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Battery case

To use homemade device like LED ring light, we need a battery case. The battery case sold on the market is a kind, left on the photo above which is dreadfully cheaply made = unreliable and easy to break, yet cost a pound or so. — instead, I found a battery holder for Canon’s old Motor drive, in the odds and ends box in the camera shop, of which cost also a pound or so (still having Canon quality). 😀

Battery holder of the motor drive were made for 10 AA battery, so, we can cut it to 3 battery size or 4 battery size. Then I mount a flash shoe which came from a junk flash light which is cheaper than a flash shoe adaptor, and a DC adaptor socket, and a register to limit the current.

For white LED, the battery got to be more than 3, then the current got to be about 50 mA for each LED = If 20 LEDs were parallel-connected — 50 mA x 20 = 1000 mA — for 4 AA battery design need 4.8/1 = 4.8OHM — some what 4.7OHM were needed.

The work itself was a kind of cut and glue still, the end result wasn’t too bad —– though, these days, you can find a ring light set from China as cheap as £15 which got a ready made battery case, even a stand comes together = To do what, is your choice = Its your life. —– I’m enjoying those DIY games = puzzle to find the solution. And that is the beauty of Homemade = Do a thing on the own hand instead of a shopping on a cauch !


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