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As I’ve written “ Artificially modified Ape “ I received pretty strong contention. ( as anticipated )

I didn’t intentionally try to create argument though, I knew there must be a lots of contention.

Not mention the Christian Creationists, but even the ordinary Evolutionists couldn’t agree.

To my eyes, the changes occurred to even the physics of the Human, which were triggered by the

active Human selection,  which changed or resulted the condition of existence is artificial.


Among the animals, such as the exuberant horn of Deer or the feather of Peacock were the result of

the breeding competition.  The more prominent, the more attraction to the females, hence the Gene

of bigger horn had become dominant.  This is a natural selection and the shift of the size of horn

would be regarded as a process of the Natural Evolution.

But, in the case of the size of Human boobs is quite questionable. When our far ancestors started

to walk biped, genitals became inconspicuous and male and female sees each other, face to face,

guessing the appearance of the others, with dark skin and hairy body, it may not very easy to appeal

“Look at me I’m a female “. So that, the female who happen to have larger boobs had taken more attention,

hence she had more opportunity to produce the offspring —– and the Gene to make larger boobs were

established. —– yet, big boobs is not actually contributing to the fertility nor good supply of the

mother’s milk, because it was made of useless fat.—– It is just for a psychological display.

In other words, it was the matter of the male imagination. Nothing to do with physical evolution.

( Selective breeding is not a natural evolution.  It is a reflection of man’s Ego and  Arrogance)


The more drastic change had happened in the Human history, when our ancestor gained and figured

out their stable life, and became more than just a hunter gatherer. —– Probably with some domestication

of the animals and the primitive agriculture or knowledges to keep particular plants as the staple food.

Hence able to alleviate a hardship cycle of plentiful and the starvation in the cold.

This stable life, away from the effect of the season, had the same effect of the domestication to

the Human animal.

—– With the (self) Domestication, Human lost the seasonality of the breeding, and the females

started to ovulate out of season.   It was a change of the physiology lead by nutrition and the psychology.

( I couldn’t find any explanation Why Human lost a chemical trigger / Pheromone or sensitive nose  😀 )

All over the world there is a peculiar artefacts of so-called Venus Figure

with exaggerated body.

They are always in the early stone age. —– and only limited on that

period, and never continued.   This fact suggests what had happened,

a woman in the colony had first ever bore the babies twice in a year,

which astonished the people, hence she became a symbol of fertility,

Mother Goddess.  Though, gradually all the women started to show the same,

worship of the Goddess became pointless, hence, the Venous Figure was

no longer produced.   ( This is totally new theory  🙂  )

(Photo above = Venus of Willendorf / Naturhistorisches Museum  / Vienna / Wikipedia )


This physiological change was a result of the change of Human Life Style, generally called Culture.

And this change of the Culture was the results of the Intellectually lead Human adaptation.

It hadn’t  occurred naturally.  In another word, it was an Artificial Change.

—– Subsequently there were many side effects, consequential changes had occurred in the Human

history.   Namely, such as the Brainization ( Imagination lead ) sexual behaviour —– hence resulted

even a development of sexual obsession. —– This is not a natural evolution at all, but a destruction.

(Without Pheromone induced sexual imperative, a sexual drive has to come from one’s MIND )

—– Big BOOB may not have any physiological value, still it would give you quite an

Imagination.  Imagination always strays away.  ( How exiting.   Ha, ha, ha   😀 )


Thanks to the Human Intelligence,  Humankind invented many new psych and the idea though,

they are too often far remote from what we started and originally designed by the Dharma.

This is the reason why we have two separate  SELF  in us.

The one is our Self-conscious (the One, thinking),  and the other is in our subconsciousness.

The more we became conscious, we alienate our true Self which we only subliminally aware of.

This is the reason why Buddha taught,

“The Self in the thinking is a Delusion “ “Look at the Dharma without thinking “

Without thinking, is what Mushin mean. (in another sect, this is also called  Detachment)

The Buddhism is to become aware, and to regain What We are.



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  1. jag said, on April 17, 2011 at 19:54

    how do you know so much about the history of boobs? 😀

  2. yoshizen said, on April 17, 2011 at 20:26

    1) Start from another Ape —– you know it had to be changed somewhere.
    2) Try to proof otherwise —– then it is the widely accepted, established view of
    the Sexologists and the Physiologists.(It was called “Perpetually swollen sexual tissue”)
    3) It has been observed by the Psychologists, young girls sexual conscious
    stimulate her hormone and affecting the growth of her Boobs.
    4) One glance, anybody know big Boobs are eye-catching. Ha ha ha 😀
    5) Here caught red handed, your attention was most concentrated to the Boobs. Even
    without seen one (or two?) —– its your Delusion / Obsession — Sir. Ha ha ha 😀

  3. yoshizen said, on April 18, 2011 at 10:06

    I’m not in any so-called Social Network.
    SNS asking my password of my Email address, and in the same time
    they are most Hacked-in, virus infested site.
    To have quiet humble life, first step is to avoid any possible mess.
    ___/\___ Therefore PEACE, Ha ha ha 😀

  4. Curtis said, on May 3, 2011 at 19:24

    You got great points there, that’s why I always love checking out your blog.

  5. yoshizen said, on May 3, 2011 at 21:08

    As my sub-tytle DIY Zen Blog suggests, my view deveroped more or less in the isolation, hence, may have some ignorrance but may have new cutting edged facet as well.
    Thank you very much for your encouragement.

  6. toasty redhead said, on May 15, 2011 at 02:26

    I didn’t know that.

    • yoshizen said, on May 15, 2011 at 11:33

      Because nobody said so before. —– but from the evidence of evolution, it must be
      happened sometime. Then I noticed, ( while seeing two mysteries ) to connect
      those two must be the most feasible explanation.
      Having a food for thought is better than just puzzling with empty stomach.

  7. test blasts are fun said, on May 21, 2011 at 23:02

    test blasts are fun…

    I saw this really good post today….

  8. Andre said, on May 22, 2011 at 17:36

    You seems to be an expert in this field, good articles and keep up the good work, my friend recommended me your blog.

    • yoshizen said, on May 22, 2011 at 20:01

      Thank you, but you are not new here. I saw your comment once before 🙂

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