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Peckham Vision

Posted in Awareness, Cyber Space, Empowerment, Existentialism, Fun to read :-D by yoshizen on April 9, 2015


Went down to Peckham, a corner of the south London, somewhere

(in the art-student sense) between Camberwell and the Goldsmith College

(both are a part of the Uni’ of Art, London now), I was lured into a building with

a word of the “Exhibition”  🙂  —– it was more like a public information event

of their activity. —– of the organization called Peckham Vision.

 <<  www.peckhamvision.org  >>

 <<  twitter.com/PeckhamVision  >>  <<  www.facebook.com/PeckhamVision  >>


The organization having a lots of group’s activities, campaign etc etc and showing

their works, even architectural town scape model !




— I thought they were made by the Architect student though,  they were made by

 the non specialist members (by hand cutting !) — ( yet still among them there

 also was a professional architect, a daughter of  a sculptor Andrey Gomery

 as well. = he is a local here)



So, the event attracted many visitors and there were lots of talking, discussion etc etc.


And there was an architectural model ( film set ? ) of  “Peckham on the year, 2115”

= futuristic scene, survival after the nuclear holocaust ! = destroyed local landmark,

multi-story car park building has been occupied by the survivors who made the

building top as a farm growing veggie, having built even a windmill ! —– though,

? ? ? —– what sort of the imagination ?

Roof-top garden might be fashionable if it was on the clouded city buildings though, 

after whole land was destroyed, hence the plenty empty land was everywhere, what

was the point to grow veggie in the top of a building. —– who bring the water there 

when the weather was dry ?     And what that windmill for ? —– Generating electricity

or grinding the corn ? = How much corn can they produce which need to have

a mechanical power ?    

Years ago, I was volunteering a keeper of a mountain shelter.  When rain water run-out, 

we had to fetch the water from a well we’ve dug on the col, 100m down, with 18 litters

buckets front and back on our shoulder. — each member carrying up the water on the 

slippery mountain trace 10 times. — Do you know how the hell it was.

—– it is pointless if the people who has no realistic imagination, try to predict the future !

It’s shame, as the model itself was pretty well made.


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