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Heaviest Gadget for 6×7

This is a homemade bellows for Pentax 6X7 camera, I made it 45 years ago. — ( I was working for botanical photography at the Uni’s Makino Herbarium then. Though, I was using more of 35mm Nikon camera – – – – since, Makino’s archive was 35mm Kodachrome and 6×7 camera was mostly for other journalistic subjects.)

This bellows’ solid structure does well stand against the heavy shutter, mirror shock though, the whole unit (with camera body) was too heavy to carry around = it never went out field. (For field work, I was using 135mm F4 Pentax 6×7 macro lens) I designed this bellows system for EL-Nikkor 100mm F4. So, this system can make the image from infinity to x1.5.

And now, it is more like a technical sample or, industrial remain. 😀

( And in reality, this device didn’t under take the work much = theoretically it should be useful though, in practice, there isn’t much needs of tilt and shift, and in most of the case, the depth of the field of macro lens when it was stopped down, could cover the needs.)


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