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New Year’s Card 2016


So, It’s the season again.   🙂     2016 is a year of Monkey !

The card samples here are from Japan Post and they are free to

download for personal use.

In their original site you can see lots lots more design though, you need

Japanese reading still, you can try click and find what’s there.










Some of the cards  showed the pattern of 申 it is in fact the

letter of monkey.  Normally, we (Japanese) use the letter  猿 

for the monkey, but Chinese use the  猴  for the monkey.

Still, only to say the Year of Monkey  we use  申  for monkey.

Don’t ask me why, it’s the ancient 4000 years tradition.

🙂  🙂  🙂

Those Links also provide Free Design Templates.

They are reputed, trouble-free good site.  = Worth visiting.  🙂

http://cp.c-ij.com/en/categories/CAT-ST01-0016/index.html  — (Canon)






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New Year’s Card Design for 2015 (Free from Japan Post)


Yet another big provider of the free card design is the Japan Post (日本郵便).

This year, they got the Anime Character style designer ! — Cute ! 

Their Web Link is — << http://yubin-nenga.jp/index.html >> — though,

they are offering so many services from Card design to Blush writing Program,

so that, without Japanese reading, it’s not easy to use their site. — added trouble

was that the downloaded image is very hard to use with its compatibility = they

push the user to use their Mailing Service = Mailing can gather the information

of the sender and addressee’s real name, address, on top of the banking info’. =

Very valuable reliable info’ = can make big business !   😦




Above photo left got blush drawing —– I think it was

an ancient Pictgram  (origin of the Chinese letter)  of the sheep.



Manga, Anime is now almost a global young culture.  

And their cute character is not only for the Otaku now.

(But don’t count me in.  😀  )







 So,—– hope us to have A Happy New Year, 

 with or without, pretty Anime Costume Player.



New Year’s Card Design for 2015 / Sheep Year ( Free from Canon )

CP-Gajo-2015-2-1-15ha_si029_ca_a_h--cp 2015

Those card designs were provided by the Canon of printer.  🙂  

(Why Printer division is such generous, you may read last year’s post =


You may better go their site to see and download from 1000 times more selection.

http://cp.c-ij.com/ja/event/nenga/index.html   > —– Their front page

Their site is in Japanese though, its layout and function is very user-friendly =

anyhow no harm would be done, just try click and see =

Formal card design, Casual card design, Design material, Blush Calligraphy, etc.etc.

http://cp.c-ij.com/ja/contents/10n202/list_45_1.html?log=nt-02   > — Casual card design

http://cp.c-ij.com/ja/contents/10n201/list_45_1.html   > —————–Formal card design

(Choose a design, Click Download —> Copy and save from the small window)


Photo above, Left = you may see white blush calligraphy or pictogram, it was

the ancient graphical depiction of  a goat/sheep and from this, a letter [未]was

made though, this letter [未] was used only to tell yearly guardian’s case.  

Normally, we use a letter [羊] for a Sheep/Ram. (Goat got another letters[野羊])





CP-Gajo-2015-8--moji085_illus_thl-----cp 2015

Those Link also provide Free Design Templates.

They are reputed, trouble-free good site.  = Worth visiting.  🙂




As long as you use those design for your personal purpose, it would be no problem.

( But sending out thousands of customers from your company is a business. ) 

So, prepare a greeting for the coming New Year 2014 ! 


Japanese New Year’s Card 2014 / Year of Horse

jp14t_et_0005 (2)Gosh !   It’s the season again

to see the search-term looking

for the New year’s card design,

which ended-up here.  

— On the beginning, I just used

a card design for myself, then next

year people asked me where did I get ?  

—– and to give the informations became an annual custom here.

Those samples were provided by the Japan Post and they are free to use

for your personal greeting card though, the image I could copy here were

not in full size, and you are advised to go to their site and

properly download. 

( They are enticing you to send out the card by Yahoo Mail, otherwise,

they made it harder for just copying it as they are [png] format, 

not simple [jpg] = I guess, Yahoo use the data for their AD

—– free mean there is always a catch.  😀 )

Japan Post —– http://yubin-nenga.jp/search/ —- click here will open this 

Japan Post--Gajo--2014--499-001 Then, clicking left of Hose-man will open right screen-shot which is

showing thumbnails of ready-made New year’s card templates (1000

of them),  or if you click right of horse-man, the page will show you the

jp14t_et_0090_b material for you to design a card.

  (I’ll show you in the next post)

jp14t_et_0205_b jp14t_et_0016_bjp14t_et_0024_bjp14t_et_0064_bjp14t_et_0093_bjp14t_et_0148_bjp14t_et_0155_bjp14t_et_0187_bjp14t_et_0191_bjp14t_et_0198_bjp14t_et_0212_bjp14t_et_0249_bjp14t_et_0278_b jp14t_et_0078_bjp14t_et_0077_bjp14t_et_0002_b jp14t_et_0003_b

New Year’s Card Design 2013 (from Canon = Free)

gajo 2013-canon-moji115_illus

Those sample images here were all from Canon Pixma Printer’s site and they are free to

use though, with quality’s sake you may better go their original site.   And, of cause,

they got hundreds  more designs —– (but in Japanese)


Gajo 2013-Canon-1

—–  Left / Happy New spring. Center / I play you to have the Life with Smile. Right / Happy New Year.

Gajo 2013-Canon-2

Left / Very feminine sensual calligraphy ! Center / Snake in Shape of letter [] Right / The Letter []

Gajo 2013-Canon-3

—– Left / Calligraphy is still the letter [] ————————- Right / Snake in the shape of Hiragana [み = 巳]

Gajo 2013-Canon-4

—– Left / With a figure of Darma ( Yes, BhoddiDarma ! ) ——- Right / Okame face in Fuku-warai game.

Gajo 2013-Canon-5

—– Left / Snake in the shape of letter [] —————————- In the west, coiled heap mean shit — may be

————————————————————————————– Japanese doesn’t make a coil — ask them 😀







PS :  Further Information and the Links to free download site is —–


PPS :  There is a site of Japan-Post —– WWW.Yubin-Nenga.jp — which said to have 1000s of

free samples though, to download the Kit, it needs to download Adobe and McAfee program

with a lots of conflict etc = almost unusable —– Still, you may try  😀

Those were the samples from Japan-Post.

Japan Post-223-001

Japan Post-222-001



Japanese NEW YEAR Greetings

Posted in Art, Belief system, Cyber Space, Fun to read :-D, Zen, Zen in Action by yoshizen on December 26, 2010


—– Well, well,  I found a free program designed by Japan Post

—– ( Nippon Yuubin ) to create own New Year’s Card, and

—– the images here are ready-made components.

—– I found its rather fun.

—– For those who can’t read Japanese, the message written on

—– there are all ” HAPPY NEW YEAR “ except the one which

—– looks no letter ( right middle ) is a Hiragana character  Wu,

—– which mean Rabbit. ( the guardian of the year 2011, according

—– to the ancient Chinese mythology but nobody knows why )


For those, who want to have a fun ——- print-out or save and send to your friends as a card etc.

( But it supposed to be received on the morning of the New Year’s day )

HAPPY NEW YEAR  2011 —— Keep well and keep warm.

___/\___ Yoshizen


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