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Delusion or Common Sense

In a good sense, we human is a very creative people by which it had lead the

advancement of our civilization.

In the same time we are the most deluded creature on the earth.

What is common between creative and deluded is, its thinking process, think beyond the fact

which was known or widely accepted, or believe to be exist, or true.

Our cognition and its assessment of the fact are always following after the event or encounter.

To compensate this time-rug, our judgement is projecting time ahead.

In another word, speculative.

—– When you see a cockroach running on the floor, you wouldn’t hit the place where it WAS, but

look under the bed where it has disappeared. —– and put a cockroach trap expecting if it comes

again, the trap should catch it.


Audiophile is the people who is the most speculative kind of people apart from the delivertive

or commodity trader 😀 —– of cause, they would say, it is not a speculation but

the fact of what their ears hear.   Here, fundamental speculation is that they are

believing their ears are correct. —– Once I was an audiophile (in meager scale 😀 ) hence,

I tested Audio-amp, Class A, B, AB etc with different transistor etc. ( On the end, I was convinced

that it would be fruitless attempt which never able to achieve the quality of live music = I decided to

listen the original sound at the original place where the recording was made = so, I came to Europe.)


Time to time, people asking me to repair their audio amp.   In most of the case it was a kind,

a professional repairman has forsaken, such as a transistor had been exploded hence the name of

component was lost (and it would be too expensive to ask the maker to give a service, if they still

exist at all, but often not — in such case, analyze the circuit and find what to replace it best)

So, I have ample experiences to see the realities in the audio amp design = how far it is, from

the belief or deluded wishful thinking of the people buying it. = It is a fraud.

( Go too deep into the technical detail is not in an aim of this blog. So, I’ll show a point in a level of

secondary school common sense —– I think you can understand)

——————————————————————————————— (Photo right/ Yellow mark pointing burnt out track )

A photo above is said to be a car audio amp for sub-woofer speaker. Apparently, it was solidly built

hefty amp which is saying 500 W ! — Who believe it ? (obviously a man who bought it did )

To use an audio amp in the car, the power is a car battery which is 12 V.

Every body remember, the Ohm’s Law which I learned in the secondary school Physics, they are

few lines of very simple formula like as [ R x I = V, hence V/I = R and V/R = I ] V=Voltage,

R=Resistance, I=Current.   And in addition [ I x V = W ] W=Wat.

(In fact, it is more of the definition. The unit were defined as it is. = from 1 V source, the current

run through 1 Ohm wire was defined as 1 A —- I admire the scientist who measured then).


As a car audio amp, the supply Voltage is 12 V.  = To out-put 500 W, the amp needs to draw

500/12 = 42.6 ( A  ampere ) —– though, a fuse fitted was mere 15 A.

Assuming, the amp was able to draw 15 A without blowing the fuse.  = 12 V x 15 A = 180 W.

—– within safer operation, it may not more than 150 W.   Then, to consider the efficiency of any

electric devises, they never be 100 %.   In a case of audio amp = every body knows, the amp is

getting quite hot = the power was wasted to make heat = and that was why this amp has such heavy

heat-sink and needed to make it so solid. But this amp is designed rather new Class G like design (but

without having additional power supply line) —– so, the out put power is 120 W  in its best.

—– still the person who was using this amp has been enjoying to be a proud owner

of what he believed to be 500 W car audio system.


It is more like a religion.  It was out of school level common sense though, is it a matter for him ?

—– Like a people, believing so-called power of crystal with pretty happy feeling, “what is the truth”

may not be a matter for them.   Feeling happy might be more important. —– Is it ? ? ?

Pretty picture on a sham-doctor’s beauty potion might give better dream than the truth in reality.

After all, we human is a people living on the dream.   Even a placebo effect of false

belief still able to give some positive results.  What’s wrong to be deluded ? ? ?

The question is should I tell the truth what is the real power of this Amp ?

Keep him happy or make him wiser ?   (Good question ! )


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