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Paradox on No-Self

Despite the Buddhism IS the teachings of the NO-Self,

there is no explanation of “What is no-self” in the scripture.

Even more peculiar phenomena were = there were hundreds,

if not thousands of description of “the ideal person” still

there was no words saying that the man has no-self. — Why ?  

Because there IS NO-Self.

(To talk about the SELF need to recognize the existence of it = need to

have yet another Self to observe its existence ! — if you can aware/

observe yourself, your observer has already alienated  YOU. )


Our feeling was induced by the Limbic System of our brain. 

In fact, all the signal from the sensing organs goes to the

Limbic System first and the most of important process =

selection of those signal, cognition, judgement etc etc were

done in there and only the last result goes to the New Cortex

of the brain and then converted to the conscious and given

the lexical interpretation.  = It’s mean, we human being has

enough wisdom to sense the environment and judge the

appropriate response to have the daily life by the process of

the Limbic System alone though, all those feelings and the

process are hidden under the darkness of the Subconscious/

Unconsciousness they ARE invisible for the most of us. 

Those process were called instinct though as they were

hidden, often we don’t know why we took such reaction. 

So that, when we say “This IS my decision and how I think”

they ARE only a conscious part of the process in the brain.

= And we called this = “Self-Conscious” and the SELF.

Lord Buddha saw this Self-Conscious as a mere delusion

and it was coherent with the view of No-Self = Anatman.

=== To become aware of the SELF is the sign of

the alienation to yourself and the break-down of Mushin.

(State of the Mind of No-mind) —– It IS the paradox.

And this paradox, delusion IS the loot-cause of the

discord to our nature / Dharma.



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  1. Shen said, on April 21, 2016 at 15:54

    From my observation you write a lot about Buddhism. This makes me wonder what’s your view on all other religion?
    Mostly people believe the only true religion is the one he/she belongs to. What’s your view on that?

    Gowdama Buddha himself was a Hindu prince. But he had a different view on the life and death. He did this for himself. But people followed him! Does this make Buddhism a cult rather than religion?

    Ever single religion on the earth has a story of its beginning, which was carried forward by oral tradition for centuries befor it was written down! What’s your view on the credibility of them? Do you think if there’s any chances for exaggeration or even lost in generations!

    • yoshizen said, on April 21, 2016 at 17:55

      Though I was born in a Zen temple, I started with a doubt toward what my father was saying.
      So, I’ve been trying to test and find what the function of the religion with a total open-minded approach.
      And my blog is the report of all of my experience and the findings.

      On the time of Gautama Buddha, it was the Vedic Sanskrit and Hinduism was just started (Google Hindu History Please).
      I’ve been talking about How Buddhism was mixed-up with Hinduism and the false interpretations.
      (Buddha never said Reincarnation since no soul (Atman) could remain after one’s death)
      As the Title Buddha suggests, he was not a divine figure or prophet but a very rational, scientific minded wise man.
      So, all the fancy stories of So-called Buddhism are just the fabricated fantasy and we need very deep insight
      to reconstruct the original teachings.

  2. m12 mount lenses Germany said, on May 20, 2016 at 06:00

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    • yoshizen said, on May 20, 2016 at 06:13

      I’m grad to see Opt-techno guy read
      Zen talk !
      Thank you very much visiting here.

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