Dignar 45mm f3.5 lens. It was not the best kind, still quite good enough. 6 reflections inside of lens suggested that it might be a three lenses structure = triplet or tesser type design. And it said DACORA Kamerawerk Reutlingen —– you may find this town somewhere in Germany on Google map.

Pentax 110 Auto-24mm f2.8

To see the compalison, Photo here was the Pentax 110 Auto 24mm lens. (Naturally it doesn’t cover the full size image and it IS 24mm = small image though quality is exceptionally good)

Z Sonner 55mm f1,8

Then, this was the image of Zeiss Sonnar FE 55mm f1.8 Lens. This £500 lens ought to have an excerent resolution. And this was an auto focused image !

(This was an addition = to show the image quality of the Ilford Dignar 45mm f3.5 lens = Pretty good though, image was too prosaic =allmost no Out of focus Bokeh (even under fully opened f3.5) = That’s why it was “Sportsman” not for a Poet. 😀

Since I came across to the Sony A7R, I stopped to carry Nikon or Canon’s heavy body and lenses. = I become aware I’m not young enough to carry 60kg of photo gear together with studio flashs. Photo can be taken by any camera = even by a pinhole. And some adapted lenses can take as good as detailed photos with almost no cost ! This is, what SDGs means.


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