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Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Direct Transmission, Enlightenment, Order of Universe, Zen in Action by yoshizen on February 21, 2010

Used as a metaphor in the Buddhism, the story of a Finger pointing the Moon is too well-known.

This metaphor is about the explanation of—— Not the mean / Finger,  but

the subject / Moon —– Satori (Enlightenment)or  The Dharma (Rules of the Universe)

Even though the Zen Sect has the most critical,  precise analysis of the Buddhism,  still when its came to the

point to elucidate the core of the teachings / Satori,  Zen says  “Furyu-monji” (Not explainable in the words) or

“Kyogai-bechiden” (Not possible to teach)——- hence only the possibility is by mean of Direct Transmission.

———- Yet still,  funnily enough,  when the one did managed to find it out,  it is just ubiquitous,

natural things, hence  it was described such as a  Dog sit.  (Very very Funny  !!! )


I’m not a master,  even not a monk, so I can’t tell you what it is.     As I only got a distant view of it by walking

around,  round round round and as I saw it is there like as the air.

Still, I can show what is the Buddhism not by the words but in the way how to live it,  and how to do it.

(Which is Tried and Tested 🙂 )

After all, this is what the Buddhism is.  And this is why  “It is there as it is not there” and beyond of

thinking or words.

( If it can be explained in words, somebody great Master in the past 2500 years could have done already.

And the teachings of  Zen and Direct Transmission needn’t to be invented )

How to live is the way of the Direct Transmission.

So that you may live the same way,  walk round same place,  then you may find the same ( Dog sit  ?!!—–

—– How Nice  😀  )    So,  I can say  Just Do It.

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  1. eugenie-genie p.lee said, on March 23, 2010 at 22:55

    direct transmission is in subconsciousness. between self and self with others.

    • yoshizen said, on March 23, 2010 at 23:53

      Why an Art can communicate with others is, because the channel of communication
      is there. And we don’t need to rely on verbal, intellectual conversion of it.
      We just feel it. And we don’t necessary know / aware, why we feel as such.
      Because the basis of feeling (might be from the long lost memory or some may
      say from our spirituality—-) is in our subconscious / unconsciousness.
      Best Regard Yoshizen

  2. yoshizen said, on March 24, 2010 at 12:21

    ” A mirror of still waters ” ——- What a beautiful perception.
    Then I realized, behind of your delicate, fragile thin line of drawings,
    there was your woven world of textile design.
    In order to perfect a piece, you had woven it thread by thread,
    repeating it tens of thousands of times, with utmost concentration.
    By doing so many years, you naturally acquired the eyes of Zen.
    ( This is exactly What I’ve wrote about here)
    No wonder you possess Zen Master like clear eyes.
    By the way, if you type “Rimbaud” to page top search box here,
    you may find the story , when I depart to the ” Abyssinia “.
    And ” Perfect Circle ” may be a fun to read.

    Thank you Eugenie for your beautiful words.

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