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Ombudsman System — What them for ?

On top of two Ombudsman’s issue, recently I got one more of it — for Telecom Ombudsman.   It started when I received a letter from EE which said that they are going to revise the charge of a mobile phone.   What?    I never heard of such a mobile phone.   Whose phone they are talking about?   When I checked my banking record, I realised that a Direct Debit which said for EE & T-MOBILE  was not for the line rental of my Broadband connection.   It seems I’ve been paying about £12/month for the past four years for the nonexistent phone.

So, I complained to the EE.  They said that I made a contract on 6 of December 2016 though there was no signed contract.   While no such contract, neither the phone itself was existing, they just used my name and the bank account of broadband to another item.    Yet still, EE said that there was a record of the use of the phone twice on the 21st of December 2016. ? ? ? —– Who used such phone in where?  And who said that belongs to me?—– Could it be happened such as a meeting of the techno geeks in the Greenwich, while testing a discarded broken phone? —– For this strange affair, EE offered me 6 months refund though I couldn’t accept it. (I don’t like them make money out of deception)

So, I took the complaint to the Telecom Ombudsman.  (You can Google Ombudsman and go to their site to lodge a complaint —– the site is a very well designed and educative place.  You can learn how to write very very polite, friendly words.  (On the surface.) (I recommend you try to make a mock-up complaint to see how they operate by your eyes.)  😀   —– The beauty of “Do it” (my Zen policy) is able to see its reality by our own eyes and learn from the pain.

While filling each box next by next, when I filled a box to write the phone number, they started to say “enter a valid UK number” = so that, I couldn’t go any further as I don’t have anything else.   It’s mean, I have to give up. —– When I came back next day it was OK and I could go further.   (If I didn’t comeback, in effect, one complaint has been successfully ousted before even opening a case.)

But when, I needed to upload the evidence, yet more trouble came up.   The letter of EE or the bill kind of documents are all in the photo = JPG file.   But my file were rejected.  

Their site was so well designed = their every page having the customer response button which we can click from hate to very satisfied.  So, I commented with the dissatisfy mark, (as above).

Then a new page opened for me to complain.

To this complaint, the next day I received an Email which said that the supported file type was jpg, not JPG.   If you know this area, you may know how awkward this difference is.   Because of the most of photo file (other than png kind) is JPG, and jpg is very rare, therefore very difficult to convert.  This must be the tactic to oust the complaint to save the skin of the company.  (It took a whole afternoon for me to look for a converter program and try this, try that. — such as Clod Converter can convert but very difficult to save as a usable file. — or I might need to pay money)

On the end, at least everything was done while overcoming so many obstacles. (How many people could succeed in this process under such tricks, and how many people had to give-up to recover their lost money !)

Then I received their Email which says that since the other side (EE) lodged their evidence I need to give my answer till 07th of May = looks 4 days time though, those days are Saturday,  Sunday, and a Bank holiday Monday.   And I still don’t know where is EE’s evidence nor their comments.   (I sent the question “Where is their Evidence ?” though until Tuesday 7th they will not see my question, nor they can answer = its mean, Ombudsman will give a decision without having my answer = while allowing the EE to make-up their convenient story, even falsify the evidence. 

In fact, this is a well-known tactic in the Court battle, sending a notice on Friday and demand the other side to respond on Monday, leaving no time to the other side to prepare.  (That is what the Court proceedings is = always dirty = Can you believe fairness, JUSTICE? — Don’t be naive = I learned this in a hard way myself.) —– So, this is the real face of the Ombudsman System = while showing best polite, friendly face, and use the dirty trick behind, for the sake of the industry’s profit.  (So, the system goes on happily hand in hand )    Indeed, this is the way how British Diplomacy works with its coax, with its coercion, even with a deception = remember how they managed their colony.  (There is a say among the photographer —– when visiting the editor of the magazine if they said “Beautiful photo, I’ll give you a call” there would be no assignment to come.  The job would come from the editor who made a sharp question.   The editor wants the visitor to leave the office as quick as possible with a happy smile and keep buying the magazine.   This is THE British Diplomacy in practice. )

Ombudsman system is to prevent the scandalous/fraudulent or silly mistake of the industry’s practice exposed to the public and try by the independent open Court but to suppress and conceal the mater within the cosy comradeship.  That is why This System operated FREE in contrast to the expensive Court proceedings.     So that, if the complaint was blocked by the tricks on the Documentation Maze which cost very little, it is the industry’s heavenly victory. —– Remember anything free, there is a catch behind.


Flower of Bamboo 竹の花 

I found a report of the bamboo flowering in the many corners of Japan from north to south.   The Bamboo said to open their flowers only once in every 100 years, 120 years.  And after the flower, all the plant dies leaving only their seeds behind.  It seems it is their tactics of the survival as the species when they noticed that they are going to die, so, they made flowers and the seeds.  As a plant, I don’t think they got any thinking let alone any delusion or fantasy, they only follow the Dharma = the rules of the nature.  If the nature is going to have the problem, it’s the problem to us too. —– I don’t know why this news caught my eyes among the mountain of the Youtube viz.   Still in my view, there is no such things like a coincidence = there must be the important to be noticed. —– If it would be a kind of natural disaster, there could be a certain area of Japan, not from all over Japan = if is it like the trouble of climate change ? —– in that case the news should come even from the Philippines or China as well.  There are many spooky stories such as, before the ship sank, all the rat run away (rat knows the fate of the ship, before-hand) or strange behaviour of the animal before the earthquake etc. —– Something very serious might happen soon. 


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Japanese Emperor Akihito abdicates

(Although no English, Global News viz has more detailed images)

The Emperor of Heisei era abdicated.

He did a great job over 30 years of his reign.  I hope he and the Empress Michiko have peaceful quiet life now on.    Load Buddha bless them.     (Though, he was not a Buddhist but the head of Shinto = In deed he was the descendant of the Amateras.)


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Dorkbot London 95

Dorkbot is a strange social gathering — they says the gathering of the people doing strange things in electronics.       Superficially it is the Geeks gathering yet in reality, some people are overlapping with computer hacker, anarchist, social activists etc etc. sometime a kind beyond the ordinary brain.  Its mean, for certain situation, they are quite resorceful and effective people.

==== Jem Finer ====

“Longplayer and Supercomputer: Keeping things going”

Both a question and a proposition. Both are projects which would welcome wider collaboration and the ingenuity that Dorkbot may bring.

longplayer.org / supercomputer.org.uk / @jemfiner

==== Emma Winston ====

“Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own: songwriting with code as a non-programmer”

How accidentally live-coding an album let one woman fall back in love with learning to program, and how (maybe) it can do the same for you.

emmawinston.me / deerful.com / @deer_ful

==== Nicola Plant ====


Parallax is a movement-based interactive VR artwork. The audience communicate with one another by intuitively performing hand expressions and gestures that sculpt a shared malleable object existing in the virtual space between them.

Dr Nicola Plant is a movement artist, coder and researcher with a PhD in Media Art and Technology at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London.

nicolaplant.co.uk / @nicolaplant

==== Petre Brownell ==== (aka greenman)

(Sorry I couldn’t find the info’ of his talking — Somewhat the implication of Net system to the business system or their relation as he himself is an entrepreneur = aske him please)

 >>> theorganization.com

==== Nicola Plant ====


Parallax is a movement-based interactive VR artwork. The audience communicate with one another by intuitively performing hand expressions and gestures that sculpt a shared malleable object existing in the virtual space between them.

Dr Nicola Plant is a movement artist, coder and researcher with a PhD in Media Art and Technology at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London.

nicolaplant.co.uk / @nicolaplant

==== Annie Tådne ====

“Boberg 1”

Boberg 1. is a hands-on interplay between material and computational properties, where music is composed through visual means. In a performance, physical objects are translated into sounds and controlled through manual calibration.


They are the regulars, friends. —– (Those photos were taken by the 100year oled Kodak Vest pocket camera lens on Nikon Z7 = sorry about the focus,  it was to scueez its pantograph )

I’ve been with them —– gosh, over 15 years ! ? 


Joe Rush in the Southwark London

South of Themes river, around the London Bridge, and down towards Deptford, navel center Greenwich — used to be a ship building and the industrial area —– .   So, we can see a lot of disused buildings, abandoned empty spaces etc. even now.   And, somewhere, somewhere we saw “re-development” etc though, ? ? ?    (kind of sky-scraper, Shard is the prominent one)

An easiest “Re-development” is to put the chairs and tables in the empty space and sell the drink (and some food) = as long as somebody buy a drink, it makes a business.  A place called Vinegar Yard is such kind.   Put a disused Train coach on top was a option (and may be used as an office space, in the same time as an eye-catching display.)  

Huge ants infesting the building must be another option.  Then I realised that, this is a part of the Joe Rush Exhibition.

Joe Rush is a well-known figure among the festival fan as he is the fixture of the Glastonbury Festival while displaying huge  so-called wasteland art.  (Using discarded objects such as a parts of the machine etc and create a kind of the sculpture —– so, the aforesaid Ant was made out of motorbike’s fuel tank and the photo above seems to be out of piping connector, and photo right seems to be an Italian coffee maker)   I met him about 15 (?) years ago. And remember when I visited his work shop in the Deptford creek.

(Don’t ask me what are they.)   But, something fuzzy image, photo left was taken by Kodak Vest Pocket Camera Lens.

No idea what this one was ?

Not only the mechanical sculpture, south london got many big toy for the grown-ups.  (not Haley, but Triumph = THE British !)

And Southwark can offer enough drink.

Since the time of Shakspere.

In case if the drink excess, you can treat it with no problem.  (everything handy here)

And the posh food as well. (The mix of discarded junk and the too clean new fabrication is the Southwark London)

All the photos here (except one) were taken by the 110 Pentax 24mm lens on the Nikon Z7


God and Heaven

The most fundamental difference of the western God and the eastern Heaven is, the one imagined in a brain (modeled from such as the Gilgamesh Myth) or the one observed as the natural phenomenon.   So that there could be a complaint to someone who created the idea of western God, why the Evil was also created ?  And there, the matter is whether you believe its story or not.  Unless you believe it, it doesn’t exists.  

In contrast, as everybody in the east can see, the Heaven or the Nature is existing even before the human being or the universe was created.  Whether it was believed or not, it is a real existance to anybody.    Therefore, they knew the utterly evil earthquake, tsunami, volcano etc are a part of the nature.   (If the people has  ever encountered those utmost power of the nature, they become aware, they have to live with this without making useless complaint. )   So, that is how those evil were accepted as their part of the destiny.   The system or the existence of those phenomena all together IS the existence of which the Buddhists calles the Dharma, or the Taoist calles Heaven.   The strange phenomenon is, some profound Zennists are able to communicate with this Heaven or Dharma.   (save, other than a nuts)   😀


Be Natural (2)

There said to be a Japanese TV program by NHK (say Japanese BBC) asking the questions to AI.   One of the question was “How to make the people healthy”

The answer was “Close the Hospital”

TV production team searched all over Japan and found a city who closed down their hospital years ago because of their financial difficulty. (In fact, that city, Yubari in Hokkaido Japan has been bankrupted due to the dwindling revenue caused by the reduced local population.) —– Yubari used to have a population of 120,000 = bustling big coal mining city though, once the coal mine was closed, there was no other industry.   People, who can, moved out look for the job somewhere else.

So that, the people remained (about 8000 now) was the old ex-miners, fighting to survive in the harsh northern climate. —– Still, contrary to your expectation, the people is not having such miserable life.   Far from it, ex-miner is tough, taking their life literally in their hand.   As there is no carer service kind of help from the bankrupted local government, all those people is doing everything by themselves, even to clear the snow from the roof (otherwise the house would be crushed)   Even 90 years old man is actively on the front line of own life = there is no choice, got to be healthy. 

So, this was what the answer of AI meant.     When people need and have to do, they can, live, naturally with their full health.   (It’s mean, without having unneccessary intervention of so-called “Medication”(which is making money by making people ill) people can have much healthier life which cost nothing. —– this is the natural life.)


Big Data — ? ? ?

Obviously, my electricity supplier is very keen to change my old electric meter to so-called smart meter,  though, unfortunate for them, even if the meter was changed, it doesn’t work because the user, me don’t use a smart phone.   In the age of the internet, everything, all the data seems to be connected and exchanged each other through Wifi.  (whether they were sold for the money, or hacked free or spread by mistake.)

The worst culprit is the Google = as they spy on our activity, from the words in the mail, or search record, or net browsing history. = So, they can send a precisely personally targeted AD.   = When my friend sent me a mail saying that he got 70s, then I get the ADs of cheap funeral director, cheap wheel chair, international flower service etc etc.   And, when I made a net shopping of old film camera or rechargeable battery once —– then thy seemed to sold my data to others = I started to receive the same kind of ADs again and again.   “I’ve bought the one already, I don’t need to buy the same again, can’t you understand ? ”    Still, the Googl’s advantage is too tempting and everybody want to get such Data-Power to sell.  So does, the window-10, even the Firefox want to know my phone number with a pretext of “to increase the security of the account” — no thanks.   For my personal data security, I never use my real name on the Net or to login my PC  (therefore, my mail or PC user name never match to my banking data or NHS data somewhere in the Net = useless to hackers) neither switch on the GPS kind of location data even on my camera, and made a setting “Don’t trace me”—– For some people, to feel “Somebody be with me” and find out “I am in” might be a joy though, I don’t feel like that at all. = leave me alone !

So, the electricity supplier got the idea to spy on me through the use of the electricity, and logging its data via smart phone.  (And sell the data to such as to Amazon — then Amazon can send me the ADs through the phone = That’s why, the Amazon is so keen to invest £25 in advance, while thinking, soon they can make more money out of me) —– its might work, provided if I got a smart phone.  😀  😀    But, I’m not fancy to be integrated into such Big Data.   I’m Out.


Useless thought — is it ?

While boiling the eggs, I suddenly heard a noise “Pang”.   I knew it must be a noise of the egg cracked, as time to time they do.   When I checked them, I found an egg popped open a part of its shell, like a submarine opened his hatch = a well made round hole. —– I’ve seen hundreds of the cracked egg when they were boiled “in my life” though, I never seen the Egg Submarine opened his hatch. = this is THE first event ever I encountered and witnessed in my whole life.    is it ? ? ?  —– So, what’s the matter ? 

———- Then I realized, this is the serious identity crisis case.  It would shake the foundation of the cause or justification of me to blog here. —– How and why this blog started ?  = This blog / Yoshizen started as a talking post to explain my theory, that is,  The Zen is not for talking or thinking but to DO.  This theory was conceived through my own experience of doing,experience of doing, and from many stories how the one could achieve his skill by just doing it many years kind, and the old say, such as even Rain drops carve the rock kind together with the very simple facts that the most of Buddhists sects are having their practice to repeat doing the same action.

—– So far, I think I succeeded to explain those matter by explaining them as the function of our brain / Amigdara. 

But, what about this instant case / Open hatched Egg ?     What this egg to do with Zen ? —– Quite few of the posts here are showing a kind of activity, demonstrating the simple, repetitive work for “Making something” also showing the sample of the way of utterly free thinking.  (why not approach, such as to use a spray can as a barrel of a macro lens or a discarded drink-can can be made a good sculpture etc. )

But is the Open Hatched Egg to do anything with the Zen ? = nothing.  Why not ? (Everything is the only an occasion in the life = have you ever seen any of two eggs cracked and showing exactly the same pattern ? —– Does the Zen Blog got to have a special big topics to talk ?  —– am I assigned to deal with such heavy role ?  —– who the hell yoshizen is ? = It must be a joke = can not be such ostentatious matter here.  it’s just a small free blog.  —– What an useless thought I got here.     😀


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Sony Lens Mystery (2) — After Sony’s answer


On the time of the first discovery of the strange phenomenon, inside of a Sony’s 30mm Macro lens, I gave an enquiry to the Sony.   And I got an answer from them which said :

“With reference to your enquiry and after further investigation, we would like to highlight that the Sony lens does not have a special technology used. Therefore, the focus resetting does not have to do with specific technology used inside the lens.


As they didn’t answer why and what for the lens focus move, I check the lens and found that even after more than 10 days, as I haven’t touch the lens (and the lens hasn’t been mounted to the Sony body = battery or super-capacitor if there was any at all inside, must be exhausted) the focus still moves.   So, I further gave them an even harder test, “with 10 mm extension ring”. (photo top)


On Nikon-Z7, the Sony SEL30m35 lens + 10 mm extension ring made quite a good close-up images and this was the closest I could go. (photo left)   And a bit more distance, lens worked almost on AF mode. (photo middle)  Then — while lens was kept aimed to dark object, I suddenly moved the lens (camera) to bright outside = the lens focus moved to far (photo right) then back  to very close.  M m m ? ? ? —– wait a moment, the LENS got 10 mm extension ring too.    How come the focus to far subject like the photo right here was possible ?    What kind of optics can override the 10 mm extension of the focus by a little movement of the lens ! ? ? ?    It’s incredible. 


So, I did test the same on Sony A7R body.   The result was as you can see on those photos.  = With 10 mm extension, the lens can give only very closed images (photo left) and the middle and the right photo.

With a bit of cynical view, this lens SEL30M35 (30mm Macro F3.5) can give more on the Nikon Z (with my special adapter) —– than on the genuine Sony body.   😀     What ever the Sony says, the lens keep move the focus while detecting the own position without power, as if its got own mind.  This must be their special technology used inside of this lens.   So, the mystery was not solved at all.   😀 

(Sony might got quite a confidence to ignore a funny question, even after the Canon and the Nikon came into the full frame mirrorless market, Sony’s share is still over 60%.)


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