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Sea-Otter’s Valentine Heart !

Sea Otter Hakkei-Sea-Paradise-Jiji-view0014024070

I just found this photo in the Net.  He is (or said to be = I didn’t ask him) an Alaskan Sea Otter

called Yu-tan lives in the Sea-Paradise of Hakkei-island, Yokohama, Japan.  When a keeper

gave him a Heart shaped ice, he just carry it on his chest while swimming as they do as their

natural habit. —– What a performance !  Cute.    

I like this joke.  (Though, some may say It’s a bad-joke — I like Bad-joke = I don’t want to be

pretending decent man. Anyhow I’m not such noble man but killing vegetables boiled alive )

It’s THE good imagination of the keeper !

—– So, if you plan good fun in your Valentin,  have words  ” Even an Otter has his fun”  😀

(Photo from Jiji-Press  =  http://www.jiji.com/jc/p?id=20130209164425-0014024070&j3  )


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  1. […] heart on its chest. Apparently this is Yu-tan an Alaskan Sea Otter who lives in Japan. Photo from Yoshizen’s Blog and they got it from Jiji […]

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